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Also, if you click on a teleporter arrow that is ontop of another teleporter,  it won't click the arrow but it will click the teleporter.

Can you add blueprint-style building?  It would make the game a lot faster so you don't have to pause and build a whole entire setup again.

Thankyou in advance for fixing it.  I never use any of the extractors because of this.

How do liquids compute?  The oil extractor says 45 oil/sec for 1 coal/sec and I have two flux (45 oil/sec). But I still don't get 1 coal per sec.  It's more like 1 every 5

I never seem to use any of the turrets besides the double, railgun, and Titan turrets.  Maybe try slowing down progression of resources so that the early content can be more appreciated.  Also, deleting is annoying and takes too long.

Maybe Add Autosaving?  Went to paste a screenshot and instead clicked X thinking it autosaved.  RIP Me.

I definently agree.  It also feels way too fast in general.

Suprisingly enough, this defense fell the next wave

The router splits items into any of the three directions it is not inputed from.  If items come in from the right, it can go up,left, or down.

The tunnels work going under only 1 block.  Place the open side of the tunnel facing the way the items are coming and going.

like this tunnel>block<tunnel.

Very good graphics and alright gameplay, but it is way too laggy.  On wave 3 it started to freeze every second.



This game surprised me.  Its really fun and there is a lot of content (especially with the new beta 3).  One thing I would change though is how fast the waves progress in difficulty.

Two pieces of critizm: the aiming line disconects with the actual aiming circle(switch the order of the code), and the ending music is a bit off (find better music).

It works!

bah bah bahckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets

XD This update already came out!  Here's the script for grabbing their own tools

oh, it does? cool!

if you have two storages with the same item types, they will share the total ammount

recycle them

I believe there is a range.  Btw general storages are linked to eachother telekenetically.

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cool, what's the roadmap for this game?



I'm pretty sure this is fixed in the next patch (This monday.).  I think it's because you can no longer hold more than one tool in your hand at once, but the bots still want to fill their inventory with tools.

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If you want to make it faster that is.

I really like the mining in 0.8, but it is really anoying sometimes because of the weird physics.  One way that would improve mining would be to add more to the mine shaft, and have mincarts that you can push around to carry ore.  Also, when you go futhur in the mineshaft there could be a slight increase in chance to get rarer ores (e.g. titanium).


i think steam takes a while, and usually games that go from itch to steam end up costing money. imo its too buggy and not enough content yet

Left click on a general storage containing poles, right click on a workbench.  Repeat for planks.  Then repeat for all workbenches

Well, 60-Secs insn't that bad.  Just make sure you have three ingots on the bellow at all times, and turn it on when you see a customer coming to your door.  Also make sure you have all of the grips and gaurds in stock.  If you do all of that you should be find handling 1 minute orders.  You could also have every type of weapon prepeared beforehand, but that's not really efficient until you get to titanium.

How far are you in the game as well? Im at admantine and I dion't get 140-second orders anymore.

I've had this happen before, but after restarting the game it seemed to go back to normal (about 75-90 secs)

I've had this cereal problem as well.  Basically there is cereal (bush?) that doesn't grow (it could also be already grown too) but won't be able to be harvested and turned into cereal

The starter pickaxe spawns on the table whenever I spawn in the game.  This is really annoying when you have multiple useless copper pickaxes laying everywhere (I will not sell them because a miner doesn't come all the time and I need the most I can get)