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Bug List

A topic by Uppon Hill created Jul 14, 2018 Views: 268 Replies: 7
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Developer (6 edits)

Hi pals,

Post here to list the found bugs in the current build. Please look through the thread for your bug before posting something new.

Your friendly neighbourhood developer,

Known Bugs as of v1.1.1:

  • On respawn, "rations" shows an incorrect (lower) number on items that were used before death.
  • After "Quit to Title", starting a new game sometimes does not display captions in the prologue.
  • After being hit by goats, airborne hedgehogs sometimes fly at unexpected trajectories
  • Conversations in the tavern may be initialized multiple times / bugged out, repeating messages or allowing player control.
  • Wolverines can go into fall animation when making contact with slopes.
  • On Death, sometimes Armin will continue to remain playable, continuing action over the top of the Game Over screen.
  • Spamming roll between scenes breaks player control
  • Reloading into the Athenaeum foyer scene, Armin spawns into the wrong spot.
  • Periodically, Armin can't descend stairs. Remedied by jumping.
  • Throwable objects sometimes do not resolve on contact with the ground, remaining in an airborne state
  • Quit does not work from the death screen
  • When a dialogue sequence playing in the scene ended, control returns to Armin even if he is inside of a sequence that should lock player controls.

is the game supposed to be played with a *specific* gamepad in mind? i am using a Logitech Gamepad F310 and it's not quite working:

  • X acts as A
  • Y acts as X
  • A, B, Start, Left-Shoulder are doing nothing
  • Right-Shoulder is working ok
  • Select acts also as Right-Shoulder
  • i can only use the directional buttons if i change the controller "mode", making the directional be reported as the left-analog axis

let me know if there's anything i can do to help track these things down.


oh! Thanks for your post! I've been making the game based on my own USB controllers. Could you provide the model of the controller so I can check that out? Alternatively, could you log which buttons are which using Just the face buttons, left and right shoulder, and the start/select buttons would be great.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll try and support as many control setups as I can, so it helps to know when things don't work.


Hey there!

As of Alpha Demo v1.1 I've added gamepad button mapping (and keyboard mapping) to deal with this issue.

Thanks again.

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No worries :-) i *should* have another gamepads in here, when i find them gonna give them a try too. for now, here's the info.

Logitech® Gamepad F310

A - B0
B - B1
X - B2
Y - B3

Right Shoulder - B5
Left Shoulder  - B4
Start - B9
Select - B8

Left - B14
Right - B15
Up - B12
Down - B13

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  • Willem: Ah, I near forgot. I'll be right down.
  • Armin: I have a problem...See, this book is empty.


  • Monsters can attack while I'm reading text. (And I can't fight back.)
  • Switching the a different scene, if I'm already holding the left or right buttons, I need to let go of the button and press again for them to start working.
  • Harriette boss glitches and seems to be impossible. She blocks me with library and sends monsters forever.
  • When we die, the quit button doesn't work.

Quality of life changes:

  • Roll should work based on the direction I'm facing if I'm not clicking a direction.
  • Animation blocking is terrible when getting stun locked by multiple enemies. We should have windows where we can regain the controls.
  • The ESC button should bring up a menu to quit the game.

Hi Adam!   first of all, I really enjoy your work. I find some intesting bug, After passing a scene, if I roll i get immedeately  paralyzed, i still can press D and eat something but  can't move,  all the rest animations still working. this pic will show you .


Thanks for reporting this one. I'd never seen it before this weekend but some "speed runner" style players ran into this bug consistently. I'll add it to the list.