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Fantastic job both with the core mechanic and the way you taught the player its subtleties through level design instead of text. The sound design was adorable!!! As were the cute lil bacteria (with just the right amount of malice in their eyes so you don't feel bad murdering them). Honestly it's the sort of game with a polish and enjoyability level high enough that it doesn't even feel like a jam game, but a full release (well, maybe with a few extra levels, but you catch my drift).


Thank you so much Austin, it really means a lot to me. Sound design was funny - my wife  (who made all the graphics) suggested just using a mic instead of searching for hours for just the right sound. It worked out good enough, and i could make just the sound i wanted for it (tone wise at least).

If anyone else reads this, please go play Austins game, it is amazing :D