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Nice writeup! Do you think that removing the constraint of having to follow the grid when building would be an interesting change?

It's out on steam :D

I see you're really getting serious with that pixel art, awesome :D

Because this is a game jam game ;)
Implementing a save is way beyond scope of that and takes some days to do.

haha, i will <3

this is added now, thanks for the suggestion!

all fixed, thanks :)

yeah that was a bug with contracts that had multiple units of delivery. They should only appear when the are done.

Thanks, should be all good now.

Ah yes, thank you! Should be fixed now :)

ah yes, linked the page, thank you :)

I fell into a pit when i was supposed to learn how to use the RMB ability. Is there a way out of it? I didn't quite catch how to use the ability, as the tutorial vanished too quickly. It seems i shoot it with RMB and activate it with a second RMB hit, but i'm not sure what it does. Is this the way to get out of the pit?
I enjoyed the style and mood!

thanks a ton for playing and recording :)
Videos like this are very helpful, as it is excellent feedback to see someone play for the first time. I'll watch it soon and am sure i'll learn some things that will lead to improvements. 

I can't promise it yet, because i can't decide this alone - but i'd love to! Itch deserves as many games as possible that help give them back a bit of revenue. They did so much for us, with hosting all our free games, so i feel i owe them. Right now, the reality is just that we cannot support launching on more than a single platform, because we are so small. I hope we can change this some time after release on Steam (12 days from now, phew!).

This is a problem of your browser - you can't play the game in the browser if webgl is not supported. You can however download a windows or linux standalone. No reason to give a 1 star rating :(

Are you not sure what to do now? If that's the case: there is one last orb to the top right. You can scroll with arrow keys, wasd or right click drag to get a better look. Connect it to your road network, same as with the other orbs.

if you have enough wood, you can just move onto the water tile and the bridge gets built automatically. I think it was 5 wood, haven't played in a while :D

Awesome, thank you for making the video! I enjoyed watching that a lot, not many people played Gorilla Taxi. I wanted to recreate the old feeling of getting to know a city, soit's great that you picked that up and it was cool seeing you getting familiar with the streets.

WASD or hold right mose button and move the mouse.

ah, i understand. Are you able to play it in the browser?

what do you mean with that? Higher resolution, more colors?

You can scroll through the map. The last one should be out of screen.

It's not released yet. New demo will come in June :)

Hehe, good job, stable economy! :D
Build a road connection to the golden orbs. Then a big orble will start from your solar chamber, to gather it. If you get all 3 orbs, you win.


wohoo, thank you :)

hi :)

which instagram? Don't have an account i use, maybe it's a mixup.

congrats :) 

More creatures will follow in the proper dome keeper demo.

How far are you getting? Are you collecting an orb? Are you getting overrun, or quit the run because you think it is lost?

Just trying to get a feel for the balance - it might very well be too hard right now.

It's not really about placing workers, but you have to take care not to use all your free orblings on the paths, because otherwise there won't be any left to go to the forts and become orriors. The immediate goal is to maximize orrior output - so you need some forts that are well provisioned with orblings and gemmstones.

Thank you J :)
I'd love to have much more animations in, so watching them becomes a full joy on its own.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you had a good experience with it. Will definitely work to make the "getting into it" a little smoother :)

Haha, yeah a bit too much complexity :D

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I feel like that's an analogy for real life. Like, i sometimes forget to stop gaming and go to bed, and suddenly it's one hour later - too late!

wow, that's a first :D

Mobile release is not planned yet, but we don't rule it out either. PC comes first.

Oh wow, that's amazing :D
Is it published? I didn't see it on youtube yet. We are very much looking forward to watch it, will be a nice throwback and well timed with Ludum Dare 50 approaching.

It's overly hard really, and not well explained. Basically you'd want your villages to grow for a bit, not harvesting as soon as there are a few people. Raging in the villages should also come rarely, but enough that the reverence meter is filled (but not more). Snack some people here and there, or a lot of the end is closer, and it should work out.

The current demo on steam has controller support. It will eventually also reach itch, just not yet.

Thank you <3