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Потрясающий сюжет. Только вот про водку и матрёшек забыли.

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Yes, as already mentioned, this is  Bushido Blade in 2D. This is both good and bad. The good thing is playing BB was fun. The bad news is that your victory in most cases is just a random. But the game looks very nice and plays smoothly.

Bullet hell. I thought so:)

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The game is nice, but the native controller support is a problem. I have an old controller where not all buttons work, but I'm fine. Usually I can reassign it in the JoyToKey program. But here it does nothing, because for some unknown reason game removes keyboard control when a gamepad is connected. So I have to plug off controller to punch through the walls, because the shift doesn't work. This is very annoying.

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This is no cinematic platformer. In cinematic platformer there is no air control, and no microjumps. If you jump in the right direction in right place in cinematic platformer you absolutely 100% reach the goal. Every step is hadrcoded. But not here. So this is no cinematic platformer. Too bad. But graphic is nice.

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I downloaded it today and immediately passed, in one breath, which is actually rarely the case with me today. That already says a lot, usually what I download here, I delete from hard in first five minutes. Nice game, what can I say. Last Boss just a imba, it is physically impossible to dodge from everything that he throws. But with a lot of heals, it's ok)

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I have this problem too. I came too far,  press the save, and exit. Later I cannot load the save. I change button on gamepad before,  but I disable it and trying choose save on keyboad, but game just restart  from title. I have another save that I made with 0% in the very beginning - it's loading fine. Yeah, but the game look and plays awesome by the way)

God dammit, another dark souls. When will it stop? Are you still not tired of this?

Ну охуеть теперь, симулятор держания кнопки вправо. Скоро в игры вообще не нужно будет играть.

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Everything is cool, but the last puzzle, I really don’t know how I had to solve it, even if I realized that these buttons are binary, I don’t know what to do with them. Only after I watch the video below, I found out the answer, but still did not understand how he calculated it.

By the way, in the browser I do not need to write dev = true, the game still lets me in.

Мне понравилось, в отличие от Зимы, тут хоть какая-то цель есть (правда когда напишешь книгу всё равно ничего потом не происходит, да?) Но атмосфера очень позитивная (ну кроме мыслей главного героя), в отличие от той же Зимы, котоая была похожа на мои кошмары. А ещё нет смысла гулять по округе, упрёшься в какой нибудь баг (дома висящие в воздухе), да и герой эти прогулки никак не комментирует, всё равно пишет одно и то же. А книгу издадут когда нибудь? Я просто не выдержал)

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Pile of crap, like almost all indie horrors. No gameplay at all. Just walk around, read stupid letters, like always. Graphics nice, but levels are empty. Nothing to see here.


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Very nice game, but some things are not quite well. I didn't know how to save(F1 F2), learn about it later, exit the game and lost all progress. Why don't gave this options in menu on Esc(why it's not on escape? again)? And keyboard control is bad. I walk on keyboard, shoot on keyboard(in 2D), but for inventory better use the mouse. Why action button on Enter? Why not E? Why shoot on alt, why not mouse button? Why not split inventory and other menus in one, opened by Tab, like in other games, instead of looking for buttons all over the keyboard? Why not reading logs immediately, instead of open journal? Switch between mouse and keyboard all the time this is bad, bad. Very uncomfortable. This all spoils the impression of, in fact, a wonderful game.

Exclude tag from search would be great. I don't want tons of visual novels and horrors crap in my "sci-fi" search,  for example.

Awesome design!

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You killed Velvet! Bastards! ...and demo over :(

Exclude tag would be great, yes.

Cool metroid, very nice picture! I hope you finish it.