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With more work, it would have been nice to use the footstep chasing as a mechanic. Normally the yeti goes straight towards you, but footsteps change that behavior. I'm sure that mechanic could be fleshed out more to make interesting gameplay. Perhaps by putting some traps down or something similar. Or by getting the yeti away from specific locations while you go where he was guarding and then activating a footstep erasing function to break way from the chase.

I really want to explore the idea of detailed sounds with simple game graphics. I saw that used in Antichamber and I think it's great.

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Yeah, created in ~15 hours. You do move faster and faster the more food you eat. The yeti also goes faster and faster if he can latch on your footsteps. Both never go slower. There is a max speed. The Yeti's max speed is faster than your's. Originally, the yeti was never faster, but I found it better to have a loss condition since when you have a lot of footsteps, you can never shake the yeti off. I wanted to add an ability to erase footsteps, but that would have broken the code without a little rewrite. There are ways to go infinite though by keeping the yeti in the center and not letting him catch onto footsteps early on. It requires a bit of strategy. (Would more time, I could have fleshed out a better gameplay loop and made the strategy more interesting.)

(Also the Yeti doesn't get fooled by loops, he'll just take the shorter path when faced with branching footsteps.)

For the scary sound, that's what I was going for. Luckily, the sound is only 30% volume. I wish I could have elaborated more on the horror side.

As far as I know, there's no bug. The code is really simple. I'll be putting it on Github soon. (The main bug was when playing the chasing sound, it would turn the sound on and off multiple times per second.)

I feel like my vods  for the jam weren't that good. I was feeling pretty tired going into the jam.

If you go in the Content/Maps folder, rename the xml file to "Level01.xml". This let me play the game.

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  • Willem: Ah, I near forgot. I'll be right down.
  • Armin: I have a problem...See, this book is empty.


  • Monsters can attack while I'm reading text. (And I can't fight back.)
  • Switching the a different scene, if I'm already holding the left or right buttons, I need to let go of the button and press again for them to start working.
  • Harriette boss glitches and seems to be impossible. She blocks me with library and sends monsters forever.
  • When we die, the quit button doesn't work.

Quality of life changes:

  • Roll should work based on the direction I'm facing if I'm not clicking a direction.
  • Animation blocking is terrible when getting stun locked by multiple enemies. We should have windows where we can regain the controls.
  • The ESC button should bring up a menu to quit the game.

New high score: 

The main reason is that MonoGame handles keyboard inputs badly. So it forces us to go out of our way to make it right.

Indeed, controls are also my main problem. I mostly use left click with numbers keys. I've gotten better with my micro over time.

My new score!

It's all MonoGame and MonoGame.Extended. There isn't really an engine. The movement is done with linear interpolation and the map is just a grid.

This was actually a really cool game. I beat it in 2 hours.

Here is mine: 

10 minutes with a score of 5145.

Share your high scores!

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I'm a bit late, but my game used MonoGame.Extended.

If you want to join, the main thing left to do is create a Menu. Made with a team of 2 so far.

It's a tower defense game.

There's this MonoGame Discord:

How many people can work on a single game?