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Boris Dimitrov

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Thanks for the detailed feedback, really appreciate it!

It's interesting that you also choose how to power up the hero. Very nice cute tiny game,

Very fun game when you understand it hahaha

You did a lot, good job! I enjoyed it very much and my favorite was the dialog in the beginning :)

I like it! Only music and sfx are missin.

Very good quality. I like everything, especially the music! I just didn't understand how really the objects interact with one another - is more cost = more fire or you have to mix and match them?

Pretty good for what it is! I really like the countdown sound :))

It sends a message.

It's a fun casual game with fitting music (my favorite part) and gameplay. I like how you interpreted the theme. Great job!

It's so purely made and polished, great job!

I liked the idea and the graphics and the atmosphere! Maybe the controls could've been a little less floaty.

The writing part was my favorite. Good job!

Great job on the art! I like how you added a timer. The only missing pieces are a winning screen and sound effects.

Not a bad idea. The atmosphere's pretty dark.

Good idea, but could've been harder!

The sheer size of the team is amazing! Great job on making an almost Steam ready game!

Original idea, good job for making a fun shopkeeper game!

Very nice, simply clever game!

Very addicting, I like it!

I was literally addicted to this game for like 10 minutes. Almost perfect!

Very original and purely done.


One of my favorite games from this jam. The retro vibe plus the original interpretation of a steer fight plus the fun and maybe too easy gameplay make up for a great game!

Maan, this game is weird! But I like it somehow :)

I like your interpretation of the theme. Amazing work!

Nice fun and casual game! I like the funny punch animation :)) 

Damn, your game is actually really cool! I see what you've been going for and you've done it very nice, especially the graphics. My only recommendation would be to have more sound effects :) 

The graphics are somehow satisfying and the gameplay is nice! There's still a lot to improve but it's good. We too had the idea of a nerd fighting bullies in the beginning :D

I like the art and the music! It would've been nice if the glasses did more tho :))

Such a polished game! Even the transitions are cool looking glasses... Amazing job!

Very polished game! It has a classic arcade feel to it and everything :))

I really liked the immersion in the city at night. The atmosphere with the voice at the beginning is on point! The only problem I had was that my 'W' (forward) key wasn't working for some reason and I didn't get far. Aside from that well done with Unreal!

Wow, I don't see Unreal often in game jams! Great game and use of the theme! I just had an issue with the missing cooldown on equipment of the glasses.

Great polished game! Gameplay, story, graphics... everything. Also I like how you used the glasses in your game.

When I first played the game, I thought the glasses were just for splash damage and didn't do much. After reading the description and how to play (great itch page by the way) everything made sense, good job!

Thanks, we really appreciate it!

I like how you used the glasses in your game :)

I didn't understand what to do with the cards. The art is nice.

I like the art and idea, but didn't find any glasses in the game.

That’s so nice to hear. Thank you!