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Maybe save old Blitz3D name without 2?)

It would good if LibSGD not to be a bare library, but to have an IDE editor from Blitz3D. It would also be nice if the editor had a “Start with C++” button, which would load a lightweight open-source C++ compiler and C++ code could be written directly in the Blitz3D editor (without syntax checking) And so that code written in C++ can be runned in the Blitz3D editor with the click of one button. So that not only BASIC is available)

I come to the conclusion that any undertaking, enterprise or company can be destroyed with a lot of money. A lot of money attracts crooks and usually does not give a place for specialists.

Perhaps of course I'm wrong...

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Thanks for the answer. That is why I liked Unity 5, it is enough to download the installer (but the truth is that it required registration online, which is of course a minus) and then it complete to work. Without any installations of modules and other settings.

P.S. And of course C# captivates ... somehow it is closer to real development than BASIC. Although this is a matter of taste.

"Many years later I found myself struggling with unity's slow and heavy development cycle. Then I decided to return back to Blitz3D and I am glad I did so."

In my opinion, old Unity 5 was the most successful then it modern versions. Why you turn back to Blitz3D? It is interesting...

In fact, this is strange ... I look other DLL's like openB3D, miniB3D, blast3D, of course they have something innovative, but there is no input processing, there is sound not everywhere, there is no work with the file system. On this side the original SDK is still the most convenient as a standalone dll without the use of BlitzMax and etc... Although Blitz3d runtime.dll has even more features, but it is not a standalone dll as you say. I mean, the SDK project wasn't that bad, although it could have been even better.

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Thanks. I saw somewhere on the Internet SDK V1.05 on some forum... But I did not see that somewhere there was a publication that it is free... unlike BlitzMax and Blitz3D. So far I will not add dll to the SDK.

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I can't handle it, I'm not that great of a programmer... \

And msvc2022 won't even fit on my PC. I usually use something compact like Dev C++ :)

Could I put the B3D.dll library on github? Or Blitz3D SDK is it still paid?

Of course, it would be cool to use the original editor and slip FASM instead of blitzcc when compiling. But it requires huge competencies.

For example if user open *.bb file run blitzcc, if user open *.asm file run FASM.

You didn't answer anything about the naming and copyrights.

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'monetization' is real bullshit...

What's about the 'lifetime' updates? When will Vulkan be included?  :)

Im joking... )

UPD: By the way, I looked at your sources and really find a Vulkan in one of the projects ...

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Spread for your judgment, my experimental mini project:

The fact that I used Blitz3D in the title violates the copy rights? Another name would not make sense, since this project is associated with Blitz3D SDK. Do you give me permission to use this name?

This written for B3D.dll, I would like to add this DLL directly to the repository. It would be very convenient to use. But it probably violates copyright.

I don't like that the B3D.dll doesn't have network and file functions, it doesn't even have a random number generator... I would like everything to be included into the library, such as in Monodevelop for example.

Do I understand correctly that if you rename runtime.dll from Blitz3D to b3d.dll, then everything will work? I think there are fundamental differences in the work.

Hi, Mark. I would like to know why the sources of the Blitz3D SDK are not publicly available on Github?

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This is nice news.

I would like Blitz3D be accessible for download as a zip archive. The antivirus protection system swears at the exe archive file. It was also not possible to unpack the exe file as an archive using 7 zip (sometimes this works with an exe file, but not in this case).

I would also like to know where i can download the latest 1.109 version of  B3D.dll ?