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Like the new update. Definitely seems like the activation and number of enemies was more balanced. Its still quite hard but I feel like I could consistently beat a level or two (although I think my high score is actually still lower than I got on the first version).
Highscore saving is definitely a cool addition.
Keep at it!

Really fun concept, seems like it would be a perfect fit for a casual phone game.
Web version has a bit of a glitch on the RNG for when the enemies activate but the .exe plays way better. Still tough as nails though so different difficulty options would be nice or just more of a gradual progression to hard, although I know thats a challenge when you use RNG.

Very cool game. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of this style of puzzle game but the aesthetics were great and the game play and levels were smooth making it pretty enjoyable. Also a nice fusion of cursed with the stealth mechanics. Well done!

Hey Silver,
Thanks for that, some of my last minute changes to balance jumping accidentally removed that middle level from allowing the player to jump at all.
I pushed a fix so hopefully you can give it another try!

Thanks for the feedback!
I did end up adding a cooldown to the player since rapidly going back and forth through windows was pretty game breaking. I was toying with having a 'windows shut' animation when you came out of one, or at least have the 'enter door' label go away but I had wanted to put in local multiplayer and thought that would end up hurting the other player (and I ran out of time). Eventually if I continue working on this I'll keep going with my original plan of the windows going to a second map instead of random and then I would remove the cooldown altogether.

For the platforming polish are you talking about the ledges, or the 'behind the castle wall' platforms? Or are you getting the general tearing between sprites?

Hey all, had a silly bug that unfortunately broke my game on the submitted version and had to withdraw to fix it. 

Figured I would share the game here in case anyone wants to check it out.

Interesting concept but I think it could've used a bit more polish.
Keep at it!

Interesting game. Like MadMonkey reminded me of 2048 but the way blocks combined was really different (into the spot you place it) and the ability to combine multiple at a time to skip numbers was unexpected but cool. I also liked the 'move' pieces which helped me like I had more options.

Fun little game and for the basic premise I was surprised that you were able to fit in some humor and interesting combo. 
I agree with Boon that most of the lost time was waiting for dialog to know the order. 
Also you were able to accidentally lose items if you picked them up and dropped them in the dark blue area by mistake.
"I love Borgor"

This was a really fun game! I was actually thinking of making a game like this after getting addicted to Slay the Spire but you beat me too it! Game-play and tactics were really smooth. I would say it was a tad on the easy side ( i do play quite a few tactical games though) as I think I actually only took damage twice in my run (taking advantage of the next move hints, absorb damage card, and kiting), the threat was more running out of cards (or just my good ones).
Made my first purple card right at the end of the prototype and was hoping for more levels haha.

Most of my suggestions have been mentioned by others but:
1. Movement grid show before a move and/or able to take back a card (which I know is a challenge for multi action cards).
2. Being able to discard to redraw on command could be nice so you arnt stuck with bad cards, I wouldn't say its necessary but sometimes it was annoying at the end of a level with minimal moves and then also possibly starting the next round with limited options.
3. Similar it would be nice, if you keep the forced 2 actions per turn, you can just discard (not lose) a card for an action. Just to avoid having to play melee and see the 'no available targets'.
4. SteelHere's suggestion on the randomized craft could be really fun, especially if it was an optional feature.
5. One idea for if you create a longer game/more varied abilities would be different starting decks. One that's more focused on ranged attacks or a lot of heals, even weight the drops towards that type. Could be a nightmare to balance though.
6. 'Counter' ability could be cool, maybe too similar to absorb next damage. Maybe reduce next damage by X and retaliate X.

Personally this is one of the most fun games I've played in this Jam. Really great job!

This was really fun! Okay also some parts were a little frustrating like the what the merchant wanted (not having water was a bummer) but I don't think it would be satisfying without it. Also given the game length the difficulty gave it a bit of a roguelike feel that made we want to do another run "this time I'll save a star in case theres no water".  On my third attempt I was able to finish and I was pleasantly surprised at the extra fuel turning into flowers. 

