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Thanks! I guess the controls need some getting used to. I didn't now the window was too small. I'll change that asap

Nice game! Really had to think what weapon to use. I had little luck getting health canisters so it was a bit harder. My main concern is the controls are a bit wonky

Are you using a quantum computer* for your games? Then this is the game for you!

*Using less powerful devices may cause only one enemy to be active.

Shtick over, I really wanted the idea of only one enemy active. It may make the game a bit too easy so I might polish should I get the chance.

Really unique idea! But if I had to be picky, technically the object is falling through a 2D plane, and we are 2D beings. If it was 1D, we would only see a dot. But as a game, its good!

Great idea, love to see it be improved on. But I don't really see a 'only one' concept in this

Really nice game as a whole. Definitely can see this as a full game. But tbh, not really seeing the 'only one' aspect of it. But I love to see this game expanded. Its an interesting approach to a rogue game.

Amazing concept. I love this idea. I couldn't get the first wall jump on the '2nd' screen but if that was easier, I would love to play this more

Thanks for the feedback! I couldn't find the sprites I want so I had to resort to some homemade ones