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Hi, sorry for the late reply. Since we lacked time the win feature was skipped ;O it was meant to be when you had enough followers.

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you liked it so much

Hey, thanks for the interesting feedback. Indeed, you have to wait for them to come back, otherwise they get lost and killed.

Thanks, I believe it has some cool potential and digging the mechanics is feeling great so we'll see what we can do!

Thanks for the detailed and honest review! We feel the same and we are thinking of new ideas to balance and make you feel more involved in the game, because sadly we lacked time to make those things work well in our game 

Aïe x) Ça arrive, le système d'affinités entre certains personnages et certains terrains est opaque, mais plus t'en envoie sur une seule expédition, plus tu booste leurs chances !

You aced the look and the mood of the game, it really seems like you know what you're doing !

Un super jeu, bravo ! De l'humour en bonne quantité et des super idées d'attaques ! Pour la suite je pense que retravailler l'interface un peu aidera, pourquoi pas mettre un fond à la matrix par exemple.

Hâte de jouer vos prochains jeux

Such a simple and efficient idea! I love the music too! Next step -> improve pixelart so it feels more profesional and release it as a small game on an app store

Il really love this one! It has so much charm and it's consistently very fun in many aspects of it!

So much speeed lets gooooo

Nice boss patterns!

Such an hilarous game! Needs more polish and better understanding of pixelart rules tho 
keep up with the good work!

Very fun game, it's a true firework show! Maybe we need better controls for aiming, but the fact you added slowmo definitely helps

Thanks for the feedback :) Glad you found it captivating

Np but use the form

Starts in 2 hour, new form ->

Starts in 2 hour, new form ->

Starts in 2 hour, new form ->

Use the form please

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I'll stream your games only if you submit them using this form




🔗 See you there in 2 hours:

(you will need to be in the chat in order for your game to be played)


⏳ While you wait, play this ->

Thank you :)

Its finished already, you would have had to submit using the form otherwise I won't play

Hey guys its too late sorry, the stream ended

I'll stream again in 4 hours or so

Thanks! I'm planning to continue on this since I liked working on it a lot


Only 2 games submitted yet, you've got your chance !!!

Thanks for reviewing!

Thank you :) (I'm the artist)

Thanks for the help haha but we are using Godot x) Thanks anyway thats kind

Yoko Taro please get out of this game O.o

Had a blast playing this

Solid gameplay and hilarous plot haha

I has a blast playing this on stream! Such jonathan blow vibes and clever levels

Nice game, cool to see you used Godot. air-control movements need a little rework but otherwise it's all well thought

Very fun theme, gives me big spores and lufthausers vibes. Needs some polish on the visual side but the gameplay & music does the trick

Very polished pixelart and nice gameplay ideas! Keep it up

Thanks for the feedback

Glad you liked it! We were also very pleasantly surprised by our own musician, he really has shown his potential

Thanks for the review and the gameplay video, it's interesting

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Haha, we were 4 working on this. Glad you had fun!

Thanks for your honest feedback, I (the main game designer on this) will try to learn from this

Thanks, glad you liked it!

The same for me