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Hahaha thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! We've updated the control scheme and balanced difficulty

Thanks for playing!  We agree, it takes a bit to get used to the controls. Glad to hear it was fun! We've patched the audio bug and improved the controls a bit and reduced difficulty. All 4 levels should be playable now :)

Thanks for playing! And thank you for the comments. We;ve reworked the difficulty and disabled collisions with the guard.  We've also added some crowd at the beginning to signify where the major crowd would come from.

Tip for 3rd level: The cones that you use to make  the rope are movable

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Thanks for playing! So the celeb will start moving towards the exit once he reaches sufficiently close. 

Hope the hoard of zombies (Fans :P) was fun :)

Thanks for playing! Agreed, we've updated a post-jam version and tried to iron out the collisions  a bit

Thanks for playing! We've added a post-jam update in which we signify where the main crowd is likely to come from. 

Hey! Thanks for playing. We've given it a post jam update with improved controls and balanced difficulty to fully experience the idea :)

Hey! Thanks for playing. We've given it a post jam update with improved controls and balanced difficulty to fully experience the idea :)

Nice fit to the theme! I skipped ahead through the tutorial without reading the first time and didnt realise I could stop after 30s, maybe a bar/ notification when youre done with 30s would be nice!

Thanks for playing! We'll definitely give it a post-jam update :)

Thanks for playing!

Solid entry! Great job :)

Amazing! This was so much fun! Feels super polished too, great job :)

Thanks for playing! So in level 3 and 4, the crowd behavior changes from previous levels and more "out of control" situations happen. But the balancing is off so its pretty difficult to get that far.

Interesting take with remapping controls, as said by Lavaloid I wish I didnt have to click on the robot each time to remap it, but directly drag and drop them between slots while playing.

Good job!

Thanks for playing! True, we can do a better job at making the controls  more apparent, probably a better tutorial :)

Fun game! I really like control scheme and the clever implementation of the theme :)

Direct and simple interpretation of the concept! but the novelty of it wears off soon ( I played like 3-4 levels), after the first few keyboard switches it's kind of repetitive. I'd have liked to see gameplay expand over time as well. e.g. maybe different effects for different keys sets  

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thanks for playing! You're supposed to get the celebrity from the first door to the open door without letting the crowd surround him. Each level "begins" when you open the door and get the celebrity and ends when they reach exit. 

Thanks for playing! Noted, we'll fix that in a post jam update :)

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hey, the prompts vanish when you touch them, in order. You can go to the car door and use left mouse button to open the door. Thanks for playing!

Points I couldn't add in the last minute upload frenzy:

How Out of Control?

- The main objective of the game is to protect someone other than yourself. and You don't really have control over that persons behavior. (something we couldnt make enough levels to justify, but Level 4 comes close!)

Hey Everyone,

We're a small team of 4 with one headset among us, so we'd really appreciate all the feedback we can get.

What did you like? What did you not like? Is there an object that you'd like to see? Do let us know!

Hey! Just wanted to say we've released on SideQuest.

Really loved the simplicity of this one! Maybe it was just me but the dancing animations sort of felt like I was watching out for shifty characters among a bunch of ravers: p

I think you can really build this up more, introducing interactions between the characters etc. Maybe you're in MIB watching over alien crime deals, or a teacher supervising kids. Youve something cool here!

Hey! First of all, thank you for playing, it means a lot that you said that!

We have a Sidequest release planned  in about 2 weeks, we're working on an update to make somethings a little smoother and a few more levels before getting on there!    

Ah, I think I understand! If you're throwing the dart,  the aiming does gets a little wonky.  I've had better success with impaling it onto the screen like a nail and releasing it.  The dart is supposed to create fire in 3 blocks - at the point of contact and 2 tiles on either side.

I read that you played all 90 games over the weekend so I can't in good conscience ask you to strain your eyes any further this soon :p 

Thanks for playing! Could you tell us more  about the difficulty you faced?  Were the objects not snapping into place when released?   

Woah! Thank you so much for playing and sharing! 

I intend to continue developing it, currently hoping to release an update once the Jam voting period ends :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed playing it :)


The game was built in Unity using their new XR plugin and the SteamVR plugin is.. just not working as expected. A SteamVR release is definitely on the way, as soon as I figure how to make it work.

Thank you!

thanks for playing!

Hey all! Just wanted to add theres sometimes a bug when the game starts off, where you cant grip the controller with two hands, this breaks the game as you need  to be properly holding the controller to play. I've not  had a lot of success reproducing it, I recommend waiting a few seconds before opening your gift box to prevent that error.  Do let me know if this happens to you!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks for playing!

I agree, it'd be cool to actually lose your shit at your TV and have things happen in game. 

I'll try out your suggestion and see how it plays like, probably update after the voting periods over, if it works well :)

Thanks for playing! Saw your stream yesterday, it's always fun to see solutions other than what I'd originally imagined for the level :)

Hahah fun rearing mechanic! Loved throwing the dogs around, I found the level a little difficult but that could just be me. Really like  the art style, great combination of 2D and 3D.

Hahaha that was really fun! Great job! Loved that I could create music with my terrible skills

Interesting concept! I usually get super bored with narrative games but I played through both the objects. I also like how youve combined  first person mechanics along with the narration . Great job!