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I would prefer to look at the source before running a binary. And one of the “soft” rule of the jam is to have your code open sourced.

Could you share your code repo for this game? I can’t play your build and would like to try it

Thank you!

I originally wanted to add more things related to having to save the galaxy and the space opera genre, and actually doing opera in space by having artefacts to discover which would be opera libretto, and needing to cover the galaxy with broadcasting range as a way to manage influence zones, but didn’t have time.

For now the enemies are named after opera characters, and the mask that shows a star is owned by another player is inspired by the phantom of the opera… It’s quite light on the theme…


Sadly I didn’t have time to add sounds…


I didn’t have time to add sound, so that may explain why you can’t hear anything…

Thank you for the feedback!

Adding some keyboard shortcut is a great idea, it can definitely be heavy on the mouse clicks at time.



Yeah, depending on what is happening it can require a lot of clicks…

Thank you!

I had to cut short on balance and sounds, that would have definitely made it better!


I didn’t have time to better balance the game, and added a quick “difficulty” settings… that can be completely overpowered if you randomly start in a very good or very bad position.

Thanks for the feedback!

In my original plans I wanted to add a way to abandon a colony, and inexpensive scout ships that could provide more informations, but I had to cut short.

Also the galaxy is currently a little too random and you can start in a very hard position…

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I’m using , my implementation of in Rust. I had a lot of issues building the dynamic navmesh, it took me way too long and I had to cut short a lot of ideas due to that…

The “combine” part is that you have to combine your defenses on the two different planes.

very fun! but please don’t force that much on going full screen

Same for me, on Firefox and Safari on macOS.the selection starts half a screen to the left and lower than where I actually click

Thank you!

Thanks! I wanted to convey a switch from an unfair advantage on the pathogens to the player thanks to science and society progress, but I may not have made it clear enough!

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There is actually a soft limit on how long you can play, with a “you win!” at 300 seconds, and you shouldn’t be able to play much longer anyway because the black cancerous cells will kill you pretty fast.

It should take around 30 minutes to go from start to surviving 300 seconds, and you actually need a different strategy to survive that long.

There’s a cheat menu that I used a lot during development to be able to set up a game with the level I wanted from start :D There is a hint on how to enable it in the description.

Thanks! The idea was to start with an unfair advantages to the pathogens, then switch progressively to the player, with an unfair advantage thanks to the progress of science and society!

Welcome to the first Bevy Jam!

I (François Mockers - github - twitter) Intend to give an additional prize for the most original usage of a Bevy feature!

Here are my rules:

  • I’ll be the sole judge for this category, but don’t hesitate to mention interesting entries!
  • The cash prize will be of 50€ for an individual participant, or 100€ that will be divided equally between the team members.
  • The entry must follow the other rules of the Bevy Jam, and run either on macOS or WASM for me to test it.

Thank you, and happy jam!