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You have to export them by using the camera.

Obrigado por estas sugestões. Atualmente estou tendo problemas para publicar novas versões na loja Android, vou tentar corrigir isso depois que o trabalho terminar na versão beta atual para desktop!
(Thanks for these suggestions. I'm currently having problems pushing new releases to the Android store, I'll be trying to fix this after work finishes on the current beta version for desktop!)
- Mark

Haha! Eu adoraria fazer isso, e fico feliz que você esteja curtindo o jogo. Essas são boas ideias. Em breve, posso estar em uma posição para retomar isso novamente...

No, sorry. It costs $100 a year to keep apps in the Apple app store, and I just can't afford that, so Apple removed Vilmonic from the store. Even if you had already installed it in the past, Apple will not allow you to download the app. It's a pretty lame policy.

My dev computer for Android is down, I'll try and fix it soon so I can look into making a new build. Is there a reason for this request? Is the game not working at all, or is there some other issue?

Interesting idea! I'll look into this.

These are cool ideas. I really want to add more population stats, so these kind of ideas are very important to me. A fungolite evolutionary tree would very quickly take up too much space, since fungs are much more plentiful than anims and evolve much faster. On the Vilmonic discord I outline a "lossy" way to map out species history that would work for fungs, and I may implement that sometime...

Definitely, if the anims are attracted to motion, especially when they're hungry.


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I've started a Patreon to help crowdfund Vilmonic 2.

Get access to exclusive Vilmonic add-ons that you can use right now like new life forms, a minimap, and body parts, as well as early access to mockups and betas of new and planned features. Also get exclusive access to my music, art, games and tools. ANY SUPPORT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

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I've started a Patreon to help crowdfund Vilmonic 2.

Get access to exclusive Vilmonic add-ons that you can use right now like new life forms, a minimap, and body parts, as well as early access to mockups and betas of new and planned features. Also get exclusive access to my music, art, games and tools. ANY SUPPORT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

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There is a "PlayVilmonic.desktop" launcher that you can doubleclick to start the game, and the executable is "". Let me know if you have these and if they work for you.

Also, if you use Itch's client app you can launch the game from there.

I'm guessing this doesn't work for you with either touch or trackpad (if you have one)? Anyway, the new update with many control changes to support mobile devices should be out soon!

I'm working on an update right now, so I can try and fix this (if it's not fixed already). Can you share a screenshot? Also, what device are you using?
- mark

Vilmonicland (2)


I won! I very much enjoyed the (somewhat squishy) bricks.

Vilmonic now in SIX LANGUAGES!

Exploratyne Vilmoniscape Leisuremonic

Exploratyne Vilmoniscape Leisuremonic

Exploratyne and observil and experimoni the Vilmoniscape in an interfac for using with a multitude of six (6) languages!! 


Mainly, just don't attack them.

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It seems you may have accidentally attacked the zombitons! The Vilmonicouncil recommends against this. There are MANY things you can do to deal with the zombs. Check the tool, item, and task descriptions for hints, or get help on the Vilmonic Discord

Unless you enjoy the chaos of a zomb infestation, or if you are trying to balance a zomb-carnivorous-animatroid ecosystem, don't ever attack the zombitons. If this happens by accident, try playing with them with their favorite toy - spoiler: blow bubbles!  This will quickly calm their swarming instinct.

It's your island, protect whatever you want. Start by protecting everything. Or protect the creatures with behaviors or traits you'd like to see more of. There are no "monsters", just life forms.

Does your window look something like this? You may have to enlarge your game window (drag the borders), or make it fullscreen, or lower the Interface Pixel Scale in Settings.

You should still be able to drag items to the gray boxes at the bottom of the craft window:

Is this ^ where you are dragging items to?

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As a general rule, fung spores are most likely to survive if planted on the same terrain as where they were picked. Once planted, use the binoculars to see how well adapted that fungolite is to its location.

