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You are (to my understanding) not required to use Lootlocker in the Jam. You can use your own solution or just an offline score.

I have not yet looked much into the feature list of Lootlocker, however I'd assume it can support more complex scores. If not through the Leaderboard system, then with one of their other features.

But you can always use your own backend. Would be great to see different solutions and compare them. Don't forget to mention any work done before the jam, as is't still a GameJam.

Thank you very much
Interesting take on the game

We didn't quiet get that philosophical during development,
but we had some of those aspects in mind

Thank you very much

yeah, some of the spawning mechanics need a bit of tweaking. We also had a few ideas which didn't make it into the game due to lack of time. We might add some of those after the jam ends.


yeah more polish would have been great. But we ran out of time before getting to that point

thank you very much

I'll check it out

oh no
Is anything causing problems? Any bugs stopping you from palying?

Level 3 is meant as the first real level after the tutorial levels and should be fairly easy

thanks for the feedbac

yeah, we added R because people would probably use it too
to reset the current clone you can use P


Yeah, time for creating and testing levels was a bit tight. Maybe we should have made less levels with more time for each.

oh, did we forget to turn that back on?

Will take care of that, thanks for the feedback

Thank you very much for the grat Feedback.

Using the keyboard to control the menu sounds like a great idea. Defenitly have to add that. 

More sound would have been great, but our sound guy only had time for one afternoon and wasn't really part of the development.

Thank you very much,

Yeah, animating the replays was a bit tricky and a few fragments still go through. I hope it wasn't too distracting

Thanks for the Feedback,

Asking the Player to confirm a reset might break the flow, but moving the key further away and using R for example would probably be a good idea.

Interresting take
I like the mechanic of creating your own spells that way

Not really a game, but looks interesting

What am I supposed to play here?

Interresting game but it kinda lacks any strategy
You can just walk though and buy all clans 

Not really sure about the goal
after I mix two colors I can't do anything
and  why not WASD?

Great game
was fun to play

Awesome game, well done
had fun playing it and had no problems with bugs
would love to see a multiplayer for this

finding the last enemy can be a bit annoying though, maybe a pointer or something would be nice

Awesome game
seemed a bit boring at first with simple levels and no animation
but when getting to the harder levels it gets interesting 
and getting the new mechanic of having multiple soles is grea

interresting game, a bit funky on the controlls
when landing after a jump it gets a bit annoying to control

Great game, Interesting visuals.
everything works perfectly together and I had no problems or bugs during the game. 
Maybe a bit short on levels, and some are quiet easy,
Never really hat to put much thought into the moves.

The game looks awesome,  would love to play it.
However it doesn't seem to be working on my Quest 2

I got it to run and was able to play the first part of the tutorial, but then I need to jump which I don't have a button for apparently.
I tells me 'Press Button to Jump' and the right A button lights up, but none of my buttons let me jump, so I'm stuck in the tutorial.

I've read you haven't worked on the Quest, but do you have any idea how I could map my buttons to allow for jumping? How is the action/button called on the other controllers? 

Thanks in advance

Any help on the 'setting up' part?

got the game to run on my Quest 2  with Virtual Desktop and SteamVR but the mapping of the controlers don't fit. Tutorial tells me to press buttons I dont have on my Quest 2 controllers. I tried nearly every binding.

Awesome game, 
very polished visuals 
and great audio

Have seen a few with that idea, but this one was really well done

neat level design apart from a few frustrating ones
I prefer A and D for movement but it worked with arrows too,

the spikes were a bit annoying with their hitboxes in a way that touching the side would also kill me,
But I cant really talk bad about spikes, after my game :)

Looks and feels awesome,
really nice polish

it was also easy to hit the right block and even if some parts are a bit hard, they are nicely done.

however, after a hard part should be some kind of checkpoint,
its really annoying to see him fall agian after finally making it though a part of the level.

also he once fell down multiple parts, which made me quit the game.
but beside that, great work

It was more or less by accident :)
I noticed how a bed pushed him into a corner and started to push more stuff into that room so he could not move anymore.

it was the last one in the middle
I think those are bedrooms, cant really tell after everything flew everywhere

Thank you very much for your feedback
really appreciate it

yeah, I tried my best to have the player to first get comfortable using different controls and then try to get better and master them.
Difficulty curve could have needed more testing and tweaking, just didn't have the time left after creating the levels.

