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C'est trop bien !!

This is really cool!! Really really difficult but really cool !!

And drag

It's only mouse clicks !

Super cool !! Les design super cute, le feeling du gameplay est bien punchy, les anim efficaces, etc..
et en plus on a juste ce qu'il faut de contexte !
Trop bien pour un ptit jeu de jam rapide !!

Tip top caviar ce jeu !! ça défoule, c'est beau et c'est bien polish !!!

Vraiment super cool et détente que ce soit les visuels, la musique ou les petits textes!!
J'ai trouvé "The Arch", mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé la réponse au "There only one thing left to do"!

Incredible idea !!!


Thank you !!

Thank you !!!!!!!!! <3

Thank you for the report !! 

Ooooh thank you !! <3

c'est celui qui le dit qui y est !!

Hey thank you!! And I didn't know the games you shared, so thank you too for this !

Thank you ! Maybe one day haha

Thank you !!


Sure! I will @ you on the tweet I will make !

Waaaaw thank you very much! Honestly I was going to send you the's page when I was done setting it up!!

Were're really happy that you liked it, thank you very much for this great and inspiring cartbridge !!! <3 <3

Thank you !! I think I will try to do make an updated version 😁

Wow you don't know how much your comment make feel happy

This is the kind of comment that motivate me to continue and I think I will try to make a post jam version, with more things to find, and with more hints to find it ! I think with more work reflexion it can become fun to play !

Thank you again for your words

Thank you for playing !! And well play, you didn't die, that's not common hahaha

Oh no problem, you're welcome dude :)

Awesome you're so clever the level design is really cool !!! A real pro game designer

Really cool for a first game! Especially the animation on the cube jump !!
The concept is really a good idea and feat really well with the theme !!

COOL !!! gg I loved it <3

Aïe aïe aïe thank you so much you can't make me a better compliment!

In a good or in a bad way ? I don't know how to interpret this feedback hahaha
Anyway, thank you for playing !

Aïe sorry :( This is a misplay by us, there is no mac build sorry
We will change this error!

It is sooo beautifull, a lot of feelings on a little game
The music is so emotional and perfect, thank you very much for this moment! <3

I fished 7 different bones, and after that, only fishes non stop. It was finished or I should continue ?

Woooow awesome!!! Can't wait to play it ♥️

What an awesome Game !!!!

Thank you!
Don't worry there is no problem, and I understand your point of view of organizing a more "niche" jam,
and regarding to the people joining I think you're method is not bad at all!
Have a good day!

Hello ! First, thank you for organizing this game jam !
I was very interested to participate at start, but why are the rules so strict? 
The one that shocked me the most is :
The goal is a finished and reasonably polished dungeon crawler; not a prototype, proof of concept or tech demo. "

For me, in all the jams I participated in past, the goal was to have fun and experiment prototyping .
It is a rare place where you can make mistakes to learn new things, without consequences. 

So I thought it's a bit sad to limit the participation to people who are really really confident with their skills !

That's all, it was just a quick reflexion and maybe there is a good reason that I don't know. Don't take it the wrong way, and have fun <3 !!

This is so beautifull !!!!!!! wp I love it

Thank you !! Always happy to see a gameplay record!
A bit sad about the little rat bug during the level 1, but that's okay haha thank you again

Hahaaa thank you for playing !! I was sooo happy when you finally won !

Thank you !! :)