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It's a great take on the theme + very polished. Well done! 

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Aw thanks! (Unfortunately I meant to set the pars from the defaults of 10 but forgot in my rush to submit, lol)

The theme was taken in quite a dramatic direction! Neat concept

Nice, we both used the die value for power! My one note is that I didn't realize I could modulate the power, a UI element could have helped there. Of course, I made basically the same mistake :P 

Ah, the force was the current value on each die. So you have to play around that. Glad you liked it!

Not only did we both do dice + golf, but use the number of the die as its power! haha. Great presentation. My critique is it feels a bit slow, and if I get a high number near the 'hole' its a drawn out process to reposition. In my version that is less of a problem by usually having multiple dice to choose from, and walls near the holes to bounce off of. Hope you give mine a try :)

Great minds think alike! I had trouble on level 2 because I couldn't seem to get enough vertical power even drawing from top of the screen to bottom

Great minds think alike! Unfortunately I was getting low framerate

Great minds think alike XD Looks nice

My best score was 29 above par! 

Don't mind the default unity look, this game jam was a mad dash against the physics engine and discrepancies between the game in-editor versus online XP

I think you'll find it practically bug free! Be sure to read all the instructions below the play window.

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My best score was 29 above par! 

Don't mind the default unity look, this game jam was a mad dash against the physics engine and discrepancies between the game in-editor versus online XP

I think you'll find it practically bug free! Be sure to read all the instructions below the play window.

Thanks :) Looks like you found the jam version, sorry about the poorly telegraphed fake walls, and text hidden beneath the hand

Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your video. Though there were some issues during the game jam, it's rewarding to see you enjoying the end result

Really high quality! Can confirm scary

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Thanks for making a video! Sorry you got stuck. We had intended to do more to sign post the fake wall you nearly missed. It's next to the spot where it read "I feel a draft..."

Thank you for your thoughts! 

The aim of the music was to be ethereal/dreamy, and become more offputting as the dark nature of what's going on becomes apparent

Sorry! We meant to make the fake walls distinct. For anyone stuck after finding the door, follow the torches.

Really thinking outside the box, nice idea and execution!

I got stuck on the level introducing the deadly projectiles. I like the concept of switching your 'platform totem', it has potential. But the platforming itself is frustrating. It feels floaty and its hard to predict how far you'll go based on your run-up.  Also, I would rebind the pick-up key to something that was easier to simultaneously press the movement keys with.  

But, the presentation is great, I can see you put a lot of work into it!

Core loop of game works nicely. My issue is that I seemed to have defeated all the enemies, and was just left to collect the rest of the gold pick-ups, I assume. But at this point I felt without direction and scouring the whole level seemed like a slow process. Nice job overall!

It turned out great! My only issues are the trouble with the bird detecting it has landed, and the music gets monotonous quickly.

Great music and vibe!

The concept is good! Too bad about the lag spikes, and I don't love having to click for each individual projectile. I like the humor :)

My high score was 34,340!

Quick strategy guide from the programmer:


Your melee attack makes you invincible while in the air. It's also great for picking off enemies in a long chain, ideally only alerting your subsequent target. With each melee your rate-of-fire and 'ammo' for the ranged psionic attack grows. Your ranged attack does deals damage in an area so its a good idea to build up its power for the hordes later on.


So polished and it feels like a complete experience! You're top 20 for sure

Very chill, kudos to the composer

A simple idea executed beautifully!

Love the twist before the game over. Nice job

Sorry about that! We've updated the controls under the play window to hopefully make things clearer.

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There is a tutorial button on the main menu. Unfortunately we didn't have time to make a better one. Edit: I've added concise control instructions below the play window.

Making of video here: 

That was great, felt minimalist and very fun. Great humor. My one issue was accidentally starting the first dialogue with white over again. I appreciated the attention to detail that enemy 'gun buddies' were red to match you, just like your gun buddies are the color of what they kill.  

In my top 3 games for sure!

This was quite cute and well done! The platforming was sufficient enough to facilitate the story that blew me away, and brought a smile to my face :)

Being my first real puzzle game, your words are too kind! Thanks a million

I like it.  I do think a minimap would have been a good choice. The map-view is pretty much always the best so you can not only know where to go, but also see oncoming traffic from afar, yet normal view is much more enjoyable. Perhaps an arrow pointing towards the destination and no map screen would have worked best, I think. Overall, good work!

I also got stuck, a couple pixels down into the floor it seems. But I got a few plants by then and think you have a really fun game!

Thanks :)

Thanks very much!

Darn Unity seems to say its standalone is for pc, mac, and linux, but I guess I've misunderstood. I'll definitely look into an html5 build next time. Thanks for playing!


If I'm reading you correctly, yeah its intentional you have to power all 3 of the nodes on that level