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Blitz Research

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Very beautiful!

This is great, loved it thanks

All versions of blitzplus, blitz3d, blitzmax and monkey-x are (or should be) full versions and are completely open source so you can do whatever you want with stuff you write using them.

> Does it work when you run the program from within the IDE? Can you run ANY of the samples in the IDE?

> What graphics mode are you using?

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Does it work when you run the program from within the IDE?

What graphics mode are you using?

What is your system configuration?

It reloads the entire thing when I click 'back to game' after posting a comment - same with you?

Fortunately this should be fixable I think:

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Holy crap that's cool! Is that completely unlit?

How are you doing the 'light beam'?

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Several people have it going on x64 Linux already:

Feel free to ask questions in the forums (or here, but there are more people at forums).

Great little retro-tastic game, with lots of cool features!

One thing is paypal didn't seem to work - I got a 'Failed to create PayPal transaction' when I clicke on 'pay with paypal'.

Paypal looks like it works with my own stuff so I don't thing it's me...


What links?

If you want blitz3d, click 'blitz3d' link at top of page:

Thank you!

Yeah, the elvis operator is weirdly named! Apparently the original ?: looks like elvis - actually, I can sort of see it now, the question mark is his 'cool' hairdo! Well, maybe...

Thanks - you too! I think we make a good team!

This looks way cool! Has it been merged with master branch?

Try the cerebus-x site:

This is a fork of monkey-x that I think has a full download.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will have a chat with about this.