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Evidently Cube

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I like the idea and would certainly like to see it expanded to a bigger game. My only suggestion would be to make the movement 8 directional so that moving up moves you actually up, because I always have a problem with this movement scheme that is currently in the game :)

It's a bit late, but for Machine at the Heart of the World you can use Numpad instead of QWEASDZXC. I figured I'll advertise the letters for people who have keyboards without the numerics but that might've been a slight mistake :)

Mostly time limitations and the fact that gamepad controls for a game like Machine at the Heart of the World tend to be confusing to average person and there was no time to make them easy to understand.

Another game i'd really like to see expanded :). I haven't managed to finish it because after a while the controls felt a bit too hectic but in general I'd play more if there was more to see!

Is there anything in this game other than moving the pencil past the right edge of the screen?

Ah, good old Yerzmyey. I had a chance to see him I like the concept and would totally like to see this idea expanded and polished. The controls were pretty confusing at first and unwieldy later when things became hectic, but in general a really fun game.

I liked the idea and I think it could be expanded into a really fun game after the jam.


No, I kind of gave up on level 4, but if you're saying it gets harder later I'll give it another go before voting ends!

I mean currently you can fluidly walk between the grid tiles and stop anywhere you like. What I prefer (and it's mostly personal preference) is that one press in a direction will move you all the way to the next tile.

An alternative I'd also be cool with would be to just make it possible to walk diagonally or walk over the corners :).

And yea, I figured out that's the reason for the first levels being simple, but being a kind of a hardcore gamer myself I usually like to skip the fluff and go right away into the action.

That was pretty amusing!

I like the idea, although personally I'd have preferred faster movement and/or even complete grid-locking so that it made the easy levels faster to go through.

Glad you liked it :)

Oh gosh game I think you're cute too *blushes*

Thank you!

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  • Fixing the World
  • Everything Stops

Now to be fair, I have an idea for a project that would fit all/any of the themes I just listed :). For that reason I'd also be totally fine with no theme (or multiple themes to chose from), because I would like to do that project and, also, to allow others to have a stab on something they are more excited about.