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Theme Discussion [Submit your Ideas!] Locked

A topic by srakowski created Jan 29, 2018 Views: 483 Replies: 12
This topic was locked by srakowski Feb 07, 2018

Theme submission has ended!

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Please provide input to theme selection here, and also submit your ideas!


I'm really struggling with the theme... do we need one? 

One thought, inspired by an XBLIG, in honor of its shutdown last year?

What's the downside to no theme? Will it mean comparing apples to oranges during voting? And, if so, is that bad?


That, but a theme also gives a variety if this becomes a repeat event. The bigger reason for having a theme is to prompt creativity. Small constraints, like theme, have powerful effects on creativity.

I am a big fan of themes. But I will understand if all my theme suggestions get rejected.

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Theme suggestions I had tweeted before knowing about this forum:

  • "Hand-picking your team".
  • "Mono vs. Stereo".
  • "Pick or Treat".
  • "Careless (or careful) Memoization".
  • "Ghastly, but cute".
  • "Gruesome, yet delightful".
  • "Give Two, Take Three".

"Mono vs. Stereo" is clever given this is a MonoGameJam! 

  • Neo-Retro
  • Hide & Seek
  • Phasers & Battle Axes
    • Unlikely allies
    • Old meets new
    • Fun with geometry
    • Taupe and mauve
    • Inside-out
    • Dragon curves
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    1.  One shot wonder.
    2.  Inside Out.
    3.  Change is good.
    4.  Electric Dream.
    5.  Hold to charge.
    6.  Steady Aim.
    7.  Balance is life.

    On a side note, is there anyway we can haz Discord server?


    There's this MonoGame Discord:


    Yeah, I think using the MG Discord would probably be the best option :)

    •  Think for Yourself
    • Fixing the World
    • Everything Stops

    Now to be fair, I have an idea for a project that would fit all/any of the themes I just listed :). For that reason I'd also be totally fine with no theme (or multiple themes to chose from), because I would like to do that project and, also, to allow others to have a stab on something they are more excited about.

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