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This is beautiful! You expressed this very sweet and personalized story through a game. The cinematic aspects of it were flawless. Using a separate color palette for the intro scene was a great effect. I enjoyed your writing and how you presented story. This is seriously so good!

Nice idea for a small turn based game. I haven’t beat it yet but I replayed several times. Everything so far looks and feels great, I look forward to seeing more development.

My only feedback is that upgrading defenses seemed a little under-powered. I kept wishing I could decrease the cooldown some. I had more success with many low-level defenses than I did with a few high-level defenses.

I noticed a bug with the health restore. After using it once, the menu displays “out of order” however you can still purchase the health. You can even purchase it at full health- but it takes 2 coins/credits instead of 1.

This is excellent! The visuals and sound effects are well done. The gameplay is simple yet addictive and difficult to master.

<3 I love the clerk character

Awesome! This is a solid platformer.

Craziest name in my list:

Their Three Relic


I decided to use Ludum Dare as a reason to try out Pixelbox. I was able to make a small game called Adventure Watch in about 15 hours. Having all the builtin editing tools was awesome for prototyping a small game. I made all the game and all its assets solely with Pixelbox.

If you have a chance, check out Adventure Watch. I’m open to feedback for a post-jam version.

My Compo entry:

Pixelbox is pretty nice, it just needs more and updated documentation.

Edit: It fails on Brave (Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163) but does work on Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.163)

When deploying a build to I get the following error on Chrome browsers: “The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) from a user gesture event handler.”

I think the way the pixelbox library initializes the AudioContext needs updated to resolve this.

For details see:

I had this problem too. What fixed it for me was closing and re-opening the project then double-clicking on “map” (under maps.json in the assets panel) before attempting to use the map editor.

I also struggled for a while to figure out how to use the gamepad module. I’ve been accessing gamepad state with “window.gamepad”. You do not need to import the module yourself.


    /* User Input */
    if (window.gamepad.btn.right) character.x += 1;
    if (window.gamepad.btn.left) character.x -= 1;
    if (window.gamepad.btn.up) character.y -= 1;
    if (window.gamepad.btn.down) character.y += 1;

I am! Using LD as a reason to finally try Pixelbox out.

A friend of mine had the same issues as me. Have you tested the packaged build? Could be something with how the game is exported.

hmm... you probably need to re-think how you are handling input.

thanks. I can jump now but the sensitivity for moving left/right seems very high now.

I'm glad a game inspired you to make your own. Unfortunately this game is currently unplayable because jumping doesn't (consistently) work. At first I thought I couldn't jump at all. After mashing Up constantly for a while I would occasionally jump.

My unsolicited advice:
Start doing game jams to get practice making simple games. Don't go online to promote a game or ask for donations until you've gotten positive feedback from people you can trust for honest criticism.

Good question! I didn't do a good job at explaining power-ups. There was only one line of text on the first wave about it.
The power-ups are collectibles, and there is a counter on the top of the screen for how many you have. The more power-ups you have, the stronger your "push" force-field gets (it pushes bullets away faster). When you die, you lose all your power-ups. Each level spawns at least 1 power-up.

I was thinking the same thing when playing it, losing health when getting hit by the enemy would add more risk. No collisions with the enemy felt a little too easy imo.
Having more complex shot types (like the last enemy type) would make things more interesting too. Or even having one of the ships move in a sine wave pattern or something.

Neat idea though. Good job!

Neat concept! Tricking the enemies to walk near barrels so I could blow them up was fun. I like that you have to damage in order to shot, and that you have health regain to balance that. 

Thanks for the feedback. I plan on making a post-jam version so all suggestions are helpful.

Very fitting to the theme. I like that the shield uses energy so you have to balance how much you use it.

Great game!

Really fun game. Solid, simple mechanic that's oddly satisfying. I think you did a good job at teaching the player the mechanics through the level design. For example, starting them in a bottom of a pit to teach them how to wall jump.

I think your design really fits the theme.  The gravity well mechanic is more deep than it seems at first. Once you start mastering that it gets pretty fun.

Good job!

I really like that you made several different mechanics for movement. Being able to mix and match those lead to interesting puzzles.

Yay! Mark Brown played my game. :D

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Yay! Mark Brown played my game :D

Neat simple game. I like the controls and the design is on-point for the theme. Good job!

Nice design! Replacing eating with shooting makes for an interesting mechanic. I like that you clearly distinguish between the just fired (blue) bullets and ricocheting (red) bullets.

Nice design for the theme.

Cool idea! I really like that the levels loop. It turns negative feedback into a more neural thing. Instead of getting frustrated that I fell, now it is an opportunity to get the targets for this new level I'm in.

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Great game!
I think the core mechanic is very solid, simple yet deeper than expected. Level design is done very well for a short jam. It was difficult but very fun mastering the controls. Aside from the design, I dig the art as well.