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Yay for robot games! I liked the idea and I think it was well implemented, choosing your movements carefully as a core mechanic works well and felt fun. I also enjoyed the adorable shooting noise and western style music (juxtaposed well with the futuristic aesthetic), good variety in enemy types as well (a lot of jam games just stick to one enemy because of time constraints, so thumbs up for doing a few different ones, it goes a long way).

I do have two suggestions. 1)  Make the bar smaller, but have it recharge, I think this way it would be more of a balancing act that you're constantly dealing with rather then just something you worry about when you get low.

2) I feel like it could be cool if the health bar and energy bar were the same bar, just from a design standpoint I think combining elements into more homogeneous systems tends to work out well. I'm less sure about this suggestion, but hey maybe try it out and see how it feels?

Overall though, great job!