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I don't see how this fits the theme at all, but I am digging the weird retro vibes this game puts off.  Feels like something you would have seen on the Jaguar :)

Looks okay, but makes no sense.

I can't tell what is supposed to be a wall or not.

Just awesome!

There's not a whole lot to do here, but what is there done really well. Great use of the two-color theme.

Good aesthetics and fun action, but hard to understand. I played for about 15 minutes and never found a 'nexus' to shoot at. I just shot at the red blobs until they eventually got to me, and had some fun.

Great game! Not much to it, but everything here is solid and feels really good. It took me more than a few minutes (maybe 10), but I felt like I had to beat it before I put it down. That's a good thing!

Maybe it would be cool to have red & white shields along with the yellow. That could lead to some interesting dynamics!

The only negative I have with this game is the sound. The sound effects you have are good, but it seems like there should be a little more (not a lot) going on in the soundscape.

Thanks for the feedback!

I have had no way to test out the mac build, so I haven't been too sure if I built the app right. I will do some looking into it and see if I can fix that.

The issues with crashing has been something I was fighting with, and just wasn't able to fix all the way in time for the deadline. It's a shame, but it is what it is.

I had fun playing this. I had this feeling while playing that whatever tension the game was trying to build was failing, then BAM! some new form of mob charges at me and actually provided a good little spook! The game is rather easy, until it's not.

Lots of nice subtle details in the graphics. Namely the shadows cast by your flashlight, and the reflections in the water. The colorful art style doesn't seem to fit the mood of a dark survival game, but other than that they are well-done and consistent, and work well within the 64x64 limits.

So far, one of my favorites of the entries I've played so far, although I haven't gotten around to playing a lot of them yet. There is just too many to choose from!

Graphics and sound are very nice! (I wasn't able to get far enough, but) from the screenshots I see a lot of variation in tone and texture. The style seems something that isn't quite 8-bit, but not quite 16-bit either; I like it.

It took a little time to find the jump key. At least some form of instruction for that would be nice.

The dashing mechanic, to me, felt difficult to use. Maybe the difficulty curve went a little too steep. The game launcher promises "Intense Challenge" so I guess I can't complain about that too much. That, and I'm not very good at these games. But I see where people who do like these sorts of games could get hooked on this.

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Okay, maybe I was expecting the game to do something different, as I was going from the controls in the game's launcher (Unity default stuff I guess?)

But still, after smearing my keyboard for a few minutes, I was only able to get the ball to move when I hit the C or spacebar, but usually only after the third key press.

The behavior of the ball is the same whether I tap it slowly, quickly, holding the keys down for different lengths of time; the ball makes a little hop on the third keypress, moves slowly upward, resets when it leaves the screen, then sits in the middle of the screen and doesn't respond to any input after that.

EDIT: If I hold down the C key while the ball resets, it will roll away after it drops.

If I press the spacebar (or C key twice, for some reason) the circle will start moving upward. It doesn't seem to happen all the time though, I have to hit the key a few times to make it do that.

After the circle leaves the screen it's replaced by another.

Wave #SlowGame community · Created a new topic How to play?

How does this game work? What are the controls? I think I've hit every key on my keyboard and I haven't been able to get the game to do anything so far as far as I can tell..

##bathwater has still been a pretty quiet place. But I am still in there while I'm working on game stuff. Keep poking your head in there, you will catch me sooner or later!

Finishing something I started was an accomplishment for me. Seeing that big green Published button next to my game is really neat.

That, and not getting cold feet half-way through the jam and giving up.

[4/17/16] I am putting the lid on this thing, and calling Ultra Cool a finished game. Grab a copy from the downloads above. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your neighbors' cats!

A big thanks to everyone who helped and supported the development of this game. It wouldn't have happened without you! THANK YOU

Long time no see!

I've taken my sweet time at it, but yeah, I think I finally finished something!

[4/15/16] I have dropped the ball on updating this page. Worry not, though! A lot of things have been added, and I should have something playable here by the weekend.

[4/5/16] I converted (mostly) everything from my prototype into something that will be a little more robust. Some engine limitations have led me to trimming a few features off lest their inclusion becomes too much of a time sink.

We now have some level layout, some redshirts to gib, and the movement/aiming controls are finally starting to feel decent to play with.

Posted a (crappy) animated gif showing the new, less-placeholderish, art.

Next, the crunch to give those little red guys some AI and have them shoot back at you, as well as incorporate some HUD elements such as score/ammo count/whatever else comes up.

5. Under Image Loader in Project Settings, you can turn off Filter and Mipmap. This will keep your low-res pixel art from being 'fuzzy' and keep those pixels clean! Setting this relieves you of having to do it by hand for each image you import.

[4/2/16] Posted a short video on the youtubes, showing progress on day 1. The tone of the game is quickly becoming...strange. I think I like it.