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Jump hard and reach to the top!
Submitted by doup — 52 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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Theme Interpretation#193.6713.850

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Great idea. Really fits with the theme. Nice touch with the generated description for each character. Needs a little balancing, but it would be impossible to balance this given the time constraint.


I thought it was too hard to get to the top before the goo, but I managed to do this with a couple of characters. I like the gameplay and abilities system. BTW, my game initially was also meant to be about social unfairness! :D


I was wondering when I would see the social commentary take on the theme, and here it is! The game is a bit frantic though, with the ever lingering threat of goo. I could barely take the time to process the different paths so I would just take the non-marked one every time. A way I might have approached this problem is to remove the goo entirely, replace it with a fairly lenient timer, and simply make the platforming more difficult for the less-advantaged route. Perhaps you could buy the advantages as upgrades throughout the game as well.


Yeah ^_^U… the goo is broken (as other things). It's quite unforgiving right now[1] and the speed is not quite right; I thought it was too slow and I increased its speed in the last minute, now in some cases is too fast… Anyway, I want to try to make it adaptive, it should pressure the player but maybe in the first half the speed should vary[2] so it's present (to put some pressure) but it's not really a threat. As an alternative, using a timer is a good idea, it could be used as the score, and it would allow a more "contemplative" pace.

Then the map… I did it in the last hour and couldn't play-test it. But certainly that was the idea, the different paths based on privilege should have different difficulty or length.

Thanks for the feedback!

1: specially due to a bug, if you're falling a ledge on hit it moves down X amount of px instead of moving below the floor just beneath the player

2: e.g. based on the distance between goo & player, the less the distance, the slower it moves.