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Bastinus Rex

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Thank you !!!! really happy to receive a nice comment here after all this time

really cool and greatly polished, this pixels animations are awesome. This is impressive well play !

Really great idea, awesome art and especially the cover art ! I loved it

I loooooved it thank you ! You seemed to have a lot of fun doing it. The menu is super juicy, the music with dog sounds is perfect! I love the pixel texturing too. I had a bit of trouble sometimes to understand the angles (is this a wall or a slope ??) but other than that, this is really great !

Really cool little game, great entry, I didn't understand quickly how to increase scoring, but I liked the fact that you kept the concept secret on your page

That was perfect you can't make a better game for the theme xD ! Full 5 stars for you gg

Funny idea, well play !

I really love this game and find it really inspiring ! Someone said that this is boring, and honestly this is a bit true but that's what make it so cool ! It challenges your patience

Thank you !! <3

Thanks a lot 😍😱🙏

haha thank you!! Why not, fun idea 😱

thank you! Yes here the 4096 pixels of the 64x64 are all used, there is no waste 😂

hi Squiggles 😍😍😍

wooow that's beautiful 😍

Maybe you could have rebuild a loop from the old structure ? There is no way to break pixel yet sorry!

That's sad that you had no sound! Did you play on Mac, windows, web browser,.. ?

Thank you ! ☺️

thank you!!

Maybe one day I will continue, but I prefer not to promise anything 😅

I agree, in the mid/ late game the sounds are annoying, but I didn't found a good idea yet to fix that 🤔

thank you!! Yes it was a challenge to make it understandable with this few pixels!

thank you!!

woow really thank you for this words ❤️

Thank you!

I was hesitant wether or not to make it a hidden feature, or to make it automatic

I tried to make a good compromise between the two by selling it as a tuto!

Hahahaha 😳

Yes the end game is really really laggy, if you download the game it can be a bit better, but still very laggy !

Thank you !!!!

Thank you ! :D

Thank you !!!

Thank you for your interesting feedbacks !!

Oh that's normal ! It's due to the basic rules of the game: If a pixel is already in cooldown, it can't be triggered by its neighbors. So when you merge loops, if they are not synchronized, you can see this kind of behaviors !

Anyway, thank you for playing <3 <3

Oh ! I thought the bug was only in full screen, are you playing in full screen when you have this problem ?

Indeed if you download it you will not have this problem anymore

thank you <3 <3

Yes sorry it become very laggy at some point ! But maybe I think if you download it it is a bit better

Thank you for your feedback ! Good idea

Hey thank for playing ! Can you explain me your problem please ?

Wooow really good puzzle game for a jam it's impressive !

Incredible game !!!! well play

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Waaaw well played the idea is perfectly simple, and incredibly efficient, I love it!!

Very creative idea and splendid realisation !! I loved to play it ! I was sad when I died at the level with the big hole and 3 horizontal lazers and respawned at lvl 1

Really cool !! I really liked your UI too, and the way you made the mouse buttons as tuto

thank you !!

Thank you, yes I obviously spend too much time on the game feel, and not enough on the rest haha

Thank you, yes I obviously spend too much time on the game feel, and not enough on the rest haha