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Fun idea, but the basic controls could use a bit of fine tuning. They felt really slidy, although I guess that's thematic for pickles of all things! 

Thanks for the comment! I also got some other feedback about the difficulty/gameplay in general and will probably make some adjustments after the holidays. I'm also very happy myself how the cover art turned out haha

Very fun and chaotic one! Feels a little unfair at times though, when the balls get behind you or roll on the floor there's just nothing you can do but take a bunch of damage which feels bad. It's also a bit confusing it's best of 5 but 2 wins in row ends it immediately, it would work better with just normal best of 5 or even best of 3 for a match in my opinions. I think if the swinging was a bit more horizontal motion it would feel nicer too. 

I think sometimes the balls went so fast they clipped through the play area as well. And to be honest, the music of the flying boss was kind of irritating, the others were nice! 

I also couldn't go back to the menu if full screened, probably needs a button other than esc for it to work.

Got stuck a couple of times with the bugs, but nice and clean little game :) 

Hey hey, played this and it's awesome! A strong core mechanic with excellent (and cute) execution. One bug encountered was that the underwater flower's and one others petals started flying all around the screen back and forth haha.  One suggestion I'd liked is that you could also cut the wine by pressing jump. This would make sense as usually this also lifts you up, giving it similar meaning to using jump button. Of course this should only work when in air when you can't jump either way.

There was also at least one case where you couldn't go back to the previous level (since the next one was below), so accidentally went to the level before getting the flower. But overall, great job. 

Wow, this is super impressive for the jam development time! I'm sure you had a very happy giftee.

Here's some feedback if you will continue improving this:

1. I couldn't figure out how the mining drill works/there was a bug? I placed one on top of 4 minerals (2 different types) and added fuel (coal), but nothing happened and I didn't see any other button prompts to start it up

2. It took me a good while to realise you had to click the text to change what something is producing. This needs some visual clue to make the player know that's what they need to do (even before hovering over).

3. I feel like I would never want to waste resources building the arcade cabinet, since the chess board already created happiness at a great rate. The farming also seems really slow to build up to be worth it at a glance.

4. I ended up quitting midway since the progress felt a bit too slow after a while. It's great that you have the speed increase option, but since you often have to interrupt it to take care of the needs of the dogs it doesn't entirely do it for me. Perhaps the dogs could automatically do some of the tasks that require no decisions (harvesting nearby resources, collecting ready made ones, entertaining themselves) without player input. I think it would make the game a bit more lively and faster simultaneously.

Still, very cute and fun concept. Hope you polish it a bit further :)

Really nice artwork and overall execution! I think the noise of the applause feels more terrifying than intended haha. Also, you could have used the menu music during the cooking as well, the shorter tune was quite repetitive.Other than that, very nice for what it is set out to be. 

How do you render multiple objects in the new version? The older video showed doing parenting to the empty box and setting that as the rendering target, but following those instructions it doesn't let me render in the new version; it only works if the target chosen is an actual armature. And as such I have no idea how to render an arm holding a gun with the new version for example. 

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A bit over a year ago, I had a class in my game design school about Construct 3. I had always thought myself as just a visuals focused person going into the school. But with this engine I realised I could create my own actual game without knowing coding, and the ball got rolling. And now I both have a ready game in my name, and know what I really love is game design itself and coming up with a project as a whole.

Battle Wizards is a local multiplayer platform/party fighter, for up to 4 wizards at a time. The players take the role of quirky little wizards competing with each other as they learn various chaotic and crazy spells. Summon dragons, throw fireballs and shoot obliterating magical beams at your friends. Last wizard standing wins! 

The main focus of the game are the spells. There are 24 spells with their completely unique gameplay; these are not just recolored projectiles. Spells spawn randomly around the level, and up to 4 can be held at the same time. Rush to the spells before your opponents and unleash their devastating powers, but aim carefully! Each spell comes with only a single use. 

Along the spells, I focused on trying to create a small amount of very different levels with their own game mechanics. Shrine of the winds has a windy breeze making everything float, Magic forest has portals teleporting players and projectiles alike and hot gushes of the Lava cavern are sure to roast the uncareful. You can customise the spell selection yourself to create interesting combinations of maps and spells, keeping the game fresh for a long time! There is even a challenge with a special reward awaiting those that unlock all the spells...

Hope to see you dust off your wizard robes and join the fun!

Glad to hear it =)

Some feedback from a short play session with the demo: 

  • I think the combat core system seems promising, but needs a lot of tweaking to get right. Things like the mana regen rate and rolling responsiveness especially felt a bit off to me. 
  • It very often looked like I'd hit an enemy with the whip, only to not do so. Perhaps because the enemies can move on the Y axis, but the player cannot? Maybe you should allow it to player too, could open up more gameplay possibilities of dodging attacks.
  • The indicator of transforming should only have one of the shapes filling up. As both the surrounding circle and the head were filling up, at first time I was confused and thought they were showing different information. I'd have just the circle, and then when it's ready completely light the head too, and make it glow more visibly.
  • I couldn't change any of the settings with keyboard, had to use controller to do it for some reason. Also, the color of text changing to show which option is selected is not clear enough, I'd amp this up a lot with some sort of effect or moving indicator.

Good luck with rest of the development! 

Definitely starting to feel like a complete game now!