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Hi, you need to use 'Or' to combine multiple flags together (which sounds very counter-intuitive!) For example, this works for me:

tex1=CreateTexture(w,w, tex_color Or tex_mipmap_OFF)

By using a comma here, you're actually creating a 1024 'frame' texture!

You can also use plain additon to combine flags, ie: '+', but then you have to be careful to only use each flag exactly once. Still, I think this is what most b3d coders used, and it makes a bit more logical sense I guess.

In retrospect, I think Blitz3D should have had '|' and '&' and maybe '~' operators too.


Hi Mark, 

I replaced the code: 

tex1=CreateTexture(w,w, tex_color, tex_mipmap_OFF) 


tex1=CreateTexture(w,w, tex_color Or tex_mipmap_OFF) 

Nothing changed, and then by: tex1=CreateTexture(w,w, tex_color + tex_mipmap_OFF) 

And it had no effect, it remains blurred. Thanks for your attention.

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I installed from scratch with blitz3d1109setup.exe, replaced the line of code that was broken and it worked!

Can you try reinstalling Blitz3D from scratch and trying again?

But seriously dude, you should really be using Unity - it's free and it can do anything Blitz3D can do and much more!


I uninstalled the "Blitz3DSetup1108" version and installed "Blitz3DSetup1109" and it worked!!, thank you very much for your help, I am very grateful. 

I prefer Blitz3D to Unity because it's light, fast and powerful, it works on modest machines and the Basic language is wonderful!, thanks.

Yay, good news!

 It kind of suggests this fix has never been in a release before 1109...still, it's there now.