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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Auto-Resupply Tools

A topic by Stephano created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 4,264 Replies: 23
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Is there any way to have an autonaut that supplies tools to another autonaut?


Not yet. We're working on that :) For now the best thing is to just batch create a big stack of shovels and axes so they're ready to just be picked up by you and handed to them when they need it. 

I just let them got the supplies hem selves, I can tell u how if u want me too, u mean axes, etc right?


Sure, when I tried to to it that way they would pickup an axe, then chop down a tree, then pickup another axe, until they couldn't pickup another axe

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Also, I can't seem to get workers to plant cereal and can't delete buildings or blueprints

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its complicated 2 wood saws

2. have a autonaut shredding logs into planks in 1 saw ( make sure you have a big auto forest for this)

3. have another autonaut place the planks in 1 storage unit

4.have another autonaut  shred planks from the planks storage into poles  in the other wood saw

5.have another autonaut place the poles into another storage unit

6.have 4 work benches

7. set each work bench to a different tool-axe, shovel, hoe, pick axe

8.have 2 chests just for tools materials-poles and planks

9.have 2 autonauts refill those chests-teach them to take out planks and and poles from the chests from step 3 and 5 and put them into the tool materials chests. 1 chest is planks the other is poles.

if your still here and not wondering what the heck am I talking about, this is the part when we build tools and resupply them.

10. for each of the 4 work benches. have 1 autonaut put planks in the workbench and another autonaut  put poles in the workbench. this has to be done the each of the 4 work benches

you should have 1 workbench making axes, another making shovels, etc

11.make 2 storages unites near a auto forest. 1 near auto mine, etc

12.have 1 autonaut put axes in 1 storage unit, another autonaut put shovels in the other chest.

13. THANK GOD THE LAST STEP IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR WITHOUT PASSING OUT YOU ARE A LEGEND. HERE WE GO. lol I have to do this in steps to.  what to teach axe autonaut: 1. get a axe from axe storage 2. chop down a tree. 3 repeat go. then basicly the same with miners and diggers. except the miners get a pick then mine, and diggers get a shovel and dig. good luck ur gonna need it


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I only need number 13 lol

How do you teach them to do step 10, thx alot for your help!!!

Dude, you DO realize that YOU'RE the Autonaut, and there's only 1 Autonaut: YOU! Everything else is a workerbot! Don't confuse people like this!

let me know if It didn't work I worded it wrong if I did lol

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XD yay I wasted about 30 minutes of my life XD


All good, @insanity1219. All good :D

How do you teach them to do number 10????

Left click on a general storage containing poles, right click on a workbench.  Repeat for planks.  Then repeat for all workbenches

Do you use two robots, one for poles and one for planks?

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If you want to make it faster that is.

Unfortunatelly my bots won't repeat if I tell them to take out the axe and chop a tree down to automate supplying tools, he will get the axe out of the storage but won't do anything else and just stay there. Same with telling a bot to pick up an axe from the workbench and put it in the storage, he just pick it up and stay there.

For the axe robots tell them to pick an axe then go to somwhere but not a tree  and then go chop the tree, so he won't go to the tree in one travel.

Thank you, same works for picking up a tools to store them.

I'm pretty sure this is fixed in the next patch (This monday.).  I think it's because you can no longer hold more than one tool in your hand at once, but the bots still want to fill their inventory with tools.

how to make a storage biiger with logs pls tell me someone version 12.1 Kyle

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Make one bot do this:

Find nearest plank, Move to plank, Pick up plank, Move to basic workbench, Add to basic workbench, Find nearest pole, Move to Pick up pole, Move to basic workbench, Add to basic workbench, Find nearest wooden axe, Move to wooden axe, Pick up wooden axe, Find nearest crude workerbot (Idle), Move to crude workerbot, Drop all

Make  another bot making planks and poles only when he can find an idle workerbot.

And for your tree cutter, make him cut trees until hands empty, then 

Find nearest wooden axe, Move to wooden axe, Pick up wooden axe

Then add a repeat thing for the whole command and set it to forever.

simple, just teach any bot cutting trees/mining/digging to craft their own tools
take one plank/plate from storage, add it to the bench, get a pole, and boom

it's not even that hard


heh, Katherine of sky had a nice setup I saw. have a worker bot making the tools. for them, they go to plank, grab plank, Q to stow it, then go to sticks, grab stick then go put the stick in the tool bench, then , or. (comma or period) to cycle item from inventory to hand. stuff that into the tool bench. then fetch tool, then stuff tool into item chest. do this till storage of tool is full, then repeat forever. 

as to the worker. have tool storage within their work zone area. now for commands for say lumber. [{until hands empty] find tree, move to tree, cut tree] follow this with goto tool storage, grab tool, then bind this in a until storage full on logs. and follow that with a forever grouping around that.