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You can't, sorry. The controls are mapped to both the keyboard and gamepad inputs. However, if you want a custom control scheme, you could use Steam to re-map desktop inputs for controllers.

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Note: Dead Cells is only available as a Steam key.

Linux version?

Most are my friends and I, who happen to be all male. Nothing sexist about it, just the way my friends are.

You can ship both, but mark the Deb as for no platform and mark the portable archive as Linux, so that Itch knows what to download. You can still put "Linux" in the name of the Deb package.

Aw, I liked the name "Fruits of a Feather".

Perhaps you can get into touch with the developers. It's possible that you can add auto-uploading to Itch via Butler in the Xonotic build scripts.

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Instead of uploading installer files, can you please upload a portable Linux verison for use with the Itch app? Just upload a ZIP, the Itch app will handle extracting and launching. Also, please mark this portable version as "Linux" and unmark the installer files so that the Itch app knows what to download. See: and

Mac and Linux versions?
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Hello, would it be possible to make the game support 16:9 aspect ratios so that it can run at 1080p? I can understand how it is nice to have everyone using the same aspect ratio to simplify the game and prevent unfair advantages. But I honestly would rather play at 1920x1440 with the top and bottom parts of the screen cropped out so that it's 1080p. I would end up seeing less of the game world, but in a nicer aspect ratio and full-screen, without any stretching of game textures.

If it's made with Unity, then you can't build the game for the Raspberry Pi yet, AFAIK.

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Will you be releasing the game for Mac and Linux? Let me know if you need help installing Linux or testing your game on it!

Let me know if you need help building a new PC!

Will the final game have Mac and Linux versions?

If you would like, you can install Linux on an existing computer for testing using my install guide:

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Will there be Mac and Linux versions? Since it's made in Unity it should be a simple build away.

If you're hitting some kind of limit you can open an issue here

Consider distributing ZIP files containing the game directory rather than installers, so that the game can be downloaded through the Itch app. You can still distribute installers as well, just leave the OS tag blank so Itch doesn't try to download the installer through the app.

Short gameplay video. Game seems to have issues.

DECEIVER community · Created a new topic Tutorial needed

This game really needs a tutorial. I have no idea how to play and I can't figure it out in the game's current state.

In my opinion yes, but you should be the judge of that!

Let me know if you want help installing Linux for yourself in order to test your game. I wrote an in-depth guide here:

It's a cool game I guess. Runs fine.

Ok, a few things: Shader is very cool, ground could use more texturing/objects, why are there no teammates in solo mode, and why does the enemy never come out of their fort?

I captured a fort and it said "your fort has been captured!" or something which I think is a bug, no mouse cursor in pause menu which I think is also a bug. No way to change resolution AFAIK, window is not re-sizeable. Performance is good though, constant high FPS.

Your game is listed with Linux and Mac support, however, it only includes a Windows executable. Let me know if you need help exporting and testing the game on Linux, I can help you install it if you'd like.

Consider using a different program in the future.

Please include images and descriptions in this thread to comply with the rules of this section.

Will you release Mac and Linux versions?

Will you release Mac and Linux versions?

Will you release Mac and Linux versions?