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Gunbuds community · Created a new topic Dope game

My friend and I had  a ton of fun playing this, many laughs were had


Yay for robot games! I liked the idea and I think it was well implemented, choosing your movements carefully as a core mechanic works well and felt fun. I also enjoyed the adorable shooting noise and western style music (juxtaposed well with the futuristic aesthetic), good variety in enemy types as well (a lot of jam games just stick to one enemy because of time constraints, so thumbs up for doing a few different ones, it goes a long way).

I do have two suggestions. 1)  Make the bar smaller, but have it recharge, I think this way it would be more of a balancing act that you're constantly dealing with rather then just something you worry about when you get low.

2) I feel like it could be cool if the health bar and energy bar were the same bar, just from a design standpoint I think combining elements into more homogeneous systems tends to work out well. I'm less sure about this suggestion, but hey maybe try it out and see how it feels?

Overall though, great job!

Really liked the idea and you did a great job of implementing it. Loved how you were able to add animation to the character without doing "actual" animations (like pixel animations), it worked really well and felt polished. 

My only real criticism would be that waiting around in the shelters was sort of boring as you were just standing, although I don't really know how you would fix that (maybe some weird like guitar hero style input matching mini-game to make the moon go away faster, maybe that would just be more annoying though). Not a huge issue however because you smartly kept wait times short. 

The only other thing (and this is crazy small and nitpicky, but also an easy change which is why I mention it) is to slightly increase gravity speed (and likewise increase jump force to maintain the same height), I find this leads to a more snappy and "natural" feeling jump. Overall, excellent work!

I wasn't able to launch the game (a shame, because it looked interesting), however based on the other comment this may just be an issue with my system. I got the following system error:


The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this solution.


I tried both re-extracting and running as admin but that didn't help. I'm assuming I'm missing a library of some sort? I'll try to remember to try this later on my home computer and I'll update if there's a difference.

This was on windows 10 btw.

Hey a fellow robot game! I liked the premise, although I do wish that the controls change a little more often (maybe have it happening on a timer). I have to confess after the getting the control unit I wasn't able to escape (I think there was a jump I was having trouble making?). Speaking of jumping, there is one tweak I would recommend to your character controller (which was otherwise quite solid, good job) which would be to have a very short "grace period" after a player walks off of a platform in which they are still able to jump (this might seem odd but is actually a very practice common in platformer games). Otherwise good work!

Hahaha this certainly was out of control! Rare to see a game jam game with audio narration, so I commend ya'll on achieving that. I loved how colorful and absurd the art was, and never knowing where things were going to go next! Sort of gave me Alice in wonderland vibes, great job!

I'm a sucker for games that make you retread levels from a different perspective, so I really liked that whole idea (felt like I was raiding a booby trapped tomb or something). Loved the atmosphere and lighting (a lot of people leave out lighting in a jam game so I was impressed at how well ya'll pulled it of). My only feedback would be to add some audio (a little ambient background noise or music and a coin pickup sound would go a long way I think) and a few tweaks to the character controller (which was overall very solid, trust me i know first hand how hard this is to get exactly). I found myself sticking to walls quite often, maybe make player passively slide down if they aren't holding any keys? Also once the player has slid all the way down a wall, make them let go. But yeah other then that great job!

Fantastic job both with the core mechanic and the way you taught the player its subtleties through level design instead of text. The sound design was adorable!!! As were the cute lil bacteria (with just the right amount of malice in their eyes so you don't feel bad murdering them). Honestly it's the sort of game with a polish and enjoyability level high enough that it doesn't even feel like a jam game, but a full release (well, maybe with a few extra levels, but you catch my drift).

Thank you! Means a lot that we actually got someone to laugh, mission accomplished

Thanks! Maybe it's time for us to figure out how to get wii remote support in unity...

Wow, I fully expect to see this one in the GMTK video, fantastic idea, polished, well designed level, puns, it has everything. And just when I thought it was getting a little too easy, the lava blocks appear! Great job!

Heyo, another robot game! This is a very impressive submission, great idea, great execution, stylish visuals, good audio, really well done overall. Of course I would've liked more levels :P , but for a jam its a much better idea to prioritize play-ability first, an easy 5/5

So cute! Really great presentation and visual polish, added aspects like the command line showing at the top really go a long way with the feel of the game. Difficulty curve was well done, made me think but never feel frustrated. I did get the previously mentioned bug on 3 which caused the game to crash, but on the bright side I enjoyed the game enough to relaunch and play-through again!

I was quite impressed by how engaging all the weapons were (seriously a game based around just on of these could be fun all on it's own). One thing I might consider adding is a short invincibility window right after "losing" your current weapon (like half a second), because I found myself often dying at that exact moment because of how some of the weapons worked (or maybe I just need to get good haha).

A deceptively addictive little game. I like how the towers got progressively more "jiggly" as they got taller. I think the game could greatly benefit from some goofy sound effects & music to play up the humor of this, and because of the relatively simple input I think this could work quite well as a mobile game.

Wow I love absurd things so this game was right up my alley. I like the take on the theme as a narrative tool to explore "choice" in games. Art was fantastic of course. I wasn't sure what to do after eating my boss, but I guess that's realistic lmao.

Unfortunately I got the following error when trying to launch the game


action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_menu:

Data structure with index does not exist.
at gml_Object_obj_menu_Draw_0"

Don't feel too bad, our first uploaded build you couldn't make it past the first level because I turned off the UI to take screenshots and forget to undo. Let me know if you are able to fix this issue in another build!

The base idea (or at least what I think was the base idea) of balancing a goofy stealth situation with an important management task was quite interesting, and presentation wise seemed all there. Even the way the UI overtook the screen worked well to this sort of goofy balance. However I didn't seem to be able to leave the starting room which was unfortunate. It looks like the game is most of the way there though, and I hope ya'll finish it!

Hey another robot game! I was really impressed with the level of depth your team managed to achieve in such a short time span, and with good looking presentation as well! I really enjoyed the opening cinematic, that level of polish is always impressive in a Jam game. I agree with the other commenter, some instructions might have helped, however I did enjoy puzzling it out myself too.

I'm impressed by how good you got the physics to feel (I always struggle with unity physics), the stacking mechanic feels snappy enough to be fair, but bouncy enough to be a little goofy, which is great. Did you ever consider making the shapes spawn on a timer? As it is it's a pretty chill game, not that that's a bad thing though if that's what you're going for!

Glad to hear you liked it!
I've uploaded it here:
But im also happy to upload it on youtube if youd like!

Hey I stumbled across your Gum tiles game and then found this one off your profile and I just wanted to say that they were both awesome and I can't wait to see what you make next!

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