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Just try and keep your host alive...
Submitted by Vleue (@FrancoisMockers) — 2 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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Theme Interpretation#243.4193.419

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Awesome. I think this is the game I played the longest. Got every upgrade and became the oldest person alive. Then I died XD

Great use of shaders. You pushed the performance boundaries of bevy with so many entities. By the time I was near 300, the game started to slow down for me.


This is exactly the type of game I want to make - games that explains how things work. This one is very good.


This is exactly the type of game I want to make - games that explains how things work. This one is very good.


Very fun game imo I just wish it didnt get so laggy at age 300 :D


Pretty good take on the Vampire Survival idea. Though I felt the ramp up was a bit slow. And I was confused at first, not understanding that the powerups were kept between generations.


I liked it a lot. I wish it didn't start lagging once you get close to 300. Would have been cool to see me swallowed by cancer but became unplayable before that happened. Also I like the fact that no matter how powerful you become you will still be killed by cancer in the end.


With one word addictive, liked the theme and progress a lot! Great job :)


Thank you!


Very fun and addictive. I played a lot and got to unlock all the skills. I loved the progression where you stay alive longer and longer. I'm not sure about the theme interpretation, I got the feeling that unlocking skills and progressing would be natural for the player.

The WASM worked fine here.


Thanks! I wanted to convey a switch from an unfair advantage on the pathogens to the player thanks to science and society progress, but I may not have made it clear enough!


Nice entry. I actually love the concept here of playing a game and failing miserably within the first few seconds, but slowly building up more and more. I would love to have a graph showing progress. If you could have kept that up (the gradual ramp in progress) then I think it could hold someone's attention much longer. Eventually you do spike in progress and it feels like a plateau. Just to get to that progress again is a huge time investment.

I get agario vibes with the risk vs reward maneuvering. If you can trap the red viruses, then you can live much longer, but sometimes that involves some risky plays.

Developer (3 edits)

There is actually a soft limit on how long you can play, with a “you win!” at 300 seconds, and you shouldn’t be able to play much longer anyway because the black cancerous cells will kill you pretty fast.

It should take around 30 minutes to go from start to surviving 300 seconds, and you actually need a different strategy to survive that long.

There’s a cheat menu that I used a lot during development to be able to set up a game with the level I wanted from start :D There is a hint on how to enable it in the description.

(1 edit)

Very fun, nice graphics, sfx and gameplay. Kept me playing until I got all progress.
Theme interpretation is there, but players getting unfair advantage is pretty common.
WASM build seems a bit broken with the background flickering, so I suggest downloading it.


Thanks! The idea was to start with an unfair advantages to the pathogens, then switch progressively to the player, with an unfair advantage thanks to the progress of science and society!