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Time extension for late submissions!

Theme: Footstep

MonoGameJam is a game jam for to those who love MonoGame! Take a week to build a game using MonoGame ( and share it with the world!

MGJam Discord:

Talk to people about MonoGame, ask administrators questions about the jam, or find other people to team with, join here!

MonoGame JAM:


  • Must be made using MonoGame or XNA derivatives.
  • Do your best to work within the theme.
  • Contestants can partake alone or as a team. Reusing existing code and assets is allowed.
  • Games must be created during the jam.
  • This is a fun jam, there is no minimum experience level. People from all backgrounds are welcome.


  • Share code and project files.
  • Write daily dev-logs.
  • Stream the creation process.


To create or join a team, you can use Crowdforge. (You can login with GitHub / Discord / Email.)

If you don't want to use Crowdforge, the jam Discord works too.



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Cyberpunk Tactics Game
A 2D horror game where survival relies more on sound than seeing.
Done in a week by a team of 4 developers with Monogame
Submission for the MonoGame Jam (26/07-02/08) 2018
Eat the snow fruits and don't let the yeti catch you!