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That's... deep.

What an interesting game.

It's so cute :D, great work

I like the concept and the music is so cool :D

Nice art and music, very calming

I love mazes :D Cool game

Cool Game, nice art style

It started so innocent with the music and all and then came the rage <3

Cool concept

Cool game with nice music

Man, I've never stared at the ground in any other game like I did in this game xD

Really cool game, really funny to play, congrats

Nice game idea and great music

Cool concept and art, really enjoyed playing your game

Nice game but so fast 

Cool game, i like that teamwork is needed to solve the levels

What an interesting idea, I love math <3 

Nice game, I have to admit that it look me quite a time to find the code xD

Yeah, I stopped global warming :D Really cool  game!

Great concept!

Cool game :D It was fun

Nice game

Nice game, cool art style, the character is so cute.

Really cool game idea, I had a lot of fun managing the soliders :D

Cool Game!

Cool game, a little hard though. I love the animations and music.

Really atmospheric game, great work

Cool game, I really like the idea

Best game ever :P