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Hello again,

I just noticed your huge update to the, what do you call it, front page (?) of your beautiful gamejam. With all those rules and FAQ, I think you did a really good job. Thank you very much.

Sorry for causing so much work for you. :-D 

You are very free to ignore questions that I made up if you think noone would possibly ask them. Shout if anything is unclear or if you need help.

10. I cannot code and I have never tried to code. Can I still participate?

--> Answer, probably: MonoGame relies on code, there is no visual editor you can use.

11. I can code, I even know some C#. But I haven't ever touched XNA, Monogame nor FNA. Can I still participate?

--> Answer

12. I read a lot about success games like Stardew Valley made with MonoGame. It's on Switch now. Will you help me release my jam game on Nintendo's Switch console?

--> Answer, probably: Well, that's not that easy. Short answer: No.

13. Will you help promote my jam game with a Tweet or two, maybe a blog article?

--> Answer

14. Can I make a NSFW game?

--> Answer

15. What's a really good tutorial for MonoGame to get me started? I want to create a platformer / JRPG / ...

--> Answer

16. How many "hours" (or minutes) of gameplay should I aim for? Are 30 minutes ok? 10 minutes? 5 hours?

--> Answer

17. Does my game need to be compatible with targets like... Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, MacOS, ...?

--> Answer

Libraries / frameworks on top of MonoGame:


Classes and extensions to make MonoGame more awesome


Nez is a free 2D focused framework that works with MonoGame and FNA

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I really hate the text editor of this forum. When I first tried to post this thread, it would not let me enter my text but stopped after the first 'H' I had typed. Weird. I digress, sorry.

I would like to see FAQ for this beautiful gamejam. I hope it's ok if I start with a few questions:

1. When does the jam start and when does it end?

--> See entry page

2. Do I need to sign up? Do I need to sign up before the jam starts? What kinds of accounts do I need besides my account? Do I need Facebook, Twitter, Github, anything?

--> Answer

3. Will I be disqualified if I am too late, even 15 minutes or even 5 minutes? Will there be a grace period?

--> Answer

4. Do I need to release my source code?

--> Answer

5. Do I absolutely need to use MonoGame? I'm so used to XNA or FNA, can I use XNA or FNA instead because they are all siblings? I mean, I don't plan to use Unity or anything unrelated, I just think XNA or FNA would fit my needs a lot better.

--> Answer

6. Can I use only C# or is it ok if I use another .NET language like F# or VB.Net?

--> Answer

7. Can I win prizes?

--> Answer

8. Do I need to release my game on What do I need to release, the source code? A .exe package? Do I need to provide an installer?

--> Answer

9. How exactly do I submit my completed jam game? Is there a short manual or anything I could follow along?

--> Answer


I think some kind of a list of tools and probably templates, libraries etc. could help people decide to participate. I am not a big fan of GameMaker, quite the opposite. But they do provide a topic in their forums for the "GMC" jam. I don't want to link there because it's GameMaker-centric by its nature.

Let me start with a link to a thread in the official Monogame forums:

Useful MonoGame Related Links U-MG-RL

I have no idea what "U-MG-RL" stands for. It's a list with a lot of tutorials and other stuff so people can get acquainted or just get started with Monogame.

I am a big fan of themes. But I will understand if all my theme suggestions get rejected.

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Theme suggestions I had tweeted before knowing about this forum:

  • "Hand-picking your team".
  • "Mono vs. Stereo".
  • "Pick or Treat".
  • "Careless (or careful) Memoization".
  • "Ghastly, but cute".
  • "Gruesome, yet delightful".
  • "Give Two, Take Three".