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Sadly, no. I'm glad you thought it was fun though!

Very cool. This was a really fun game. The variety of friends gives it great replayability. It gets challenging too, since the more friends you have, the bigger of a target you become. I just wish I had something more to do as the player, other than dodge and move. A+

I see, I didn't really consider the use for the jumps and dashes except as a means of travel, thank you for pointing that out. Maybe some enemies and obstacles that can only be dealt with using those movements would harmonize the movement and combat. As for the platforms and the lack of damage feedback, yeah my bad, it totally slipped my mind. This is great feedback, thank you!

It's a nice cool twist on the flappy bird-type games. Good job!

This was really fun. It's creative and fits the theme well. It's also unique, I've never played a keyboard-mashing-tower-defense against your own family lol. The voice acting was the icing on the cake. Wowie! 

This was cool, the mechanics are pretty simple but it leads to some good puzzle design. Good job!

This was really creative! I love the character design. Like the others said, there was a bit of an issue with the difficulty, but overall, this was a fun game.

I couldn't get past the second level, I didn't really know what to do. Maybe have some tutorial? I like the idea of consuming your lives to get more airtime to get past obstacles. This was really creative, nice job.

Nice concept! It's a bit difficult though. There were a few situations where I got blocked by enemies and one from afar just kept shooting at me, so I was trapped. A few difficulty tweaks and some music would spice up the game. Good job.

This is cool. I like what you did with the theme. One suggestion would be to make the spikes and cupcakes both be visible but also clear which is active so that I don't have to switch just to remember where they were placed.  Really nice!

Interesting take on the theme. It's a pretty solid concept. There was one time though where the ghost kind of clipped me into the wall and broke the game. Nice job!

This was really good! I like how you interpreted the theme of two worlds as a wedding and used cakes as the levels. Really creative. The levels were fun too, each one was unique. I would want some control over the camera as the player though, visibility is a bit of an issue. I guess you could also angle the camera a bit higher and zoom out a bit so that I can see more of the level. Good concept, and a good execution.

Oh my god, this is genius. I loved it! The level select screen is so cool. The puzzles were challenging and felt really satisfying to solve. The music and the minimalist art style work so well together too. 5 stars!

A charming little game. Right now, the controls are a bit floaty, I think you could use - - this as a bit of a reference to improve on that. Nice job

Fun game. I really liked this one. I guess the only thing I would suggest would be some sort of health indicator for the boss cake, since I can't tell if I'm really damaging it.

Great job! The game looks and sounds great. The mix between paper and 3d is really creative. I just don't know if it felt great though. Maybe this was intended, but the movements feel a bit too 'slippery'. It kind of felt like I was fighting against the controls instead of against the level. Even with that, I definitely enjoyed it!

Love the vibes. The game is really fun! The targets are pretty small though I might just be bad at FPS games. 5 stars.

It's a good concept, but I feel like a few tweaks are needed to really make it fun. Also, the wall of text at the beginning feels like a bit much. Good job!

I didn't really get what was happening for a good while, but it's really fun. It's quite satisfying to beat up the enemies too. I guess the only thing I can suggest would be to make it a bit easier to understand. Good game!

This is great! Add some variety to the enemies and the map, and it'll really spice up the gameplay. Fun game, nice job.

A really well-polished game. The art is amazing, you guys are crazy for making that in 2 days.

This was really fun! The music is great and I loved the concept of training up your fighter and forming his stats before a fight. I'd love it if the enemy was a little more challenging and had variety, so that I really have to strategize my stats to win the fight. 5 stars throughout.

Great visuals, fun gameplay, very juicy. 15/15 stars for me.

This game is fun. The art is 10/10, Nabbit is a very charming crab. It gets a bit boring later on though, so some variety would be nice.

I love it. The game looks visually amazing and it's fun to play. It's a bit difficult to throw the dice sometimes though. When I let go of it sometimes, it just goes back to the deck. Very fun though.

The gameplay intensity really shoots up depending on the number you pull. Interesting game, good job.

It felt pretty confusing, I didn't really know what I was doing. Most of the time I'm just clicking and then brought back to the main menu. Maybe I'm just being stupid though.

The graphics were very nice. I feel like it doesn't utilize the theme enough though. Maybe make the camera follow instead of having the player follow the ball manually? Overall, good job.

What a fun game! I really liked the music as well. Some enemy variety would definitely take this up a notch. Amazing work.

Thank you for this!

This is really cool. Only gripe with it is that I don't really notice when I get damaged. I can't believe this was made in 2 days.

Wow, what a good looking game. I sure hope the developer didn't find game-breaking bugs 2 minutes after he submitted it! 

Slink and slide through danger in this charming little platformer! Play as a slime who has very little time left, and help it on its journey to the top of the TOWER.