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I really enjoyed this, gameplay is simple but lots of fun and the plot is surprisingly involving and occasionally even quite moving.

Just finished this and wow, great game!

Very surreal and even slightly disturbing at times, just my cup of tea!

Looking forward to playing more of these...



My app page currently has a single comments thread only.

If I also enable the discussion board, will this overwrite the comments thread or will I get both?



There's a minor typo on the 'Dashboard/Interact' page: "...if we recieve a high number of reports..."

The 'recieve' should of course be 'receive' according to the 'i before e except after c' rule (and a dictionary check)!


Thanks for the kind words!

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Hi, I am really enjoying this game but think I may have broken it!

...actually, ignore that, problem to build some kind of scanner to get off this dreadful place!

Hi, just uploaded v1110 which fixes a crash caused by the use of textures with alpha but no color, for example, Adam Gore's 'grass' demo.

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IIRC, the multiplayer networking functions were removed when Blitz3D was open sourced as the underlying DirectPlay API was not supported by MSVC2017 (Blitz3D was originally built using 'classic'  MSVC 6). Plus, I think running a Blitz3D app that was built with DirectPlay support (ie *all* Blitz3D app's pre-open sourcing) caused an annoying 'do you want to install DirectPlay' popup on recent-er versions of Windows.

I've just checked and the source files are still in there so it may still be possible to build Blitz3D with multiplayer support again if you can get hold of the appropriate SDK files (static libs, headers etc) and they're compatible with the Windows SDK stuff used by MSVC.

But, to be honest, it's probably not worth trying as multiplayer in Blitz3D was never that great or even very well tested. I certainly don't remember any multiplayer Bltitz3D apps being released - please let me know if I'm wrong anyone!

Wow, that looks fantastic!

I do remember the seamless cubemap texture problem, but only from the GL days. There was an extension to deal with it in GL...

...but according to a quick google, D3D didn't get a fix for this until D3D9-ish.

I can't think of a way you could fudge this by distorting cube faces either so sorry but I think you're stuck with it in B3D.

But it all looks pretty seamless from here anyway!

Yay, good news!

 It kind of suggests this fix has never been in a release before 1109...still, it's there now.

But seriously dude, you should really be using Unity - it's free and it can do anything Blitz3D can do and much more!

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I installed from scratch with blitz3d1109setup.exe, replaced the line of code that was broken and it worked!

Can you try reinstalling Blitz3D from scratch and trying again?

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Hi, you need to use 'Or' to combine multiple flags together (which sounds very counter-intuitive!) For example, this works for me:

tex1=CreateTexture(w,w, tex_color Or tex_mipmap_OFF)

By using a comma here, you're actually creating a 1024 'frame' texture!

You can also use plain additon to combine flags, ie: '+', but then you have to be careful to only use each flag exactly once. Still, I think this is what most b3d coders used, and it makes a bit more logical sense I guess.

In retrospect, I think Blitz3D should have had '|' and '&' and maybe '~' operators too.


Hi, would you mind posting some runnable example code I can copy/paste into blitz3d 1108?

Hi Plim, have you tried texture flag '1024'? According to this commit...

...this very useful feature was added in 2018 by someone called Dave Camp  - thanks Dave whoever you are!

If you have a copy of Blitz3D SDK, I don't really mind what you do with it (an acknowledgement would be nice). I only ever sold a handful of them many years ago. I thought it actually kind of sucked as a C++ SDK and my heart was never really in it. 

If you want to use Blitz3D runtime in your own projects, I would probably recommend statically linking with the 'bbruntime' static lib. Just building the blitz3d solution in msvc2022 produces a bbruntime.lib in bbruntime/Release which should be all you need. The bbruntime_dll project is a bit useless as-is, it's designed to be linked with blitzcc compiler output - it doesn't actually export any symbols - the blitzcc output code is 'injected' into the dll as a resource, and linking is actually performed at runtime.

You'll also need header files, which you can either include directly from the blitz3d project, or copy the headers from bbruntime (and any other required dirs) into a standalone 'include' dir. Either way you'll need to set up a buinch of include dirs so the compiler can find them.

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Well, I did vaguely promise 'lifetime' updates!

I've been browsing the various incarnations of the Blitz websites lately (before the internet archive gets taken down...) and wow they were fun days - before all the 'monetization' bullshit crept into gaming. I should NEVER have got involved in the mobile scene, that sexy hardware was just too tempting though.

The 'mugshots' thread (from *22* years ago!) here especially bought back lots of warm fuzzy memories, possibly before even your time though?


For one thing I don't have a copy of it any more, for another it was 99% the same as the Blitz3D that *is* up on github so even if I did have a copy I probably wouldn't bother.

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No idea sorry although I've just uploaded a new build so you might want to try that as it should be the latest/greatest version available.

Skimming through the comments to your posts, I'd recommend making sure the code isn't trying to set an 'exotic' graphics mode of some kind (eg: 16 bit color) in fact probably safest to try to get it running in windowed mode first.

Hi all, I finally fixed the double spacing in the IDE issue and have uploaded a new Blitz3D 1.109 installer.

I built this on Windows10 so there *may* be issues if you're still on 7,  8 or 9, although I think I built the 1.108 installer on Windows10 too so who knows...

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Argh, how do you do the yellow jump?!?

Well done, congrats on finishing it! Having lots of fun playing it but still suck at it.

Hi, I'm still here! I got a bit sidetracked there with a potential job offer that didn't pan out and writing some PR's for othe projects that never got merged for various reasons (never doing that again!)
But the biggest distraction for me has been getting the VR stuff up and running again, and with WebVR I hope to be adding some optional VR to this online demo/experiment/whatever-it-is too soon(ish).

Yeah I agree, stay tuned...


I just want to clear up if it's OK to host a game here that connects to the raspberry-pi 'server' currently in my kitchen?

The game's static files are hosted at but once it's running it does connect with said external server - is this OK?


Ha ha, still fun!

Thanks for posting that, nothing pops out at me either but at least now I can compare your driver's caps/extensions ertc with mine and see if there's anything suspicious.

Argh, turned out to be a bit painful to fix too, fix coming after lunch though...

Ok, the keyboard thing appears to be a chrome specific (at least) issue, will fix.

Yeah, there's definitely a pool or even pinball vibe there, though there are no 'real' shadows at all yet, just some fake 'circles on the ground' ones but even just that adds 150% to the look of it.

Hi JaviCerva/Jedive!

Unfortunately, I managed to lose the source code to Maplet shortly after finishing it so I have no idea how it works any more.

Probably possible to hack the file format but unlikely to be easy. But knowing early 2000's me, it's likely to use an 'IFF' style file format, eg: chunktag/chunksize/chunkdata...etc etc, where chunk tag is a fourcc 'character code' like 'LIGT', 'PRIM' etc Just guessing really though!

Cheers noodle, sounds like a depth buffer precision issue to me will have a look.

Also does anything on this page looks dodgy?

Also, you hit 'i' to see some opengl info, and 'l' to see a log of messages being sent.

A bit late to the party, but very cool!

Nope, C++/Javascript.

Cool! It still seemed 'sort of' playable too, you were leaping around a bit but not too badly. Did you notice getting shot for no reason, like a bullet just appears out of nowhere and kills you? It tries to be conservative and leaves it up to the victim to decide who dies. The alternative would be to let the shooter decide which I was thinking could feel more unfair.

NotABot, are you seeing terrible lag?

....and LineOf7's disappears off somewhere over the horizon...!

The sky is extremely purple but it shouldn't be flashing! There is no talk, just shoot...

Very beautiful!