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SSSS_PC.zip is not for Linux.

Why is it labelled win+mac+linux?

If you label your linux downloads correctly, they might work in the itch app

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What specific glitches did you encounter? I'd like to patch them out.

Thanks. Please post a link when you upload!

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It would be cool if the itch app could automatically set the "Now Playing" field in the Discord App based on the itch.io title field. Or is that already possible?

You would have to have this as an option, maybe some people don't want to have Robert Yang's spanking game as their status by accident, or other NSFW games, or they want to add games manually like Discord does it on Linux right now.

I think there is already a Steam integration in Discord, but I did not look at it in detail yet. I will ask the Discord people about this also.

bumping this because of the recent sandboxing feature

I built a mac .app bundle for one of my games. I can't put savegames inside the bundle, so I put them into /Users/$NAME/Library/Application Support/$GAME/savegames. This has the nice effect that installing new versions of the game with the itch-app will not erase saves games and screenshots. Also you can put the game somewhere read-only for all users and each user has his own writable savegame/options/player profile place. The second point is moot with the itch app of course, as it installs the whole game in a per-user config directory anyway.

The problems are:

  1. When you uninstall the game through the itch app, the savegame folder will stay
  2. You can't put the downloaded game on a thumb drive

Will itch have a preferred savegame folder outside the game folder? Should I do something different when running under itch? How do other games handle savegames (and screenshots and highscores)?

Games Replays now show more clearly how points are calculated:

Improved Gamepad Support: Detect Xbox (and PS4) controllers under Windows and Linux.

Show Button Mappings for gamepad or keyboard

Better colorblind-friendly mode (Red-blue with higher contrast)

The web profile now shows a graph of your estimated skill and a button to friend payers from the web:

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This week I implemented user profiles and ladder ranking and matchmaking. It used to be that you can play un-ranked random games. Now you can play ranked games. The server will update your estimated skill level when you finish a ranked game. When you play a new ranked or unranked game against ladder opponents, it will take the skill difference and how often the two players have played against each other into account.

Profile pages show name, gravatar, ladder stats and the hat worn in-game:


The ladder shows all players who have won at least one ranked game this season:


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Bullet Blueprint is a turn-based tactics platformer!

You control units with jump+run controls, one unit after the other. Bullet Blueprint is a turn-based play-by-email game: You have lots of time to get your plan right. All replays online games are publicly available.


Replay of a Bullet Blueprint game:

EDIT: There used to be a question about the name & logo here

Itch already allows to add admins and mark them as contributors. All We need is a way to link to the game from your profile page.

Can we *also* distribute a .deb package? Will itch.io download just the first linux download, or pick one at random?

My pixel art workflow is kind of weird. I make backgrounds/tiles/decoration art with GIMP, but items/characters/animations with aseprite. I make low-poly 3D models with wings3D, I won't/can't really do hi-poly.

I like the freedom coding in PyGame with no engine gives you, but nowadays I also make games in HaxeFlixel. I can add python libraries like MoviePy and create small video clips and tweet them right from inside the game. Distributing a game with PyGame and native dependencies is a pain though.

I have discovered the Yarn dialog editor. That is pretty good.