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Too bad you haven't finished it. I have similar impressions as DidiBear. I'd like to see a playable version of this game.

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Eventually, the game crashed on firefox (windows 11) and blocked the browser until I closed the tab. Other than that it was a nice worms-like experience.

I finally decided to give it a try and build the game from the source. And it was definitely worth it. I was surprised how that simple idea can deliver such a nice experience. Additionally, our games have something in common... ;) 

I was also able to run it the same way euclidean-whale did it. It is pretty cool. I like a lot to control the sheep this way and the gameplay is fun. Too bad you weren't able to submit it with more options to run.

Excellent! Only music is missing.

I was on firefox, windows 11. I tried to reproduce it too, and I couldn't. So I'm wondering what might have happened.
A minor amendment to my previous comment after playing it several times more - it's not too hard once you get how to use the "D" button ;)

Very cool game mechanic. It challenged my brain. Recruiters could use this game on job interviews!

That is super cool, full-packed game experience, and very original. Definitely one of my favorite.

Looks really nice. Too bad you couldn't get further with it.

With more than one keys duels are so hard. But, hey, this game gives you eternal life if you behave well. That sounds familiar!

It's too unfair! But looks pretty cool.

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Unexpectable rugby-like gameplay. Nice and satisfying to win.

The game crashed when I tried to play one more time in a row. Other than that, it was fun but maybe too hard.

Cool idea, literally fighting with time and simultaneously wasting it. And meta-commentary to game jams! I enjoyed the gameplay.

I got stuck in the situation there was a jump available, but I couldn't do it as any other movement. Other than that cool idea, I liked the lightning.

That was unfair! Excellent polished game delivering a complete experience. It is the best pong I have ever played.

I thought it was too hard to get to the top before the goo, but I managed to do this with a couple of characters. I like the gameplay and abilities system. BTW, my game initially was also meant to be about social unfairness! :D

It was fun even to play with myself. I love the dashing animation and bouncing. It is one of the best submissions presentation-wise in the jam.

Very good platformer. I love the music.

It is hard to pick it up, but it becomes pretty easy and satisfying once you learn how to configure lymphs to produce cells. It's one of my favorites. Great job. And definitely the best bio RTS I have ever played :D I imagine I could spend hours on this game if you add more features.

At first, I thought that game is not playable, but then I managed to vanish a couple of them. Then they were respawning and I was dying a lot. I didn't think it is possible to win, but finally, I did it. And it was satisfying :D

I enjoyed it a lot, thanks!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Dogs are the best :)

I like text rewards for reaching higher platforms, which is not easy!

The best minesweeper I have ever played.

This is amazing. Bees are hypnotizing. I'd say this game has great potential.

I got stuck at the 3rd level, but it was fun. Because of the music, I felt like I was a sim from the Sims 1 playing some video game. That was unexpected :D Good job with animations!

Yes, resetting kills was a bit "unfair," but clones have some autopilot and managed to kill many enemies in my run. That was pretty cool.

Is this game winnable? Other than that, the idea of programming your spells in the game sounds very cool. I'm looking forward to it.

Single wasm file is not enough to run it on other platforms I guess :(

The game is unfinished. You can only move and shoot.

I love everything about this game except jump. Cyberpunk vibe, the music, cheating mechanic (what a great idea!). I'd love to play it more once it is more polished.  

It sounds like a good idea!

When it comes to my game - I have some thoughts about making the rhythm of the game turns an aspect of the gameplay, similarly to Crypt of the Necrodancer but not sure about it yet.

Thank you for such kind words.

Yes! If I only have 10 minutes more before the submission the teleport bug would be fixed as it was pretty easy. Jamers gonna jam :)

This feedback is very precious as I wasn't sure about it. Initially, it was like this - position resets to the middle after each turn. But one of my testers suggested changing it to not resetting, and I decided to go with it without proper check. I agree that resetting will be better since I will add a higher range in the following levels.

Thanks for your feedback! I agree. It was even on my list.

How to lose the game in another way than just launching it?

It's pretty easy to cheat - 503 cm ;) I like the esthetics in its ugliness.

Ferris seems to have the unfair advantage - he won 3 times in a row.

This is exactly the type of game I want to make - games that explains how things work. This one is very good.