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Actually, there were a lot more good and interesting ideas, when our team (there are four of us) started to think about concepts. There were thought based on a music genre "Vaporwave", idea about wax-man, who can melt on the sun, moreover - cooling systems tycoon :D. We tried to imagine as many interesting varients, as possible. 

This exact idea was based on a simple contrast of heat and cold + an idea, that sun can give you a shadow. Quite ordinary thing  in a heatwave to choose a way in a shadow to feel less heat. Then  it was some vibes from playing FEZ - so we came up with a thought - what if it would be a 3d puzzle game, with rotaiting shadow to pass through some hot space (in FEZ you "rotate" the world to find a way).

This idea was the most straight-forward, i guess that's why we finally choosed it. Simple ideas are suitable for jam C:


Oh, sorry. I firstly opened a submisson page, and i couldn't see your message there

You really made something  interesting and creepy for these theme! It was hard to understang  from the beginning, what should i do, after openning message things got clearer.

Would be glad if you check out our game too - i wasn't the one who submitted it, but you can find it in my profile

P.S.: totally agree with the NeatGames. Printer was sudden and interesting part)

Fiery game, dude :D  I think it would be better to fast the speed a little bit. Good luck with your futher games

Awesome! The message and mechanic that provides it were the things that i liked most. Non-obvious  at first sight things like changing your size intentionally are great too. Good luck!

It was hard enough for me to find out some parts of the mechanic, and i loved it a lot! Visual part of your game is as awesome as puzzle. IMHO it would be great if you gave some chance to make a mistake (throw box somewhere not-in-place) without reloading a level. But i think thats actually was your goal to make it a little bit hardcore. 

Thanks for your game, it was awesome to have a look

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I didnt really understand, how can i use the water, that i stored in the barrell. Mechanic with changing temperature  wasn't obvious till i read your game page too. 

Really neat and minimalistic style and great idea though. Good luck!

(would be glad if you  rate our game too. I wasn't the one who have submitted it, but you can find it in my  profile :') )

Thanks C: