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Felix' Submission (don't have a name, just imagine a cool one)View game page

Submitted by IntrovertedProgrammer — 13 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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Felix' Submission (don't have a name, just imagine a cool one)'s page


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Having to press an action key immediately after a beat is a really sour feeling. It would have been better to accept the key input before the beat, then actually perform the action on the beat if the key is still being held.

Also, enemy timing seems to reset after every movement I make. I couldn't find a way to safely melee attack them.

The graphics are neat, though.

The game crashed the first time I ran out of time.


It should be able to accept input before the beat (except for the first one) - but I do like the suggestion to "delay" the actual movement to music. 

One save way to attack the first enemy is to jump in after he switched to "Waiting...". His phase will change to "Attack!" which will change to "!ATTACK!" after you hit him - giving you another cycle to safely jump out. But that's just horrible design on my end (oh and sometimes the input doesn't register right, meaning the enemy will attack you nonetheless -_-)

Sadly I cannot reproduce the crash after the time runs out :(

Thanks for your feedback!

Kudos for attempting to build a rhythm game. They can be very hard to tune and effectively pull off. 

The screenshot for the game really got my hyped for the graphics in the game. The background looks really amazing. I was less hyped when I saw the really blocky and plain characters against the lush background. It would be nice to see a version of this with animated characters, or cool shape shader effects.

The gameplay is a fun idea, but it feels a bit clunky. It's pretty hard to figure out how to effectively use the tools at your disposal, and the timing between when your character moves and when the enemies move doesn't quite feel like they line up with the rhythm correctly. 

Including a level editor in the game is really neat, and very rare from what I have seen in game jams.


I can pretty much agree on with with point.

Animated characters / particles or a proper floor to play on would really benefit the game.

And the rhythm not lining up the enemies is a tricky one. I just couldn't figure out how to properly "sync" the enemy movement to the player one (meaning it would completely brake if the player missed the beat). I went with the "cheap" way and just included a timeframe on which inputs after the "beat" are still accepted. But exactly this offsets the enemy movement with the music itself - sadly ruining a big part of the rhythm stuff.

Oh, have you even tried to use the Level-Editor :P ?
It's a tool that "can" work - but it's missing instructions and due to the limited time you can't even load creations you made (meaning you'd have to replace the original levels for that one) - which makes it useless without the source-code :(

Thanks for your feedback :)


I seem to be getting a crash when I try to Start Game.

Jam HostSubmitted

If you go in the Content/Maps folder, rename the xml file to "Level01.xml". This let me play the game.

If you look at his GitHub he has a bunch more levels. You can download those and insert those into the map folder.


Yup, I forgot to add them to the ContentPipeline.
I just rebuild it and updated all the files - it should hopefully work now.