For example, here you can see that this location has 70 nutrients available (including any fertilizer from dead life forms on this spot) and140 hydration:

Ha! Just reload the save game and now you'll have two, one back in your toolbar, and one in the chest. It's a known issue.

Important Announcement from the Vilmonicouncil

New zomb behaviors have been spotted. Judging from this photo, it seems that zombs may be a bit more useful now..? Also, new cameras have been found among all the junk and detritus underground, including the glitchy one that took the above pic!

Thank you thank you! :<)

STATUS: Coming soon! 

Working on adding the Russian, French, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations (from the Steam version) to the Itch version. Plus new DLC for additional life forms and craftable items, starting with the Photographer Recipes and Odd-O-Matoid Life Form add-ons from the mobile version!

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Some SPOILERS here:
Evolve red fungs so you can craft Cola (an instant cure for zombiton haywirefication). Stay out of their eyesight, cross water when they are chasing you, or stop moving (they only see movement). The small hammer stuns them but doesn't kill them. Blowing bubbles sooths zombs. Place their favorite dungeon tiles off to the side out of the way. Or evolve some carnivores!

I like the idea of tutorial tasks to help learn how to deal with the zombs!

Oh yeah. Do you need some?

Ha, I wasn't being sarcastic! :`) I'll try out the new scheme...

Piloting that ship is HARD (atleast, using the keyboard) and that made this game lots of fun. "Q" and "W" fire left & right thrusters (respectively) and "A" and "S" fire left & right retrorockets. This tricky control scheme means I ended up piloting my ship with a bunch of diagonal "Q+S" combos to quickly turn left (CCW) and "W+A" to quickly turn right (CW). Then I mixed in some other combos for precision aiming. Definitely the coolest control scheme for piloting a ship I've found in a while.

Zombs are very important thematically to the game. They represent the feeling of doing (environmental) science in a world where many people are actively antagonistic toward that endeavor. It is important to me to have this friction in the game. It is also important that you cannot really just attack zombs, you must learn to live with them. 

Plus, they are a life form that you can manage and that can have an important impact on the ecosystem.

There are MANY things you can do to deal with the zombs. Check the tool, item, and task descriptions for hints. Or ask on the Vilmonic Discord:

Just don't attack them!

Vilmonic Version 1.4 is OUT NOW!

This update merges in optimizations and improvements and fixes from the mobile release!

Weird, your avatar should turn green/gray like a zomb and the view should be all green. 

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Don't tell anyone, but I just "soft-launched" Vilmonic on iOS and Android (Actually, DO tell anyone and EVERYONE!)  Vilmonic mobile is FREE-TO-PLAY with in-app purchases for bigger maps and more crafting recipes. More add-ons coming soon...

Get Vilmonic on iOS  |  Get Vilmonic on Android

Interesting! I love trying to figure out how the environmental factors  + anims' physiology create what I'm seeing.

It could also be that in a small island where food is closer, seeing distant isn't worth the cost, since good eyesight uses more energy/nutrients every metabolic cycle. (Eyesight in Vilmonic increases the amount of objects processed by their graph-brains every metabolic cycle.)

You could set up an experiment to test this! Maybe something like this: 

A very horizontal island with fungs on one half, a "wasteland" of stone floor in the middle, and water on the right. This setup seems like it would tend to evolve anims with greater eyesight, so that they could navigate the long distance from food to water. 

Strategic placement of floors and walls can have a surprising effect on evolving certain traits! For instance, sparse placement of obstacles/walls can make it just a bit harder for anims to over-graze, helping fungs to flourish.

- Mark

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Join the Android ALPHA!

The Android Mobile ALPHA version is READY FOR TESTING on phone and tablet!! (iOS coming SOON)

The mobile version is free-to-play, with alacarte in-app purchases to unlock the full features of the desktop version.

The game is very stable and very playable (on all of my test devices and emulators) but runs slowly on 32 bit architecture (you will probably want to turn "frame skipping" on).

Email me ( or DM me your Google Play email address if you want to try it out!

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Get Vilmonic on Mobile!

Available on iOS and Android