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Thanks for playing!
It's hard to say, i've been thinking about what the "full version" would be like for a while and i've gone through many renditions of it already. If I ever have a finished product my priority will be to put it on steam, and then hopefully on itch as well.

I didn't have a lot to say but here

Glad you liked the vibe, that was for sure the main focus.

The way it is implemented in this game actually does make it more than just picking at random and luck.
Being able to choose between calling and forfeiting can make all the difference between winning and losing, and I've seen from playthroughs that players who call every time have a much higher chance of losing vs players who only call when necessary.
Also, the hand you play does actually matter, because the opponent does try to 'adapt' to your play style in some ways. In the end, it is up to chance whether you win or lose, but that's not to say you can't learn a strategy to sway the chance in your favor.

It definitely could've used a better gameplay gimmick, but it's not complete luck either :)

It is RNG, but it gets weighted based on various factors in the game, to make it more intense. Combined with strategic use of calls, there are ways to sway the odds in your favor ;)

Firefox on Windows 10

Ooh, good catch. Can't fix it any time soon as per jam rules, but will keep note!

It's just ending 4, you're not missing anything :P

I agree, but i'm impressed nonetheless. Every time i've used physics in construct it's been a nightmare xD

The RE7 one was a huge inspiration, for sure :)

Ahh, makes sense. Impressive nonetheless!

I chose RPS specifically because it was chance, figured that it would be more scary. The problem was that it was too luck based, so when you failed, it didn't feel that impactful.

The call/forfeit mechanic does introduce a slight amount of skill (there are ways to play that increase your odds), which I felt was just enough to make deaths feel like a mixture of your fault and fate.


but most importantly,

Had the font glitch, so had to infer a lot of dialogue.

Yet another game that makes good use of the theme. Start out doing an innocent gig, and suddenly you're in big trouble! Art style is very soothing and I did enjoy the few chores there actually were in the game.

So professional. Contender for winner. If you told me I could buy this on switch right now, i'd believe it o_o

Simply didn't have the motivation to play to the further 'surprises' cause the game was so slow paced.

Impressive mechanics, though!

Contender right here. Soo ambitious for a freakin game jam.

Multiplayer, carve digging, collision with said carve digging, inventory, sonic physics, AND combat, health, and lighting just as a cherry on top. Huge technical effort.

Player felt juicy and fun to move, but was most impressed by... randomly generated levels?

In a game jam?

Seriously, what kind of wizardry is that?
(would be interested in hearing a tl;dr about the level generator algo)

(1 edit)

Man, lots to say about this one. The physics are a little too uncomfortable, with the gravity not meshing well with the environment, Enjoyed shooting snails and hopping over spikes, but was frustrating dying to stuff that felt like clunk, not error.

But I didn't care about none of that... I was dedicated to CRIMB!

Kept going up, wondering what the payoff would be. Did enjoy the handmade environment and variety in structure.

Then finally, I met the top, and met [spoiler]...

Saving grace right there. Made the whole CRIMB worth it. And then the plot twist!
Suddenly, it wasn't about CRIMBING anymore... it was about DRESCENDING?

... and that's where I stopped playing, cause i couldn't see the spikes below me, and couldn't react when I did due to the gravity. Did wait out the timer just to see what would happen, and was pleased that the mountain did not in fact explode.

Perhaps the true CRIMB was about the JROURNEY, not the REWRARD...

The premise is fun, but goodness gracious the controls ;o;

As for collision, the terrain couldn't decide if it's a bouncy castle or quicksand, I swear.

Poor birds didn't stand a chance. Brutal!

Game has a solid vibe but gameplay is lackluster after the first few levels.

Awesome mechanics! Felt real fun to move through the hazards.

Player mechanics like stamina and movement options are awesome!

One thing I found puzzling were the hazards... they were clunky and appeared at strange times, often not posing any issue, except for the rocks falling, which got me almost every time. For a game called butterfly effect, I would have expected hazards that overlap in chaotic ways, but instead they were independent and had no cohesion.

This game is so freakin professional :O

Even though there's not much to offer, I kept playing cause the controls felt sooooo good

It definitely gets props from me for being courageous with the multiplayer tech and the pvp mechanics, despite being barebones.

If any game made me think "well, that escalated quickly"... it was this one.

Didn't bother fighting back cause of how slow I turned... just jetted for the exit lol

Felt great to play, with reliable mechanics and amusing yet coherent art style.

The gameplay loop has some depth to it, but could use visual or audio feedback to better sell the mechanics and feel less unfair and clunky.

10/10 for having escalator tho

Fantastic presentation and style!

Good effort with all the mechanics, including upgrades for towers. Really impressive!

Also idk what the smug guy's grander role is but I enjoyed hitting him

I like the mechanic of being snapped to increments on the Y axis, but it'd be a lot more responsive if you could see your cursor and if there were lines where the increments were.

Great level design except when I was stuck at the top with a key and the only way down was super precise jumps past bounce pads >:(

Physics and controls felt clunky at times.

Mostly just a demonstration, too unfinished to judge fairly. But I can feel the vibe.

Very well polished and presented, as solid as it gets.

Found it kinda weird that you dont die if you touch a spike from the side, makes it a whole lot easier near the bottom left

Crispy visuals and solid effort with the mechanics!

As solid as it gets, color palettes is a great touch as well.

This game is insane, contender for first place ngl

Now this is some serious monkey business. Physics are addictive for sure, well done!