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Silent Hill for the poor. Nothing more to say. The graphics do not looks old-school, but rather cheap. The gameplay is dull. Not scary. It is evident that the author loves Silent Hill, but does not understand at all how it is made.

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Everything is cool, but the last puzzle, I really don’t know how I had to solve it, even if I realized that these buttons are binary, I don’t know what to do with them. Only after I watch the video below, I found out the answer, but still did not understand how he calculated it.

By the way, in the browser I do not need to write dev = true, the game still lets me in.

Мне понравилось, в отличие от Зимы, тут хоть какая-то цель есть (правда когда напишешь книгу всё равно ничего потом не происходит, да?) Но атмосфера очень позитивная (ну кроме мыслей главного героя), в отличие от той же Зимы, котоая была похожа на мои кошмары. А ещё нет смысла гулять по округе, упрёшься в какой нибудь баг (дома висящие в воздухе), да и герой эти прогулки никак не комментирует, всё равно пишет одно и то же. А книгу издадут когда нибудь? Я просто не выдержал)

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Pile of crap, like almost all indie horrors. No gameplay at all. Just walk around, read stupid letters, like always. Graphics nice, but levels are empty. Nothing to see here.


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Very nice game, but some things are not quite well. I didn't know how to save(F1 F2), learn about it later, exit the game and lost all progress. Why don't gave this options in menu on Esc(why it's not on escape? again)? And keyboard control is bad. I walk on keyboard, shoot on keyboard(in 2D), but for inventory better use the mouse. Why action button on Enter? Why not E? Why shoot on alt, why not mouse button? Why not split inventory and other menus in one, opened by Tab, like in other games, instead of looking for buttons all over the keyboard? Why not reading logs immediately, instead of open journal? Switch between mouse and keyboard all the time this is bad, bad. Very uncomfortable. This all spoils the impression of, in fact, a wonderful game.

Exclude tag from search would be great. I don't want tons of visual novels and horrors crap in my "sci-fi" search,  for example.

Awesome design!

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You killed Velvet! Bastards! ...and demo over :(

Exclude tag would be great, yes.

Cool metroid, very nice picture! I hope you finish it.