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If you have a copy of Blitz3D SDK, I don't really mind what you do with it (an acknowledgement would be nice). I only ever sold a handful of them many years ago. I thought it actually kind of sucked as a C++ SDK and my heart was never really in it. 

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Thanks. I saw somewhere on the Internet SDK V1.05 on some forum... But I did not see that somewhere there was a publication that it is free... unlike BlitzMax and Blitz3D. So far I will not add dll to the SDK.

In fact, this is strange ... I look other DLL's like openB3D, miniB3D, blast3D, of course they have something innovative, but there is no input processing, there is sound not everywhere, there is no work with the file system. On this side the original SDK is still the most convenient as a standalone dll without the use of BlitzMax and etc... Although Blitz3d runtime.dll has even more features, but it is not a standalone dll as you say. I mean, the SDK project wasn't that bad, although it could have been even better.