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Should we allow FNA and XNA

A topic by srakowski created Feb 01, 2018 Views: 1,559 Replies: 6
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My initial thought is YES on FNA and NO to XNA. This is MonoGameJam, and FNA games should be compatible. I'd like to see people move beyond XNA. My opinion may be swayed if we decide closed-source is okay. If closed-source is okay then I think FNA games should require source code disclosure so they may be ported to MonoGame. Maybe I'm overthinking it :p What do others think?


I've decided to make the answer YES to FNA and NO to XNA. FNA games must be compatible with MonoGame.

Is there an easy way to tell if an FNA project would not be compatible with MonoGame? Eg, if I use XNA features (which both frameworks should emulate, fairly accurately), it should be fine, yes?

I only ask because I'm running a Windows 7 environment with VS 2010 Express, which locks me to .NET 4.0. In order for VS to use MonoGame, I'd have to use .NET 4.5, which requires VS 2012 or later, which requires Windows 8. Obviously it's difficult to do that, even though other options like MonoDevelop exist.


I'm not sure that later versions of Visual Studio require Windows 8. I've run Windows 7 at work with the latest versions of Visual Studio just fine. I'm not going to be all hard on rules so I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you need some help getting things on to MonoGame proper let's chat when things are done and I could probably do a quick port :). Keep  on jammin! :)

To be fair, I think I tried to download the "Windows 8 edition" of VS2012, but it was the only version I could really track down. For what it's worth, I'm very comfortable with C#, but absolutely AWFUL when it comes to environment stuff.


give 2017 community edition a try...

I think the main downside to allowing XNA is that the code wouldn't compile out of the box for most people. There's nothing more annoying than cloning a github repo and spending the next few hours trying to get things to compile.

I'd be surprised if anyone actually tried to submit an XNA game anyways.