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How do you update? Just download latest and replace files?

One of the best Harem games I've ever played. 

Can I update the gamewithout loosing saves?

One of the best adult games I've played. Not just good looking girls but great story and perfect characters. Dont really see much games with so good work on personalities.

I'd love to see an upgrade for Android to give her a Dick and have a few scenes with her and others.

Funny little game, 
good work

Had the same problem as above,
using chrome,

I just downloaded it and played the game, workd perfectly
and for such a good looking game, I have the few seconds it took to download

Looks great and playes like a charm,
I its a bit hard to control with two drones,
the first time on the door with two platforms I had a hard time getting both drones in the right distance to each other to activate the plates,
Maybe more levels would be great, the game is over in about a minute,
other than that: Great game

we tried to keep it simple and only made one controller to use for every object

Thanks for the info,
sometimes the Arrows disapear, the level should still be playable,
try to reload it and have another go,
You should be able to complete all levels despite some bugs.

Thanks for the feedback, great idea.
will add the controls to the description.

I played this game thinking it was some hard multitasking game,
after countless attempts I read that its meant to be played by two players ;)
Funny game, nice work