Gameplay-wise the crafting was simple but the time constraint + physics move made it fun and I'm really glad you had slightly different mechanics for the different shapes. I'm not much for 'clicker' games so having the circles be time-gated and water 'expire' instead was a great choice in my opinion.

I realized there were harder difficulties so I may have to come back and try it again.

Really like the style and the music was amazing (and unexpected) haha. Honestly I'm not a big fan of the 'bump into enemy' trading damage combat but thought it was a clever way to encourage trying to take advantage of the move mechanics. I think I got stuck on level 3 because a block disappeared behind me but I didnt have the key yet. May not have been playing enough attention though.

Im not sure if a tutorial is needed since it was pretty self explanatory, it was mostly the crafted weapons I wasnt exactly sure how much of an effect they had, or if I was using them properly haha.

Overall really great entry!

Glad you enjoyed! Im kinda iffy on some puzzle games myself actually (usually ones I either dont understand or seem tedious haha) so we tried to lean towards puzzles where the goal was fairly obvious and the puzzle was instead figuring out how to get there/right order.

Hope you keep at it and let us know when you beat it! :D

Thanks! We definitely wanted to blend the concepts of both puzzle & platformer, although certain levels lean one way or the other.
13-16 are definitely a challenge. Calling out @Tacaro (who made level 14) ragequit the first time he tried it on browser hahahaha. We actually discussed briefly having a split between main levels and 'dev levels' for the extra challenge or a slower ramp up but didn't have time to make enough levels.

Thanks! The 'tutorial' dialog was one of the last things we implemented and it was a really tough decision of whether we wanted it to reappear if you restart and not be intrusive.

I was thinking back on it since the levels its used are relatively easy it wouldn't be a big deal to have it show up, or even disable the ability to skip, I think your suggestion is really good too though so maybe we'll throw in a 'Hint' button or something.
Thanks again!

Haha didn't even think of that but you are right there are some similarities to the magnet block puzzles there. I need to go back and finish a couple shrines now that I think about it.


Dang I think both your favorites were made by @Tacaro haha!
Glad you liked the intro/tutorials. Once we started getting our mechanics fleshed together we realized certain concepts were not necessarily that obvious so we tried to use those levels to slowly build up and not overwhelm.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Like Tacaro said we kinda new some of the levels were too hard and were still shuffling them around the last day. One of the things we wished was more time to create levels to have a smoother difficulty curve. I think we also wanted to make sure there were at least a couple of challenging ones to make it seem 'complete'. We had some coyote time but very minimal after we struggled with a couple levels ourselves, I definitely think that's something we may tweak. I think we'll be adding more to the game post jam so definitely let us know what you think. Thanks again!

Really like the foundation here.

Super cool that the different swords make different special attacks! I didn't take damage from enemies energy/time running out (assume that just didn't make it into the game yet?).

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

Honestly I think the pushing made it quite a bit more difficult than it needed vs pickup, but definitely embraced the expiration theme and the crafting mechanics are really good in my opinion.
I wouldn't have said no to a longer tutorial, maybe just 1 try with a crafted ingredient.

Made me wish for overcooked style multiplayer!

The FAQ page mentioned if you miss the deadline you can try to manually submit by sending the hosts a link to your game page.


I think the idea is really good, the random spawning can be pretty triggering if they go straight into the monster to give you auto negative points.

Really cool little take on the plants vs zombies type game. The different upgrade combinations was pretty interesting. Wish there were levels just cause once you get the screen full it felt like just keeping up with planting new guys.
Also great music. Very fun game overall!

P.S: Pause would be nice, maybe also a way to just mess around with upgrades to test them.

Weirdly addicting... Wish there was a way to see correct recipes after they get pushed off the list.

Weirdly addicting...
Wish there was a way to see correct recipes after they get pushed off the list.

Really like the foundation here. Super cool that the different swords make different special attacks! I didn't take damage from enemies energy/time running out (assume that just didn't make it into the game yet?).
Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.