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I like to see Kitboga complete the game :) ...


just me or have in the screenshot map that not have in the game?

good. I very Enjoy.

the unresponsive rocks make the game hard.

very simple and nice

nice very simple idea.

recombed say in the description that the Ski Patrol it the red skiers.

not intuitive.

nice idea. it to much hard to find good strategy.

cool idea. but must more play testing. take time to understand the mechanic. and the instruction is blurry.

very simple and nice.

happy new year...

And have something that I can gain from this game?

nice Music. Legacy Events?

nice story. Legacy Events?

nice story. Legacy Events?

win in Guarana Myth but not get any fruit. not become stronger.

win. what is my Legacy Events?

nice graphics but place update me when you finish to make the game.

Graphics: check.

Use of Legacy Events:  uncheck.

Tutorial: uncheck.

I never use any jvm on JavaScript. I just know it exists. And I don't know about Jpro before you post hare.So I googled. And I more impressed from results compare to DoppioJVM.

who the damage work? why card like "stab" say damage 3 but remove 1 from Skeleton?


Jpro look more good idea.

next challenge it use DoppioJVM to play you'r game from browser.

good concept and good music :)

think 20 minute it too much.

fun to play.

nice idea. the gameplay litle bit hard.  nice pixel art and music.

win. level 10.

like the puzzle games.

good art .music, idea and actually all what game need.


need lile bit more think not depends on luck to do.

maybe give me possibility choose the seed?

Nice game. very enjoyble and understandable.

Although tutorial more likely to be during the game insted before the game start.

Lilte bit short. 

The mechanic good.

(1 edit)

wow very high quality game(for jem).

nice art, music and gameplay.

5 start on tutorial.

like the idea.

Nice work. Becuse you not use engine i need rate you game by naming convention, SOLID and readable code  . Just kidding.

Good job. What fore you it take 48 hours for me it take 48 dayes.

nice game. i very enjoy. but when the dice?

very fun.

litle bit short.

very understandable (relative to other games).

22 point :).

Nice game. Very enjoyble.

Idea litle bit too familiar

I get 13528 points :).

Nice. like the mechanic. test Shovel  and Hammer .

The game start easy but pending the play it becomes extremely difficult .

Like the idea dice decides platformer mechanic.

nice idea and art.

the game a little too hard. recommend less punishes punishes players.  try fill the roll bar faster.

after experience it very fun game.

Nice. Take time to understand the value it the speed.

After we understand the game very fun.


I focuse on strategy and balance and make the art in last 3 hours.

attached image before the art.

nice strategy concept. animation too slow.

good retro art and music .

nice mechanics. need more levels.