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Hey, thanks for this its super cool! I don't think I'm going to use it because I like to make things by myself, but reading through the files gave me very good ideas!

Man, what a trailer! You always make the perfect examples of efficient design its very inspiring!

When I first finished "The beginner's guide" a friend of mine who loved it too, and he told me he felt the "Mr. Nobody effect" after finishing "The Beginner's guide". He was totally right. If you want to understand that weird effect of finishing the beginner's guide you should watch "Mr. Nobody" by Jaco Van Dormael (its on Netflix now I assume) this movie blew my mind like nothing else before.

Hahaha dude awesome comment, the beginner's guide is one of my favorite games, so happy that it gave you that kind of vibe, wasn't even intended.

Because you have a "knight pattern" card, but you should also have a cross pattern one but it is broken.

At least the "catch the player's curiosity" part worked lol

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

With a nice API so it works when the PC is off

Make a godot software for that guys, training training training

Thanks for the amazing feedback! I've also seen myself that putting stuff at the middle was essential, thats why you have score and chaos but since with my pc it just works sound-wise I never questioned where I should put the voice bar. But I'll do it in the first patch!

Hahaha that's nice lol

Yes, it will receive a patch as soon as the jam finishes, I hope you'll be able to play it then :)

Thanks :)

That's amazing lol

Wow this game, I don't have the words. For 48hrs its amazing. Incredible 3D, narration, level design. Maybe on the gameplay side its a bit rough around the edges but everything else is top notch.

I really love the color palette, the guitar and the sounds! Nice idea and backstory (as I read in the page). Too bad its not mouse-controlled! But great ideas great ideas!

Bob ross inspired game is always 10/10 for me even tho I didn't quite got it. Nice that you managed to make the whole picture downloadable at the end.

Its a simple funny game, not matching the theme at all but at least you made a game. Maybe make it a little more difficult.

Well done minimalist art, and the drag n drop mechanic is very smooth! Would totally work as a mobile game.

Hey that's a good game idea! The icons for the arrows and wasd are too similar tho

I've seen it already, too bad you didn't quite get it, but very cool initiative to try every game! Keep up the good work.

Wow that's insane 3D visuals, scenery and style for a 48H game. I'm so impressed!

Haha thanks

Thanks for playing man :)

Let's go haha

Thanks, keep it somewhere we are going to patch difficulty after the jam :)

Yes lol or make a very clear guide and settings upfront lol

We are mic brothers dude, that's amazing !

Thank you so much. Actually I had issues with that. I made it work in 4hrs with Godot, then I fixed a crash we had every 5 minutes or so in game which was linked to mic recording sunday morning. So it is tricky, you have to read and analyse .wav binary data and find the power formula on stack overflow

Lol I'm a boss at flying exploit in games in general x) It's my obsession

Yo that's awesome, I need to try yours too it looks neat

Thanks awesome feedback, we'll do that!

Yeah its a risky move and we ran out of time for propper settings. If you want to see how it works normally there is a gameplay video in my game's page

I love the artstyle and the illustrations, its super clean

Yea it takes the first mic it founds, so if you have too many it may not work

Wow nice juice and sounds, I like the idea too! Well done.

Haha it's a nice simple game. Keep learning and creating!

Nice platformer jump you've got here, its very smooth!

Very good idea! Too bad you didn't do the art.