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E for build mode, Delete, click on structure, click on trashbin

Will you ever add conveyor belts, spliters etc. ?

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I'm making this guide to avoid so many questions which has been asked over and over again and help people starting out.

You :)


Left click - move, pick up an item or use an item in your hands

Right click - drop and item to the ground or storage.

W A S D - camera movement

I -  inventory

E - buildings menu

SPACE - Whissle for bots

Start is always the same, pick up a nearest Stick and Stone, little popup will appear and click to craft yourself a Crude Axe

Stick - craft material, lying around

Stone - craft material, lying around or mined from boulders

Your 1st and the most important item for a whole game is now in your hands. Walk up to the tree and chop it down with your axe using left click. After choping down a tree you will get yourself a Log lying down on the Tree soil and 0-3 seeds
Tree soil - trees can be planted and grown only on tree soil

Log - material for buildings or for future processing

Seed - Most important for renewing your forest and automation for wood, we will get to this item bit later on

Once you chop down few trees down, bring up building's build menu (E) and put a simple flooring down with a left click.
In case you put any blueprint or building down wrong you always can delete it with Delete mode inside build menu with DELETE, left click on desired blueprint or building and click on the trashbin.
Buildings aren't build right away, when you put the blueprint down you still need to supply it with materials.
Flooring - Blueprint / Built, basement for workbenches, saw and various other buildings

Close down build menu and hover over the Flooring, tooltip will say you need 2 logs to build it.
Drop the axe down with right click on the floor or open your inventory (I) and put your axe into your backpack.
Grab a Log (left click) and use it on Flooring (right click), finish it off with 2nd Log.
Finally you got a Flooring where you can put another building for future processing as workbench or saw.

Open up build menu and select Crude bench saw, you can rotate it with R and put the blueprint on the flooring.
Crude Bench Saw - basic saw to process Logs or Planks in 1:4 ratio

To build a basic Workbench you need 2 Logs, 4 Planks and 1 Stone
Arrows indicate where you will stand to put material in and where are items comming out from
Where to get Planks from? Good question!
Planks - vastly used material for almost everything, you never have enough!, you can pick up up to 4 planks at the time
Poles - made out of Planks, material for variety of tools or blueprints
Pick up your axe from you inventory or from the ground and use it on a Log.
Split Log by an axe get you 2 Planks. Split another one to get 4 Planks and finish off your Saw with 2 another Logs and a Stone

Once you finally finish your Crude Bench Saw you can LEFT click on the Saw to choose what to split your material into.
Use your material in hand with a RIGHT click to split it.

Now, we need to move on, put Basic Workbench blueprint down on Flooring
Basic Workbench - workbench for various basic tools as a wooden axe or shovel
2 Logs, 4 Poles and 2 Stones later, you got Basic Workbench!
Basic Workbench offers you to craft basic tools, remember to LEFT click to choose the option from a building, RIGHT click to use the material
Now, here comes the REAL FUN PART! Build Worker Assembler!!!
  Worker Assembler - Used to build workbots, NOT build on flooring

Now, we're gonna make it more interesting and PRO. Click on Worker Assembler and choose Basic Workbot.
To build Basic Workbot, we will need 4 Planks, 4 Poles and 1 Gear.
To craft a Gear we will need to build Wood Router
Wood Router - Building to craft Gear and Crude Wheel
5 Planks, 2 Poles,1 Log and 1 Wooden Axe (from Basic Workbench) later, you can finally craft a Gear
Gear - Used to make better Workbots and more

NOW FINALLY, head to the Worker Assembler with Gear, 4 Planks and 4 Poles and make yourself a 1st Basic Workbot.

  Basic Workbot - Because why would you need a Crude Workbot if you can start with better version! :)

Here is where the real game start to show it's potential!
Press SPACE, left click on your Workbot. You have 2 options, Trade and Teach.
Trade him a Wooden Axe from your inventory. Click on Teach, Left Click on a Tree and click on Forever. And Go!
Basic Bot's instructions to cut down trees
Now, your Bot will cut down trees until he's Out of battery, Trees to cut down or axe. Unfortunatelly even Bot's tools are getting destroyed after a while of using.
Now you automated out Log production but sooner your Bot will run out of Trees to cut down.
Build a Seedling Tray prefferably the entry point facint into the tree soil
  Seedling Tray - Tray to store seeds and let them grow big if taken out and put into digged hole in tree soil
Since now, you will get lazy but at the same time, you will realise you have so much options to not get your hands dirty.
Build 3 more Basic Workbots, Teach 1st to pick up a (left click) Seed and put it in (right click) Seedling Tray
Basic Bot's instructions to pickup Seeds and put into Seedling Tray
Teach 2nd to dig the holes down with Wooden Shove (from Basic Workbench) and Trade him a Wooden Shovel
Teach 3rd to pick up Seeds from Seedling Tray and put them into the holes.

Now, you've automated your forrest to be cut down, cleared of all Seeds, dig holes for Seeds and put the Seeds to let them grow for new Trees! Congratulation! :)
I'll expand this basic guide when I've got some extra time sooner or later.
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Thank you for your great work! Keep on going :)

There's no height limit atm. I personally use crude bots to supply workbenches to slow down tool production. There's nothing wrong to have 3 bots on planks. With over 150+ bots on my recent game I won't notice any diffecence on having an extra one anywhere :). Automation is a key, don't waste your hands on doing what could be automated.

Posted in Coal?

Build furnace with 5 clay. 2 logs will give you 1 charcoal.

You put there anything crafted you don't need and it will give you some materials back.

Posted in Tree grows ?

You need to use seedling tray. Pick up seeds, put them in there and take them out (or automate it with bots).

Posted in Autonauts FAQ

I understand game is still really early in development but will there be multiplayer eventually?

Would be nice if collecting bots would put their loot into the closest storage instead the storage you programmed them to.

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Yeah, I've got a same bug with logs aswell, you can pick them up from the other side of the map instantly aswell.

'Clickspam runing' is fun :). I use it all the time.

And yes, you can store over 1k+ on 1k storages.

Storages with tools won't show current amount, maybe because the actual words on that tooltip are too long.

Would be nice to somehow show bots without any jobs. They got a light on their head so It might light on or something if they aren't programmed yet.

Builders who have anything in hands and need something else will just stay without building, like in case you put the flooring down and storage, you build flooring down with logs but they got a log in hands and won't build storage.

For this early game is still alot of fun. I've got about 150+ workers just to automate everything I want them to and it's really stable.

And boulders are quite OP, much faster to dig on them and they give stone and metal ore so I found ratio to 1 worker on boulder and 1 on metal digging sufficient enough tu supply my current needs.

Thank you, same works for picking up a tools to store them.

Unfortunatelly my bots won't repeat if I tell them to take out the axe and chop a tree down to automate supplying tools, he will get the axe out of the storage but won't do anything else and just stay there. Same with telling a bot to pick up an axe from the workbench and put it in the storage, he just pick it up and stay there.