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muchas gracias! :)

Three minutes actually. Did you catch any worms, sitting on the ground? They are more nutritious, i think it's a bit easier to use them.

Hehe, good job :D

Thank you for the feedback, i appreciate that you took the time to give it and i'll think about how players could be enabled to better plan ahead.

I hope we can continue development at some point. Right now, we are still hard at work on making a full game out of our previous game jam game "Dome Romantik". Thank you for the note with the sound, i'll soften that with the next update, when i get around to it.

Thank you so much! I'm very glad to see that the ideas translated well to you, and that you could appreciate the different styles of the levels :)

I really want to. This was our first jam game, and we could do a much better variant of this game now. We just don't have time for it right now, due to developing another game too full release (Dome romantik).

amazing, i love your creations! Had me laughing :D

Will do, with the next update, whenever that will be :)

Thank you so much, your video was a fun watch :)

Thank you :)

I'd also love to expand on this too, later. Custom level editor sounds great - i did the same thing for our first game. At some point i build an ingame level editor to create the levels, which i can also make available to the player with minimal effort. I also have the logic for publishing and playing these community levels ready from our first game, so this is a no brainer :)

Haven't heard of it, but i checked it out after your suggestion. Looks very interesting, thank you! I agree, especially for a procedural generation the combination and variation of pre made areas might be interesting. El Dorado also has varied costs for traversing tiles - a mechanic i initially planned, but scrapped because it would work a bit strange with the caravan. Now that i think of it, maybe the movement across some special tiles could require an extra food or ore. That's why it's good to look for inspriation, so thank you for suggesting it :)

Thank you :)

I described a little bit how we did it in a short Post Mortem

Wow, we feel honored! Wrote to you via twitter :)

Thank you for the extensive feedback! You really hit great points here. The auto picking is important to reduce tedium, as it will be only annoying after you did it a hundred times. Still, i feel like i need the manual bit to really drive home that you have to work on adjacent fields. But pro players shouldn't be incentivized to make the game less enjoyable by saving these resources (which you really do feel in the beginning of the run) - optimizing the fun out of it. The skilltree idea would work great though!

Hey leafo, thank you for answering, i really appreciate that!

I don't recall 100%, but i think i published the page first and added the downloadables about an hour later (ludum dare has a 1 hour submission window after the jam ends). Writing, Screenshot and style wise, the page stayed empty for another 14 hours or so, because the jam submission was in the night and i went to sleep then. What's really strange about it: the game did show up high on popular on the first day (5th October), and only dropped to bottom until the next day, if i'm not mistaken.

The ranking is adjusted now and shows up sensibly, thank you so much! The hot phase of the jam is over, but i'm just glad it got resolved :)

You're right with that, but all the ludum dare games have the same age of a few days. Today Karawan got around 300 views, still rock bottom of the list, never moving an inch no matter the views. So right now, it got plenty of very recent plays, but it's still one of the most unpopular. I removed the linked youtube trailer since the other games rarely have one, but that didn't change a thing i think.

This also seems to affect other games, like "Trauma", one of the most popular Ludum Dare 49 games. It is among the top rated on itch, and has over 120 ratings on ldjam (so got played a ton). Still, never to be found anywhere in "popular" on itch. I don't get it.

(3 edits)

Hey hey people, i hope this doesn't sound pity. We made Karawan for LD49 and of course would like it to be played a lot, and get a lot of feedback. Luckily, it is one of the most rated games on, so we got a lot of great feedback already. However, on itch it is listed as one of the most unpopular games of the jam, so it's not discoverable at all. If i filter by tag for "ludum dare 49" i couldn't find it (2027 results). If i limit the search further to an additional "strategy" tag, i can find it - at place 96 of 97 listed games.

Please don't get me wrong, i have nothing against any of my games being unpopular. It just looks from the outside, that this is not working correctly.  These are the stats so for - from my point of view, rather popular for a jam game, with most of the traffic coming in from ldjam (compared to the 10 other ludum dare games we made before that). When you have a game listed high on "popular", of course the stats are much higher - but we don't get these visits right now.

Does anyone known if this is a bug, or if the game is flagged somehow? It was actually among the popular ludum dare 49 games, until i uploaded a browser playable. Could that be the issue?

