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You can now purchase games as gifts on

Starting today you can now purchase a game for someone else on Just click click the Give this game as a gift checkbox on the purchase popup: gift giving checkbox example

After paying for the game you’ll be put on the gifting page where you can enter your recipient’s email and optionally include your name and a message. gift giving page


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How I can resend the git in case the receiver did not get the email? To be honest, I find not even an information in my profile that I bought a gift. I have only a mail...

That should be corrected and I like to resend the email...

Good morning,  I gifted a bundle to a friend. He apparently already bought it for himself, and said to me that he rejected the bundle so that I could offer to someone else. But I don't know if it is possible to do it, or if it is I have no clue how to do it.. Does anyone one have an idea about this?

Same thing here, and I would also like to know. A friend gifted me a bundle that I'd already purchased. I want to know if I can return it to them so they can give it to someone else, or if I can pass it on to someone else myself. I emailed itch support but haven't heard back yet. 

can i buy a bundle that's happening now and save it for gifting on my friend's birthday? 

Hi, I emailed support and am still waiting on a reply. My husband had bought a bundle for me and I WAS sent a email. However that email just gave me a link which redirected me to the "give gift" page where it has you type in the recipient's email and such.

Furthermore, it took 10$ instead of 5$. Really quite frustrated.

If the default is $10, he would have to have deleted the $10 and typed in $5, to know for the future. I don't know about the rest of it, though.

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The default is indeed 5$. So I'm not sure why it charged him twice

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If I gift a game or bundle, is it permanently locked to the one email address?

Can you also explain how it would work, for the giftee's end?

And what if they don't have an account beforehand?

Can my friend add the games I gifted him to an account?


Can you gift also bundles or only single games?

Yea, You should be able to gift bundles as well.