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I liked the monochrome art and audio too! Fun game

Great game in all areas! Well done!

I used to play games like this so I loved the idea straight away! The game was difficult for me at first (didn't realise I needed to eat :P) but I was able to get the hang of it! Great job

This was a lot of fun, great idea. I love the style. You could probably tweak the values of cards more because I found it quite easy to win even with a hand with similar cards

This game is one of my favourites out of the ones that use a contrasting world mechanic in this jam :) great art, movement feels great. Overall very polished considering the time frame we were working on!

Wow that was hard but I couldn't stop playing! I enjoyed the artstyle in both the cutscene and game and found the gameplay really responsive and fun :)

I love the concept it is very wholesome! <3

Awesome interpretation of the theme and very fun to play :)

Fun writing and gameplay! Found that flipping underwater broke things but my fault for enjoying myself too much ;)

Thank you for the kind words! Absolutely, sorting out gun animations and feedback was a little rushed towards the end :)

Cool game, super fun once you work out the mechanic! :)

Great job, I can totally see this going further to a full story game! :)

Hi! here's some feedback:
Players will be expecting to be able to speedrun/parkour in a world like this. Currently the pace is too slow because the player needs to run into a block before being able to climb it. There is no jumping unless standing next to the block which breaks immersion. The player can't jump between buildings or climb very high in this build.
I think adding the ability to free jump while not next to a block will really help gameplay :)

good work keep it up

Great work! And I love that you are family!

Wow, I want more

Really fun idea! I love management stuff like this

Great art, love how the music ties with the gameplay. Fun game! :)