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Well done, congrats on finishing it! Having lots of fun playing it but still suck at it.

Hi, I'm still here! I got a bit sidetracked there with a potential job offer that didn't pan out and writing some PR's for othe projects that never got merged for various reasons (never doing that again!)
But the biggest distraction for me has been getting the VR stuff up and running again, and with WebVR I hope to be adding some optional VR to this online demo/experiment/whatever-it-is too soon(ish).

Yeah I agree, stay tuned...


I just want to clear up if it's OK to host a game here that connects to the raspberry-pi 'server' currently in my kitchen?

The game's static files are hosted at but once it's running it does connect with said external server - is this OK?


Ha ha, still fun!

Thanks for posting that, nothing pops out at me either but at least now I can compare your driver's caps/extensions ertc with mine and see if there's anything suspicious.

Argh, turned out to be a bit painful to fix too, fix coming after lunch though...

Ok, the keyboard thing appears to be a chrome specific (at least) issue, will fix.

Yeah, there's definitely a pool or even pinball vibe there, though there are no 'real' shadows at all yet, just some fake 'circles on the ground' ones but even just that adds 150% to the look of it.

Hi JaviCerva/Jedive!

Unfortunately, I managed to lose the source code to Maplet shortly after finishing it so I have no idea how it works any more.

Probably possible to hack the file format but unlikely to be easy. But knowing early 2000's me, it's likely to use an 'IFF' style file format, eg: chunktag/chunksize/chunkdata...etc etc, where chunk tag is a fourcc 'character code' like 'LIGT', 'PRIM' etc Just guessing really though!

Cheers noodle, sounds like a depth buffer precision issue to me will have a look.

Also does anything on this page looks dodgy?

Also, you hit 'i' to see some opengl info, and 'l' to see a log of messages being sent.

A bit late to the party, but very cool!

Nope, C++/Javascript.

Cool! It still seemed 'sort of' playable too, you were leaping around a bit but not too badly. Did you notice getting shot for no reason, like a bullet just appears out of nowhere and kills you? It tries to be conservative and leaves it up to the victim to decide who dies. The alternative would be to let the shooter decide which I was thinking could feel more unfair.

NotABot, are you seeing terrible lag?

....and LineOf7's disappears off somewhere over the horizon...!

The sky is extremely purple but it shouldn't be flashing! There is no talk, just shoot...

Very beautiful!

This is great, loved it thanks

All versions of blitzplus, blitz3d, blitzmax and monkey-x are (or should be) full versions and are completely open source so you can do whatever you want with stuff you write using them.

> Does it work when you run the program from within the IDE? Can you run ANY of the samples in the IDE?

> What graphics mode are you using?

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Does it work when you run the program from within the IDE?

What graphics mode are you using?

What is your system configuration?

It reloads the entire thing when I click 'back to game' after posting a comment - same with you?

Fortunately this should be fixable I think:

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Holy crap that's cool! Is that completely unlit?

How are you doing the 'light beam'?

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Several people have it going on x64 Linux already:

Feel free to ask questions in the forums (or here, but there are more people at forums).

Great little retro-tastic game, with lots of cool features!

One thing is paypal didn't seem to work - I got a 'Failed to create PayPal transaction' when I clicke on 'pay with paypal'.

Paypal looks like it works with my own stuff so I don't thing it's me...


What links?

If you want blitz3d, click 'blitz3d' link at top of page:

Thank you!

Yeah, the elvis operator is weirdly named! Apparently the original ?: looks like elvis - actually, I can sort of see it now, the question mark is his 'cool' hairdo! Well, maybe...

Thanks - you too! I think we make a good team!

This looks way cool! Has it been merged with master branch?

Try the cerebus-x site:

This is a fork of monkey-x that I think has a full download.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will have a chat with about this.