I'll make sure to improve the way I convey the controls to the player, 
I thought leaving plenty of time in the first level would allow the player to start slowly and read the information on screen,
I guess just having a timer makes this difficult, especially when you don't know how long the level is and how much time you need.

I wanted to have it be a bit more on the difficult side, but not go full kaizo.
I tried to provide a bit of a challange but didn't want to leave anyone out .

As mentioned on the game page, after the level design and creation depleted most of my second day
I didn't have the time left I planed for improving the other aspects.
Camera and Physics could have needed more love.

Awesome game, relly fun to play

Great visuals and audio
Nice addition to the jam

I always love to see lefmade art and audio
even more if the fit togather

Had fun playing the game,
Only problem was, when one control went out,
I was unable to get more on that side,

So after not being able to go right, I couldn't get anything on the right side.
was a bit annoying to see something I need on that side

All in all a good game,
Great work and a good fit to the jam.

Awesome game
looks and feels really polished

perfect fit for the theme

Only problem I noticed was, ist possible to barricade the king into a room, so he cant move anymore. 
But it was still fun to do so. 

great work

Very polished game

I love the visuals and audio
Maybe have a bit more soudnfx for repairing?
fun concept to run around and repair things,

just feels a bit like a walking simulator if you need to pick up something from the other side to repair something on this side.

All in all a great game

Creat game
I always smirk when I see a 3D game in a jam,
Because they are either well done or just very basic with sloppy controls

Switching between runnning and shooting was an interresting take in a 3D enviroment,
I could play from start to finish wihout any problems, so great job

Animations were a bit odd and wall hitboxes seem a bit to big,
And camera was a bit wobbly when moving/jumping, was a bit hard to aim midair.
but I usually expect something like that for a 48 hour game.

I just missed some music and sound effects,
You'd be suprised by how much they add to the game.
And if you can't create something, or dont have the time,
Pick something from an asset store.
There are a ton of free packs and they can greatly improve the feel of the game.

Great game
I've seen this idea a few times in this jam
But I like the simplicity of yours, and that you just continue moving after you release the button.

That was probably my biggest concern with similar games, where you just stood there after releasing the button. Also great to collect the buttons and have multiple of them, not just one for each direction.

Compared to the other games, yours is way less frustrating. Visuals are great, I love to see selfmade ones.
Was just missing some background music. It feels a bit odd hearing nothing than that jump sound.

(1 edit)


I really wanted to put more time into Physics/Movement because thats what a platformer is all about, 
I stuck with what I had and wanted to 'tidy it up' at the end, but there wasn't enough time left.

The higher jump part was actually something I had a lot of fun with during testing.
While sliding down a slope, quickly move the other way, jump and change directions mid air. Felt like an out of control speedrunner, so I just left it in :)
Didn't notice it gives an unfair boost at one level.

I like the idea,
its fun do redirect the train and watch the consequences

Just the switching feels a bit unresposive,
Sometimes I need to click more often and sometimes it triggers but I didn't notice right away
becaues the lever is a bit slow

Maybe have a little sound feedback or a quick visual indication

Sound is great, background music seems to get a bit annoying after some time
some variety might help, or a mute bg music butten

All in all a fun little game and an interresting take on the jam

Fun game,
I like how easy it is to get into it,
and that is is played like a top down shooter, while also being some kind of puzzle game.

A background music would have been nice,
just having the sound of the gun gets numb after some time.

And I've already read about having the gun snap to certain degrees,
would be a great idea, because having to hold the button until you have the right angle can take a while. 

Other than that, great game and good fit into the jam

(1 edit)

Fun game and fitting to theese times,
I love how the difficulty ramps up by just having less people wear masks.
Nothing else, just less masks.

First I thought that putting on masks was a waste of time, you could just run around and disinfet everyone without using masks,
But a few waves later I noticed it gets significantly harder if you dont give everyone a mask.

Looks awesome when during the 5 seconds spawn timer you already see how fast it spreads on the minimap, and the fewer masks the faster it spreads.

Only thing I'd like to have added, would be some sound effects and some feedback when you try to use masks while you dont have any.
Tried to put on more masks and was wondering why it didn't work only to realize I don't have any left

Sorry to hear that,
may I ask what the problem was?

Were the controls to complicated or was it the spikes?
I tried to use the spikes to slow down the player and not have him just sprint though the level.
I might have overdone it and they are a bit hard to see.

I used Assets from the store, because I'm not really good with Art and time didn't allow for it.
This was my first Solo Game Jam, so I prioritised to finish in time.