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I like your style, especially the quotes! The setting is genius. It might be the best thing i ever played.

Thank you so much for the in depth quality feedback, this is really helpful. I pushed a new version with a hopefully better help screen. What I would like to do is only provide minimal or no instructions at the beginning, to let the players explore the mechanics on their own. The help screen is always available with ESC.

I do not like the readability of the font and will change it later, during the jam I could not find time for the change.

I will think about the questions you had while playing. I understand what you mean and can see that this is not very clear in the game.

Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback, i missed you in the jam. I can confirm the bugs ;)

The introduction also was a bit of a headache to me. Can you tell exactly what you did and expected? Did you know you have to go left first? Did you pick up the available corpses, then go left to start the wagon, or did you play around with the villagers first?

Regarding the doom - voth wagon and doom should be on the move, but you should be able to outrun it for a short while. There is some rubber banding in place, because it is no fun if you can outrun it safely. It will surely need some tweaking, so your feedback is very valuable - you know how it is, having programmed it, it is difficult to balance too.

Hi, you can link back to your LD submission page in itch. I'm using itch to discover LD games, but cannot rate you without the ldjam link.

Wow, thank you so much! We do have some ideas on how to continue, though i would first like to go for a more original art style, the rpg maker vibe is not too appealing for me :D

I hope, we eventually expand on this a bit, with a small level up system and a few neighborhoods with a few levels each, where there is some variation in mechanics.

The game is strangely appealing, i didn't expect to play it for so long and be interested in it. It was fun as long as there was progression, but when you get to 90 and pass every check except for epic fails, its a bit frustrating. You could have the best character in the world with 300 in every stat, but after 20 checks there would only be a 35% chance he was still alive.The 5% epic fail are too penalizing, i think it would be better if the check was (not passed and inside of 5 points of the worst roll that could be achieved). If i pass a roll but still fail epicly, it feels cheaty.

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The game is very cute, seeing the second day was a real "aw man that's great" moment. Who doesn't like miniature civilizations (like that one on benders behind in futurama, or the one in the simpsons). So, you had me hooked there and i played it to the end. It was interesting to see what happened next. Some parts were a bit tedious, where i wasn't really sure what to combine so i did it all. Nice game!

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Really fun, especially the first song is catchy! There were some very satisfying parts in the first level, where the sound matched the controls perfectly.