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Yes Im aware that my playtesters (and me) are all hardcore celeste players , so this might been a  tad to much difficult.

Thanks for the feedback ! 

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If you indeed completes its by the time the effect kicked in any level it would be a new record, I would love to see that !

Also, the impossible feats is only possible if you "go with the flow" of the music , without spoiling the game to much.

Thanks for the feedback and hopefully I could expand on the idea

Barring some technical issue, this was a great experience. The music and simple graphics really sold that concept. I would recommend creating the same idea only with antonyms , using pre-made enemies and their antonyms, or even using English APIs to infinitely create content.

Extremely good concept !

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Yeah , the difficulty of the game is not balanced for Jam game , and i hope to improve it when further developing it.

regarding Arrow keys , i already added WASD , and will update as soon as voting is over and uploads are allowed 

And of course thanks for the great feedback ! 

I've considered adding audio visualizer to the player or the "GuitarHero Bar" up top. but due to extremely busy weekend i could not work much on the graphics. This will be one of the main aspects if/when I'll further work on this concept.

Thanks for the feedback ! (And check my review over at your page)

First , I must say , the music is BANGING !!!

Overall excellent presentation and fun game. Only complain is that in "the endgame" the player is no more then a garbage collector , so you could consider adding random power ups to buy.

Great game !

Simply brilliant ! Checks all the boxes : Original concept that fits the theme , great graphics and extremely fun.

One of the best ideas of the jam ! , and solid presentation !  although a bit short.

Due to the nature of the jam , all levels are hard-coded to fit the specific songs.

Creating such systems is on my wish-list but are way beyond the of a Jam.

Thanks for the feedback and hopefully I could expand on this further

I was afraid such aggressive electronic instruments but with the time and the theme, Im proud of what i did and glad you enjoyed it !

Ps. If you did manage to finish the game , Share it with my in the comments on the game , I would love to see people finishing it !

Yes , I acknowledged that such elements might deter people from the game, but it fits the theme so seamlessly that I had to expand on it , and make it into a difficult platformer (which I still haven't optimized my routes even after a hundreds times).

Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks for the informative feedback ! I hope this is due to the short timespan I had to create the level layouts.

Do you think making shorter , more technically demanding levels will resolve some of that frustration?

Ps. If you do come back and finish the game , Share it with my in the comments , I would love to see people finishing it !

Ps2. Most songs (Except the second one - which contains a secret) are design to rush as fast as possible, as a hint.

Thanks for the feedback !

I will check yours right now !

Yeah, when the music is against you, it could feel frustrating.

The game was built to be run quickly with different routes, so with replays it is possible to use the music to our advantage.

Thanks for the honest feedback !

Thanks for the feedback ! The last level is indeed difficult, even after several finishes I still find the start hard.

Will check now !

Happy that you endured and finished !

Thanks for the feedback !

Ps. There is a hidden easter-egg in one of the earlier levels

Ps2. If you finished , consider commenting your score at the game page :)

Thanks for playing! I will likely patch up some gameplay problems I found after submitting the game.

Thanks ! while a risk , level design was left to the final day of the jam.

Glad you enjoyed it !

Wow , all the visuals and sounds are so immersive.

"This game make you FEEL like a hacker" - Me 

Yeah , I consider adding the word difficult as a heads-up  or (after the jam) to modify some levels for an more casual experience.

Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks for the feedback , much appreciated ! 

Thanks for the feedback !

Due to the fast nature of creating the music and the levels quickly, I designed the levels based on the music and not vise-versa, that made the last level extremely hard and also caused your first problem.

I knew that the game is difficult and it may reduce popularity but it does feel great when you finally make it, even me when first finishing it start-to-end.

Have a great day (or night) !

My Personal Best - ANY% (without the token) : 140.02 Seconds

Excellent presentation and variety of mini-games !

The graphics are great ! , and the main mechanic is a great twist on runner game!

A little difficult of the bat , but is great when you get the hang of it ! 

Great visuals and the gameplay breaking apart at the start is a great intro !