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Its really cool what a simple change as executing basic platformer controls into a 2 button job does for the game experience.  Executing a jump and attack felt like an accomplishment! It might be interesting to incorporate cooler moves with a longer combo if you decide to update this later on.

I do think the hard reset to the beginning is a little too challenging, a health system might have been a little more forgiving, especially since the sword/spike thing can kill you. 

The gun shot sound is oddly satisfying and familiar, overall, good job on the game :)

Cute! Really loved being a cat in this game, and how that was used in the puzzle solving! One of my favorite parts is dropping the books on the shelves in the living room level. 

It's an interesting take on the theme, good job :)

Cool idea! I thought it was simple and straightforward in the first level and then the jumping came in and thats when the smartness of the idea really shined! As a comment below mentioned, the direction of the bounce seems random but if it were to be fixed based on the incoming angle, theres options to strategize on which blocks to take out. I think the getting stuck in a 2 block high hole is something I'd prefer to strategize around rather than double/triple click away from

Smart mix of mechanics and a clever interpretation of the theme, I enjoyed playing till the end :)

Thanks dude ! :)

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! That's exactly what we wanted, glad you enjoyed !

Hahah thanks for playing! We appreciate your feedback :)

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it :)

 Never thought about bricks in the game really, we started with fission and fusion being related to the theme, and then we added on the laser. So the paddles sort of came out of needing a way to control the balls. So yeah I guess that's the part we took from breakout rather than the bricks.

Really interesting combat mechanic! The part that I really like is jumping, having the ball spin around me and timing it right to knock it into the prisoner. That being said, I think it could be improved in the following ways

  • Pulling the chain back could also damage the prisoners, this gives more opportunities for fun combat
  • If there was an indicator for where my hand would come out of to punch the ball, that would really help the aiming

I played through about 4 levels I think, It would be interesting to explore how the prisoners could attack back but that would also require making the combat easier to execute on the players end. You've got a cool mechanic here! Could even do some physics based platforming and swinging. I wish you'll develop it further post the jam :)

Two player games are always hard to test during a jam, mainly because I have no one else to test the game out with.  Its an interesting take on the theme, and really like the CRT tv aesthetic you've got going on. 

Nicely made puzzle game! The gameplay reminded me of Pudding Monster's by Zepto Labs but this game was easier to understand and solve thanks to the arrows. The levels are well designed and it follows the theme really well. Good job!

Thanks for playing! Checking out entries always surprises me since you often see a lot of ideas you went through made playable by others. Its like we're all part of this game dev hive brain :P

Fun mashup! Its interesting how both our entries are breakout-inspired but we chose to retain different elements from them.  

My only feedback is that I'm not sure how I feel about the snake dying when it touches the edges, since originally you can disappear of one wall and reappear on the other side and that might've been a cool feature to retain. 

Also, Very smart interpretation of the theme! Good job!

Thanks for playing! We're glad to hear you enjoyed it!

noted! We'll need to look into that if we were to do a post jam update. Thanks for playing!

yeah we admit the tutorial was a bit rushed but glad to hear it made sense in a few rounds. Thanks for playing and for the feedback! 

hahah really liked the analogy about the controls! Thanks for playing, we appreciate the feedback :)

When I heard the theme 'Joined Together', I thought of cults, its really cool to see someone take that idea into fruition!  I really enjoyed growing my army but found the combat with zombies kind of easy and not challenging, after you dodge that first bullet they cant really do much.

Its a funny and quirky game with a unique interpretation of the theme but I do think the gameplay has potential to improve. With things like the zombies chasing my followers or different kinds of enemies? 

Really fun take on the theme! And really good level design to play around in as well. I really loved the constantly moving level till I ran into a bug where the character wouldn't jump. I believe it was in the last stretch when I had 1 red person and another blue and I had to go through white spikes. The blue person stopped registering jumps.

Considering how many levels there are I think some bugs are okay in a jam, you've taken a good idea and executed it will. Really love the simplistic art style as well.

My brain hurts, those were some good puzzles! I've seen puzzle games involving synced  player characters before (not in this jam) but the addition of the asymmetric enemies adds an interesting challenge to the puzzle solving. I didn't manage to finish all the levels but I really liked how each level sort of had a "story" in terms of how its solved.

There's some really good level design here so I'd love to hear more on how you went about designing them, did you start at a solution and work backwards? Solid entry, good job!

Really dig the clean minimal look and feel of the game, I got to a score of 5, The time pressure makes me just want to attach it to any matching dot I can find rather than being strategic about where to connect what, so it does feel more actiony than puzzle. It fits the theme well, Good job on this game :) 

Interesting concept, but the sliding makes it a little too difficult to control, like I wish there'd be some friction on the ground as opposed to when you're floating around in air.

Thank you! We appreciate the feedback :)

Yes we agree the tutorial could've been a little clearer, thanks for the feedback  :)

Thank you! :D

Smart puzzle platformer with speed running opportunities. I enjoyed how the gameplay changes with each part that is picked up, huge fan of the grappling arm. Ended quite abruptly after the gun but I there's so much content in here for 48 hours! 

I enjoyed playing and I hope you give it a post jam update which utilizes shooting with all the previous mechanics :)  

I loved playing as a laser worm! It's an interesting dual control scheme, I do wish the tether didn't break as easily when it touched walls. It'd be cool to have a warning system like what you have  when they are going too far. 

Enjoyed killing enemies with the tether while dodging bullets, it does make for interesting combat.  

I understand it's a jam and there wasn't a lot of time for presentation but I'd say this game deserves a post jam graphics update :)

Overall: Good idea, good gameplay execution. Experience  would be improved with  polish.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Glad you had a fun time :)

Hahah yes! That's our favorite bit in the game too, that and the fusion. Thanks for playing, we appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for playing! Yeah we probably could've used a more structured tutorial to explain it. We appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for playing! What'd you have preferred for controls instead?

Throw Rocks, Evade Sharks and Collect Diamonds while swimming deeper and deeper in this retro diving adventure!  And keep an eye out on that oxygen meter, you don't want to run out! 

P.S. Swimming uses more oxygen than sinking ;)

Experience it here! 
This is our second Ludum Dare ,We look forward to hearing your thoughts :D

Hey Drestin! Thank you so much for playing! Yeah I do think I went a little extreme with the holes in the levels, Ideally there should be some easier levels/ tutorial to get used to it etc, but I was sort of rushing through the development for the jam. The enemies could be tuned down in difficulty too.

 I'll definitely consider these points while I do my post-jam update.

Thanks for the feedback! :D

Hahaha thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! We've updated the control scheme and balanced difficulty

Thanks for playing!  We agree, it takes a bit to get used to the controls. Glad to hear it was fun! We've patched the audio bug and improved the controls a bit and reduced difficulty. All 4 levels should be playable now :)

Thanks for playing! And thank you for the comments. We;ve reworked the difficulty and disabled collisions with the guard.  We've also added some crowd at the beginning to signify where the major crowd would come from.

Tip for 3rd level: The cones that you use to make  the rope are movable

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing! So the celeb will start moving towards the exit once he reaches sufficiently close. 

Hope the hoard of zombies (Fans :P) was fun :)