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Voting period is about over by then... but keep working on this! Share in the Discord channel :P & Twitter, and here (in the forum).

give 2017 community edition a try...

I'm not sure that later versions of Visual Studio require Windows 8. I've run Windows 7 at work with the latest versions of Visual Studio just fine. I'm not going to be all hard on rules so I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you need some help getting things on to MonoGame proper let's chat when things are done and I could probably do a quick port :). Keep  on jammin! :)

I'm using the Jam to help guide a redo of the framework/engine thing I keep rewriting called Coldsteel. I'll probably be overwriting everything on master shortly as it doesn't quite function anymore and I hate some of the things I did with this iteration of it. There is some code there I'll probably use. Some of it may be useful to others? Check it out at I may push what's there to another branch before I destroy it. I have some other repos holding Ludum Dare code that I may draw from for the jam, we'll see :)

Yeah, I think using the MG Discord would probably be the best option :)

I've decided to make the answer YES to FNA and NO to XNA. FNA games must be compatible with MonoGame.

That makes sense to me. The only reason I can think of for sharing the source code is to help others learn. I think this is how we'll roll.

"Mono vs. Stereo" is clever given this is a MonoGameJam! 

That makes sense to me :)

My initial thought is YES on FNA and NO to XNA. This is MonoGameJam, and FNA games should be compatible. I'd like to see people move beyond XNA. My opinion may be swayed if we decide closed-source is okay. If closed-source is okay then I think FNA games should require source code disclosure so they may be ported to MonoGame. Maybe I'm overthinking it :p What do others think?

I'm all in favor of sharing source code, but I'd like to hear others thoughts on the matter.

Cool, I'll take these suggestions and update the main page.

Good question. I don't have any objections to teams. I'll assume teams are okay unless someone would like to make a case against them. There aren't currently any prizes at stake so I don't think keeping the playing field level is too important.

Awesome, I'll tack this up with what answers I have and start threads for the rest...

That, but a theme also gives a variety if this becomes a repeat event. The bigger reason for having a theme is to prompt creativity. Small constraints, like theme, have powerful effects on creativity.

I'm really struggling with the theme... do we need one? 

One thought, inspired by an XBLIG, in honor of its shutdown last year?

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Here's what I'm thinking on the voting criteria:

  1. Overall, overall how good is this game?
  2. Originality, how original is the art, music, story, gameplay?
  3. Graphics, how great were the graphics?
  4. Audio, how good was the audio?
  5. Story, was the story engaging?
  6. Controls, how fluid were the controls?
  7. Fun, how fun is the game to play? (thank you Nehpe!)

I've assumed we'll want to vote on the games, should I find some judges instead?

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I'm thinking the rules should be as follows:

  1. The game must be made using MonoGame
  2. The game must be created within the event timeframe
  3. Any publicly available frameworks or engines built on top of MonoGame may be used (please, share the awesome libraries you've built!)
  4. No restrictions on Assets, except you must have the rights to use them

What do you think?

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Please provide input to theme selection here, and also submit your ideas!

Please provide input on voting criteria here.

Please provide feedback on the rules here.

It's entirely possible to build an FC in an interpreted language... it just depends on what you are after. I think the two biggest considerations are the graphical capabilities (i.e. if you want to draw any sort of sprites) and platforms. Python & Lua both have these down.