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the merfolk skeletons :) thanks, this is one of the cutest tilesets i've come across already.

thank you.

i for sure would read them. as i follow few people here, and only those that make things i find interesting in some way ^_^

sorry if i missed something obvious, but i decided to check the river out, and could not find my way back up :-) only had time to explore the dig site for now, but will come back to check the rest. thanks for the game(s) :-)

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No worries :-) i *should* have another gamepads in here, when i find them gonna give them a try too. for now, here's the info.

Logitech® Gamepad F310

A - B0
B - B1
X - B2
Y - B3

Right Shoulder - B5
Left Shoulder  - B4
Start - B9
Select - B8

Left - B14
Right - B15
Up - B12
Down - B13

is the game supposed to be played with a *specific* gamepad in mind? i am using a Logitech Gamepad F310 and it's not quite working:

  • X acts as A
  • Y acts as X
  • A, B, Start, Left-Shoulder are doing nothing
  • Right-Shoulder is working ok
  • Select acts also as Right-Shoulder
  • i can only use the directional buttons if i change the controller "mode", making the directional be reported as the left-analog axis

let me know if there's anything i can do to help track these things down.

Olá, meu nome é Fernando :-) 

Eu adoro que twine exista. Adoro os experimentos que twine torna possível, pra pessoas que não querem ter que programar pra criar uma hiper-narrativa. Acho inspirador o que criadores experientes na ferramenta são capazes de publicar.

Mas... Eu sou teimoso. Quero fazer tudo do meu jeito, criando minhas ferramentas junto com o desenvolvimento das narrativas, mesmo que o resultado final seja pequeno.

Obrigado pelo foco, Marcelo :-)