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ya I just wasn’t paying attention lol

nice game, died at the very last boss cause of toxicity, am totally not salty, >:(

treasure at the end is totally worth

nice art! it doesn't seem like you're able to kill enemies, and the player does such low damage ;-;

fun gameplay!

the concept of monsters lining up to be served poison amuses me, nice game.

saucy camera shake and particles, and nice art

Nice little game, though I never had to buy any potions since I just skipped most of the enemies.
Btw, I think sub-1 is possible on this game.

those tracks will be out soon on youtube!

very charming game

thanks :)


I plan on adding a sneak/focus mode option, if that counts :P

no, thank YOU :)

VOIDFACE is a game where you play as a character with a void for a face. 
Your main objective is to defeat three challenging boss battles in a row, and flawlessly at that. Get hit once, and you're back to the main menu.

Bosses are unique and feature a variety of finely tuned attacks.

VOIDFACE is a short experience with only three sets as of now. I may add more in the future if there proves to be community interest in the game. It's also my first fully finished project, after years of making unfinished projects! I hope you enjoy it.

Find it here: