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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

bucket bug?

A topic by BORKNET created Jul 11, 2017 Views: 603 Replies: 11
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i got the bucket and tried to fill it with water.

i never used the bucket before or anything, so i left clicked on all types of water (deep water, deep sea water, sea water, water)

and every time i did the animation, nothing new in my inventory, and i couldnt move. this is really odd. help?


So you see him bend over. Are you still holding the bucket? Does it have blue inside it now? 

the bucket is still there, and it is empty.

(also how do you use the hoe)

here is a video showing it:


:/ hmmmmmm. badness. Alright I've logged that in the bug list. Thanks so much for the vid btw, super helpful!



Ok I've found the problem. That will be fixed in the next build (Monday 17th). Thanks again.

yeah i got to where i started to use the bucket, and it froze my entire guy. So im at a stand still now waiting till thats fixed...o and another bug is the wheat fields. some of them dont turn into cereal, so my worker just goes back and forth between two "broken" fields and nothing gets done.  And i have two "battery fixing" guys, and they still cant seem to realize i have a miner and ore grabber further away that dont get fixed. 


Dang! Sorry about that. We'll have to start releasing patch builds in future so you don't need to wait a week. 

Not sure what you mean about the broken wheat problem. So you've planted wheat in the ground but they're just not growing?

With the Worker Recharging problem that's currently as designed. Each worker can only operate within a certain distance from where you taught them. The problem is that distance isn't made very visible (you can see it if you show their script as they work). We'll make that more obvious in a future build.

BTW if you check out our official Discord server we've got a #bugs channel where you can discuss this kind of stuff with us and others in real time.


I've had this cereal problem as well.  Basically there is cereal (bush?) that doesn't grow (it could also be already grown too) but won't be able to be harvested and turned into cereal


Ok thanks guys. I'll add it to the bug list.

umm that means its a bug with a bucket hat in my mind