Edit: for reference, this is how it looks like

The 4 games that are directly above "Karawan" have 0, 1, 3 and 5 ratings on ldjam. Karawan sits at 85. So the game that says it's not finished and has 0 ratings is more popular than Karawan. Please, it's driving me crazy, i'm so invested in this game :D

Oh thank you, that's great to hear! Sorry about the desert, i broke it while changing how the level is set up in the code. I missed adding some wood. I fixed that and it should play fine again. It is not a super interesting level in any case, was more like a last minute quick idea in the jam, about another scenario.

Oh will do, i love The Witness :)

(1 edit)

Thank you! Basically, you got several options to deal with the wood wall. 


If you reach it early, one woodcutter might be enough. With 2 it's well doable. You can also get a magus to remove some wood tiles, or delay the crumbling so that you have enough time. There is also a pass through the mountains, so you can circumvent the wall if you have the food for the treck. And finally, you could even bridge around the forest wall on the southwest sea.

Thank you so much, that's great to hear (apart form the crashes). I haven't seen a crash like this, but will keep my eyes open for it and try to test some more.

I'd also like to add random events and more tiles to visit - we just didn't have the time during the game jam.

Thank you Rob! That's a good idea. I thought about that too, but was hesitant as to not remove too much of the players actions. But on the other hand, of course i don't want brainless busywork. Once upon a time you always had to select the caravan leader before moving - now it is automatically selected if no other action is available. Also turned out a good decision to implement, i think :)

thank you! This was part of the inspiration for the game actually :)

thank you <3

thank you :)

Haha, sad indeed :D

That was amazing! Everyone, watch this!

Yes, i played and loved the Kingdom games :)

I can see how there is a similarity especially in the waves, although i didn't conciously think about that when designing the mechanics. But of course i'm influence by all the games i played

I love the music of Kingdom, so i also gave that as a reference to Cameron (who made the music for dome romantik). I think it's similar too, which i like a lot. I listened to the Kingdom OST thousands of times while working on games.

There aren't different endings yet, and we haven't planned on any for this version. However, we are working on a ton of things for the full version, demo coming soon. Community playtest starting this weekend over our discord, please join if you like :)

Something like that. There need to be two headers set to enable this threaded build:

Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin

Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp

Itch doesn't set those. Chrome so far only showed a warning, but with the recent v91, it is mandatory like it was in firefox for a long time.

So, i'm very thankful for your comment, otherwise it would have remained unplayable for many people.

Thank you for the comment, that helps! I think a current chrome update made it also unplayable, so i uploaded the non-threaded web version again. It runs on all browsers, but can have crackling sound. Best to use the download version, but it should run in any case now :)

It is! :D

Thank you so much, very motivating to hear that :)

Sorry about that, it won't work with every browser. I know it doesn't work on firefox, but works on chrome. It is either this or having broken audio for everyone. The downloadable versions should work for everyone though.

Oh that's not right, thank you for the info! I fixed it :)

Hi Spencer,

i'd like to submit Of Mice and Moggies, our sokoban-like puzzle game where you try to outsmart and catch your prey.


"A wonderfully easy suggestion to go and play, recommended happily."


Best Wishes,

Thank you so much for the detailled suggestions, i really appreciate this. I find both your points very clear und sensible. 

The first point should be improved in the demo for the full version, where you only unlock the resource-related upgrades after retrieving a resources of that type.

The second point is also really good, something i need to think about a bit more. Both your solutions would work and have their own merit. Both should be playtested at some point, implementation is usually quick :)

I regularly post updates on our discord, and discuss suggestions from the community. Please join if you like! Maybe i'll also start a video devlog, but on the other hand i need to make sure i spend enough time actually working on the game :D

Oh that's an interesting idea, to use a deck building mechanism here. I'll keep it in mind :)

Hello everyone :)

I'm happy to have Of Mice and Moggies released on itch! It is a challenging sokoban-like puzzle game, where you play as a cat trying to catch various animals. The levels are kept simple, but the interactions between the elements are manifold, so you need to cleverly combine them, to trap all your prey.

There is a campaign with over 100 levels on a beautiful map. There is also an ingame level editor and the option to publish levels you built, or play levels made by other players. There are already some pretty cool ones, a lot different from what you see in the campaign ;)

The Trailer gives a good overview!

Of Mice and Moggies is on a 33% sale for one week.

I hope you like it!