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Great idea

Really enjoyed it. The sound design is amazing!

The perspective is really confusing. Took me a few tries to even catch the die out of the tube.

Very nice idea. Can be built upon. Didn't have a nice experience because of bugs though.

Took a while to figure everything out, still don't get the digital root, but overall it was fun!

I liked it. Definitely needs some polishing, but the overall gameplay is creative and interesting. I'd add a limit of moves you're allowed to make, as you can currently just randomly move in hopes of finishing. Your decision though :) Good Job!

This is... wow. My jokes were insanely bad, but the story really sucked me in. Play this right now!

This is the winner. Nailed everything. Please continue working on this.

Loved it! The art is great and the game mechanics are creative. Good Job :)

I really like it. It's most fun when there are many dice on the field at once in my opinion, so maybe work on the cooldown between spawns. Controls could be refined to responsiveness a bit more, but I'm just nitpicking. Good Job!

Took a bit to understand the core mechanics, but I'm just nitpicking. Overall great gameplay and lovely artwork! I'm impressed by the 2.5D Style

Unresponsive Movement, Can't see anything on screen. Didn't Enjoy

This feels absolutely polished. I love it! Was going to ignore the rating, because I didn't really get how it fits the theme. Then I read the text about how your game fits the theme and I had a good laugh. 5/5

It feels really polished and haven't had any bugs. The game loop gets boring after a while, though that's understandable for 50 hours.  Good job :)

This is great! Such a neat idea, though it's way over the scope of 50 hours. I was kinda lost at the start, but after figuring out you had to drag the dice into the according fields, I had a blast :)

Great design and gameplay!

I like it. Neat idea and I'm impressed by how many games you made in 50 hours. Though there's versatile gameplay, it does get a bit boring after 1-2 playthroughs. Maybe make the games a bit faster / difficult?

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Today I finally released my first real own game after 1 - 2 Months of development!

Trailscape is a combination of drifting and building games in retro / VHS style. It's available for free and you can download it in seconds.

You're driving a car and simultaneously build the track around you. But watch out! The tiles get destroyed after a specific period of time!

Here's the official trailer I made:

You can learn more about the game on it's page HERE

I'd really appreciate some feedback and critics :)

- Azurow

Thanks :)

Yeah, I couldn't find a solution to the problem that you described yet.  But thanks for the feedback :)

Pretty fun.  Could've been longer.  Shorten the waiting time between time switch. 

thanks man appreciate it :)


Literally the best game. Should win

Had a good laugh at the story witht he professor, but the general game is WAAAAY too slow. Like for example the jumping: No person jumps that slow you know. It also was pretty hard to tell who was an enemy and who not in the stone age level.

Loved the Audio and Aesthetic. Had a good laugh when I noticed I my character also gets older and older. The big problem is, that you can get stuck in a Dungeon.  Would love feedback on my game also <3

Didn't really get what I had to do. But the soundtrack was awesome and the assets look sick.

love the song. Had some problems playing in fullscreen but all in all a good game. Only problem is that you could literally hold R because the rewind reloaded so fast.