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So polished and it feels like a complete experience! You're top 20 for sure

Very chill, kudos to the composer

A simple idea executed beautifully!

Love the twist before the game over. Nice job

Sorry about that! We've updated the controls under the play window to hopefully make things clearer.

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There is a tutorial button on the main menu. Unfortunately we didn't have time to make a better one. Edit: I've added concise control instructions below the play window.

Making of video here: 

That was great, felt minimalist and very fun. Great humor. My one issue was accidentally starting the first dialogue with white over again. I appreciated the attention to detail that enemy 'gun buddies' were red to match you, just like your gun buddies are the color of what they kill.  

In my top 3 games for sure!

This was quite cute and well done! The platforming was sufficient enough to facilitate the story that blew me away, and brought a smile to my face :)

Being my first real puzzle game, your words are too kind! Thanks a million

I like it.  I do think a minimap would have been a good choice. The map-view is pretty much always the best so you can not only know where to go, but also see oncoming traffic from afar, yet normal view is much more enjoyable. Perhaps an arrow pointing towards the destination and no map screen would have worked best, I think. Overall, good work!

I also got stuck, a couple pixels down into the floor it seems. But I got a few plants by then and think you have a really fun game!

Thanks :)

Thanks very much!

Darn Unity seems to say its standalone is for pc, mac, and linux, but I guess I've misunderstood. I'll definitely look into an html5 build next time. Thanks for playing!


If I'm reading you correctly, yeah its intentional you have to power all 3 of the nodes on that level

If it conforms to whatever resolution you already had, its 1920x1080

Hey this looks nice but I ran into some issues.

- Couldn't play through Itch so I had to download files to run exe

- I tried to purchase my first Maple but nothing seemed to happen, and I could not drag it to a plot as described. Unfortunate!

Much thanks :)

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If you like puzzle games!

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It was pretty fun, but the ally AI just meant that more often than not they were shooting me instead of the enemies!

It was a fun little experience, glad the platforming was easygoing. In terms of tone yeah the art/music is all over the place but I get what you're going for

Oof that was certainly creepy. I tried a couple times but never got out! Shooting didn't seem to do much, but I noticed the enemies seemed to be stunned at one point (or stuck? haha) So I think some feedback maybe just *monster in pain* noise would have helped. Hiding from the aliens actually was great, when I didn't accidentally rush directly into them :P

I tried out the fixed build (I've done the same mistake before!) It looks like you had a nice base to your game going, I really liked the dual-view showing each character

The controls were unique and fun to learn

Thanks :)

High praise, I am honored!

Thank you very much! My puzzle design secret in this case was to just start laying down tiles, put a random mix of tiles in the inventory, and see what happens haha. Also, making some difficult levels as I developed, than going back and making the tutorial levels once I had a good grasp on the gameplay. 

And don't worry, some damage is unavoidable which was on purpose. You could also go for max damage! (30 habitats)

You're too kind!


The minimum number of 'habitats' possible I found to be 6. And that certainly is intentional considering any land development like this would displace at least some wildlife. And I am kind of getting away with a loose theme connection to the gameplay, because the real connection is that Life on Earth is stronger together!

Hey that's awesome! I know I made that last level a doozy. Thanks for playing :D

Oh at the top-right is the music toggle button, maybe you turned it off by mistake? 

Thanks for playing!

Got 160!

It really looks great, sound and gameplay are good too.

Became a ghost after dying and continued to kill baddies! 10/10

I appreciate that you've taken the opportunity to do something unique! Gameplay is a bit odd, even perplexing. I love how they can 'dig' to float under the platform haha. And nice payoff at the end. The gerbils are cute.

A couple notes:

- Humans seem to take too long to die!

- The in-game control prompts were for controller though I was playing with keyboard.

Nice work :)

It looks like you were learning some environment art / code for this and it came out pretty well! I ran into an issue on the second level where I couldn't get to the enemies up high, it might have required the rogue but he was already dead. Great music choice and theme-ing!

Thanks, you should definitely be proud especially as your first jam.  Bugs are basically inevitable in a jam setting. Personally, I forgot about trackpad users when my game requires both left and right mouse button to be used at the same time... It happens!

That's awesome! From a technical side of things this is definitely an achievement :)

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This is really cool! You should add some screenshots to show it off. I've tried it 5 times, could never quite turn the tide in my side's favor.

I've compiled some notes:

- Music during intro seems out of place.

-First playthrough I didn't realize how the tutorial messages worked so I was skipping past them haha.

-Some units appear glued in place and wouldn't follow me. If that's intended, maybe they should be in little guard towers or something.

-Took me awhile to realize I could charge up the abilities, at least 1 and 3.

- It was really hard not to take damage. 

- Overall,I neither felt like the badass warrior nor the tactician directing my squad that I wanted to feel. With some tweaks to combat and balancing I think this would be really good!

EDIT: So I came back to the game which is kind of an endorsement in itself... and I won! Maybe the early game is important, because once you lose a tower you will just be outnumbered. Anyway, I had fun!

Thanks a bunch! I had fun making it :D

Great presentation, it looks and sounds nice. My only problem is the gameplay is very basic, mostly spawn the peasants and they eventually win the level.